Torben Snekkestad / Agusti Fernandez / Barry Guy – “Louisiana Variations” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2018)

“Louisiana Variations” was released on March 27 by “Fundacja Sluchaj” records. Album was recorded by three avant-garde jazz masters – Torben Snekkestad (saxophone), Agusti Fernandez (piano) and Barry Guy (double bass). These three avant-garde jazz masters are active, creative and interesting members of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is touching, expressive, passionate and vivacious. The huge variety of different styles, playing manners, extended playing techniques and other musical expressions are gently combined together in one place. Unique sound, specific and interesting playing manner, inventive and innovative improvising, original stylistic waves and turns and spontaneous solos – all these elements are gently combined together in one place. Musicians pay high attention to the musical experiments and are dedicated to create extraordinary, specific, expressive and innovative sound. The variety of extended playing techniques, brave and creative musical experiments, inventive and interesting musical decisions, extraction of new timbres and strange noises – all these things are the main and the most imprtant part of their improvisations.

The compositions of this album are based on avant-garde jazz. Expressive, vivacious and free collective improvisations are full of many different timbres, playing manners, original and interesting musical decisions and strange timbres. Each musician is improvising individually and differently from the others. Trio is dedicated to search for innovative sounds and timbres, expand the technical abilities of their instruments and create new and extraordinary sound. Torben Snekkested saxophone improvisations are full of unpredictable stylistic waves, sudden turns, huge variety of musical expressions and playing techniques. His improvisations have rich, bright and evocative sound, are based on free form and individual melodies, which are highly contrasting with other instruments. Wild fast arpeggios, rapid and extremely active passages, powerful, turbulent, sharp and aggressive blow outs, aggressive and provocative sounds, expressive and dramatic melodies, vivacious, touching and striking solos and fascinating musical experiments – all these elements are gently combined together in one place. Saxophone improvisations are filled with bright, extremely expressive, vivacious, dynamic and touching sound, which effect whole sound of the improvisations. Agusti Fernandez piano improvisations also are extremely rapid, active, bright and expressive. Turbulent and powerful solos, virtuosic and wild fast arpeggios, vivacious, vivid, striking and expressive melodies, special sound effects and experimental ways of playing – Agusti Fernandez can masterfully put these absolutely different things all in one place. His improvisations has especially effective, rapid and vibrant sound. From the silent, abstract and peaceful episodes these improvisations grow to loud, powerful, deep, vibrant and striking culminations, which are filled with astonishing musical experiments, special sound effects, strange timbres and marvelous solos. Barry Guy double bass improvisations are based on free improvisation, search of new timbres and musical experiments. Improviser try out many different playing techniques, expressions and other musical language elements and creates expressive, innovative and passionate sound. The huge range of timbres, different colours of sounds, experimental playing techniques, special effects, extended and innovative playing manners, masterful and organic synthesis of different moods, characters, expressions and other elements of musical language are the basics of these improvisations. Double bass improvisations highly effect whole sound of the improvisations – it bring extremely energetic, vivid, live, vibrant and colorful sound. The compositions are based on impressive and masterful improvising and have original and innovative sound.


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