Polyorchard – “Red October” (Out And Gone Music, 2017)

“Red October” was released on October by “Out And Gone Music”. This avant-garde jazz album has especially sharp, dramatic and aggressive sound. Ot was recorded by four avant-garde jazz improvisers – Jeb Bishop (trombone), Laurent Estoppey (saxophone), Shawn Galvin (percussion) and David Menestres (double bass). The improvisations by these four improvisers are always full of surprises and adventurous musical decisions – they try out extended and unusual playing techniques, use wide range of different musical expressions, special sound effects, interesting colouristic sounds and other interesting musical language elements. Each of the musicians has original playing manner, unique sound and an ability to improvise masterfully, spontaneously and creative. Different improvising styles, musical expressions and other musical language elements are combined together in one composition and create bright, dynamic and evocative musical language.

Album compositions are based on collective improvisations. Energetic and active solos, expressive melodies, unusual and weird sounds, special effects and innovative ways of playing – all these elements form the basic musical pattern of these improvisations. The musicians improvising highly differs – it has different styles, based on individual musical language, playing style and sound. This music is based on spontaneous, emotional and experimental music decisions. Various extraordinary and very interesting solos, creative and dynamic collective improvisations bring more energy and live to these compositions. Jeb Bishop trombone improvisations are very active, energetic vivacious and interesting – he try out many different musical expressions, experiments in various ways of musical language elements and searchs for unusual timbres. Very expressive, aggressive and especially sharp improvisations mostly are based on short melodic episodes which has no connection with each other. These episodes are the opposites to each other – very silent and lyrical ones are connected with expressive, rigorous and provocative sound. This masterful ability to connect absolutely different episodes create surprising, interesting and innovative sound of this album. Laurent Estoppey saxophone melodies also are full of wild fast solos, very sharp and aggressive harmony chords, unusual timbres and powerful blow outs. Active and very rapide solos are full of wild fast arpeggios, furious pasages, powerful and vibrant blow outs and loud riffs. Laurent Estoppey tries out many different playing techniques – extended and innovative ways of playing are connected with experimental methodes and traditional playing techniques. David Menestres double bass improvisations have especially interesting sound – it’s formed from many different music styles elements, extended playing techniques and has vibrant, astonishing, sometimes subtle and silent, sometimes – very vivacious, expressive and passionate sound. His improvisations are always interesting and gently fits together with powerful and energetic saxophone and trombone improvisations. Shawn Galvin percussion has all kinds and types of rhythms and rhythmic formulas – from very monotonic and slow to wild fast, furious and energetic solos, dynamic and f=very fast rhythms and wide range of different percussion instrument timbres. All these elements create individual and interesting sound of these improvisations, masterfully suits together with other instruments and create a solid and strong rhythmic basic and background. Four musicians collective improvisations are the part of the most effective and interesting episodes of this album – musicians demonstrate masterful, creative, astonishing and inventive improvising, their improvisations are always unpredictable, surprising and very active. Original, bright and evocative musical language, gorgeous and interesting musical pattern, creative and impressive improvising create innovative sound of this album.


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