Gerrit Hatcher Group – “The Good Instinct of the Morning” (Kettle Hole Records, 2020)

Gerrit Hatcher (tenor saxophone), Katie Ernst (bass), Ben Lamar Gay (cornet), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone) and Julian Kirshner (drums) – these five musicians are the members of “Gerrit Hatcher Group”. The music of this quintet is bright and inspiring, completely based on instant improvising, spontaneous solos and sonoristic experiments. The musicians develope their very own and original sound, have innovative and suggestive playing technique, inspiring and expressive playing manner and modern conception of avant-garde jazz. The splendid virtuosity, invention and the will to improvise in a different, sometimes extravagant or shocking way, are brought together in the newest release “The Good Instinct of the Morning”.

“The Good Instinct of the Morning” is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Each musician brings his very own sound, specific character and inspiring playing manner to the compositions. Tenor saxophonists Gerrit Hatcher and Keefe Jackson keep the base of the melody line. Driving, thrilling and moving saxophones is the soul of the melody line along with expressive vital cornet. Both musicians are going through different kinds of moods, characters and expressions – their music is deep and silent, moving, sparkling, filled with terrific, radiant and perturbating sessions, breaking roaring riffs, rigorous and scandalous solos or sweet, romantic, childish, playful or relaxing pieces. All music is created spontaneously – instant improvising, masterful coordination, splendid virtuosity and bright contrasts organically joined together contain the main base of reeds section and the melody line. Intriguing turns, evocative ideas, innovative playing techniques, suggestive and inspiring improvising, contrasting ideas crossing to each other – all these elements make the reeds section bright, eclectic, vital and driving. Cornet by Ben Lamar Gay brings more action, energy and perturbations to the melody line and whole music. Hot sparkles, growling thrills, aggressive and rigorous riffs, rising attacks and wild culminations mixed with full blasts of energy, astonishing sonoristic experiments, bright and luminous solos or transcendental passages – that makes dazzling, terrific and impressive sound. Bass forms a stable and tight bass line and certainly is the source of new timbres, exciting ideas and strange tunes. Katie Ernst is taking on risky combinations, interesting investigations, eclectic stylistic synthesis, strong contrasts and sonoristic experiments. Her music is expressive and emotional – it starts with deep subtle improvisations in slow relaxing mood and moves to terrific culminations, sparkling riffs or remarkable exciting melodies the next minute. Extended playing techniques, tendencies of contemporary academical music and very own ways of playing, sparkling, exciting and enlightning sound vs. ascetic minimalism, stable bass line, repetitive series and silent pauses – that makes an inspiring, universal and dynamic sound. Julian Kirshner leads the drums section – here extravagant ideas, luminous breaking sessions, wild rigorous attacks, passionate thrills, vibrant perturbations, driving riffs and expressive complicated rhythms are twisted together in one bright, suggestive and independent rhythmic section. All music of this album is based on wide stylistic variety – the fundaments of avant-garde jazz are connected to expressive bebop, aggressive hard bop, and other modern and contemporary jazz styles. An universal multi-colorful pattern with dramatic, driving and independent melody line, dynamic and vital rhythmic section, and gorgeous background is created. The music has an inspiring, iinnovative and driving sound.

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