“KNKNIGHGH (MINIMAL POETRY FOR ARAM SAROYAN)” – it’s another one of the newest albums released this month by “Clean Feed Records”.  This album had been played by Nate Wooley (trumpet), Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone) Brandon Lopez (bass) and Dré Hočevar (drums). The improvisations played by these musicians have original and creative sound. The high variety of music styles, expressions, playing techniques and musical experiments are the main basics of these musicians improvising style. The musicians had been improvising together many times in the past as a quartet and with other great avant-garde jazz musicians. Their playing style, sound and improvising are very different from each other, but all music elements are gently combined together.

The album has 5 compositions. All the compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements and musical experiments. The quartet pay high attention to special and original sound of the composition – they search new timbres, extended and innovative playing techniques, special sound effects and other music elements which have an effort to make a interesting and dynamic sound. Saxophone and trumpet melodies full of virtuosic elements, loud blow-outs, memorable and short episodes and strange timbres and sounds are very important part of these compositions. Nate Wooley and Chris Pitsiokos solos and duets are full of rigorous, sharp and loud solos with high variety of different music expressions combined together. With saxophone and trumpet melodies there also sound interesting and dynamic bass melodies and drum solos. The rhythmic of the improvisations are full of unpredictable musical decisions and surprises – sometimes it’s very dynamic and repetitive and suddenly it turns out to be very static. The compositions are full of drum rolls, virtuosic solos and the high variety of rhythms. All musicians pay high attention to free and expressive improvising. That’s why their improvisations have original and interesting sound and are full of many different music elements masterfully combined together.


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