Roots Magic – “Last Kind Words” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Last Kind Words” – it’s a new avant-garde jazz album released by “Clean Feed Records”. Album improvisations had been played by experimental jazz ensemble “Roots Magic” which members are Alberto Popolla (clarinet, bass clarinet), Errico De Fabritiis (alto, baritone sax), Gianfranco Tedeschi (double bass0, Fabrizio Spera (drums) and ensemble guests Luca Venitucci (organ and piano in tracks 1,4,6,9), Luca Tilli (cello on track 3 and 7) and Antonio Castiello (dub effects on track 12). The improvisations of these musicians have expressive, dynamic and original sound. Emotional, innovative, full of unpredictable musical decisions and styles elements – these are the main elements of compositions. The musicians of this ensemble have different and original improvising and playing style. Each musician has his own playing style which is based on different countries music and music styles. The organic and masterful combining of various music styles is the main base of compositions played by this ensemble.

Album has 12 compositions. All compositions are very different from each other.The high variety of music styles is very much heard in these compositions. Avant-garde jazz elements are combined with modern jazz styles, blues and traditional jazz intonations and also with music elements of various European countries and American music, funk, African-American music and many other music styles. Though “Roots Magic” is an ensemble which playing style is between traditional jazz, blues and experimental avant-garde jazz, the ensemble masterfully combines these elements with African – American music rhythmic, memorable and expressive melodies, virtuosic, sharp, loud and rigorous solos of reeds and other acoustic instruments. This high variety of different music styles and expressions is masterfully combined together in one composition. The musicians are improvising free, expressive and emotional. Their improvisations are also based on contrast elements and musical experiments. Europe, Africa and America countries traditional music intonations, contemporary academical music styles and genres, funk and other various music elements are heard very much in these compositions. That’s why this album don’t have one basic music style – it’s an album based on the high variety of different and contrasting music styles. The virtuosity and creativity of talented musicians, inventive musical decisions, colorful harmony and other musical expressions, high variety of music styles and other elements make an effort to original and interesting sound of this album.


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