Jonas Howden Sjovaag – “West Wind Drift” (Shipwrec kords, 2017)

“West Wind Drift” was released on October 20 by “Shipwrec kords”. Album was recorded by an avant-garde jazz trio – Sigurd Hole (bass), Jonas Sjovaag (drums) and Karl Seglem (saxophone). Jonas H. Sjovaag is a Norwegian jazz drummer. As a musician, he’s a member of Norwegian’s contemporary jazz ensemble “Eple Trio”, also plays with Anid Andersen and with “Karl Seglem’s Acoustic Quartet”. His music is based on various music styles – he masterfully combines together traditional Norwegian music and avant-garde jazz. Sigurd Hole is a Norwegian bass player. Since 2008, when he had finished Norwegian Academy of Music, he had been playing with various ensembles and musicians – “Jon Eberson Group”, “Bodø Sinfonietta”, “Norwegian Chamber Orchestra” and “Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra”. Karl Seglem is a Norwegian jazz musician – he plays saxophone and bukkehorn, also is a producer and composer. His playing style based on Norwegian traditional music and avant-garde jazz synthesis. Authentic and organic combination of basic avant-garde jazz, experimental music and various melodic, rhythmic and harmonic intonations of traditional Norwegian music are masterfully combined together in one composition. He had released eight albums since the beginning of his musical career – collaborated with Andreas Ulvo, Marte Eberson, Natalie Sandtorv, Sigurd Hole, Jonas Sjovaag and many others. Karl Seglem currently is the main instrumentalist who is playing with bukkehorn. He began to experiment with this instrument in 2000.

Album improvisations based on various music styles synthesis – avant-garde jazz, experimental music, academic avant-garde and ethnic music elements of various countries are gently combined together in these compositions. Album compositions have interesting and extraordinary sound – subtle double bass melodies, dynamic percussion and variable saxophone solos create an abstract, gorgeous and inventively created sound. The musical pattern has two musical patterns – melodic and rhtyhmic – which are highly contrasting with each other. Each instrument improvisation is based on different music style, has other musical expressions and instrument playing techniques. Sigurd Hole bass improvisations are full of subtle, silent and dramatic melodic elements which are illustrated by various unusual timbres, weird noises and wide range of playing techniques. The musician masterfully try out innovative ways and methodes of playing and connects it with traditional playing techniques such as vibrato, wild fast arpeggios, pizzicato, staccatto and many others. Bass improvisations don’t have one main melodie or theme – it’s based on many colorful, individual and independent melodic elements and abstract parts of the compositions. Different melodic episodes also have its own mood – some of them are very silent and subtle, the other ones have vivacious, dramatic and expressive sound. Sigurd Hole improvisations suit together with interesting saxophone solos and very dynamic drums rhythms. Karl Seglem saxophone improvisations are based on the same thing like bass melodies – it has many different melodies and melodic elements effectively combined together. The saxophone improvisations highly differ from bass – it’s a lot more active, live and energetic. Saxophone melodies mostly are based on wild fast, energetic, vibrant and dynamic solos with many musical expressions and various styles. Musician combines together free jazz, ethnic Scandinavian countries intonations, melodic and rhythmic elements and contemporary academical music. His improvisations also have free structure, are full of different playing manners and styles. Jonas Sjovaag drums improvisations have wide range of musical expressions, dynamics, rhythms and harmonic elements. The drummer masterfully try out many different playing techniques – his improvisations vary from very silent, peaceful and restful sound to dynamic, energetic and passionate sound. Various unusual and very colorful timbres, extraordinary noises and sounds are used to create gorgeous and bright musical pattern and facture. This trio music is full of adventurous and spontaneous musical decisions, have bright, evocative and extraordinary musical language and is based on creative and innovative improvising. All these elements are effectively combined together and make an original sound of this compositions.


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