Han-earl Park, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders and Caroline Pugh – “Sirene 1009” (2017)

“Sirene 1009” had been released last month by four great jazz musicians. It’s Han-earl Park (guitar), Dominic Lash (double bass), Mark Sanders (drums) and Caroline Pugh (voice). The quartet demonstrates new sound of experimental jazz – it’s novatoric, evocative and original. Their music is very dynamic and contrastic. Many elements of various music styles are combined in their compositions. All four musicians are talented and creative jazz musicians and experimentators. They have original and creative sound, try out different and extended playing techniques and other elements of music languages.

“Sirene 1009” consists of 6 compositions. All of them are based on free collective improvisation. Rhytmic, melodies and other music elements don’t have any strictly based form. Improvisations have original and interesting sound which is based on musical experiments, strange sounds and timbres, short melodies and very dynamic and unpredictable sound. Musicians try out all playing techniques and musical styles. Various elements of rock, free jazz, creative jazz are combined in one composition. Each musician is improvising different and original. Novatoric sound of compositions is based on wonderful Caroline Pugh vocal, dynamic Dominic Lash double bass melodies, Han-earl Park guitar which brings to improvisations rock music elements and high variety of percussion played by Mark Sanders. Musicians virtuosity and talent, very well controlled vocal elements and other instruments melodies brings to this album effective and novatoric sound.


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