Phren ‎– “Duos Auf Präparierten Instrumenten = Duos On Prepared Instruments” (Edition Telemark, 2019)

A contemporary academical and experimental music always is filled with innovative ideas, evocative, creative or radical decisions and unique sound. The combos of prepared and acoustic instruments reveal us the secrets of these two different types of instruments – natural, light and sensible acoustics are brought together with synthetic and modern prepared instruments. The compositions for only prepared instruments are interesting and innovative – here the musicians have an opportunity to express and research wide range of abilities and different kinds of tunes produced only by prepared instruments. Inge Salcher (prepared flugelhorn) and Carmen Nagel-Berninger (prepared viola) are the masters of their art – they are famous musicians of contemporary academical and experimental music scene. All their music is completely based on the main tendencies of contemporary academical music – musicians don’t stick up to the rules and conventions. They’re trying to research something new and exciting – strange timbres, extended playing techniques, wide technical abilities of prepared instruments and sonoristic experiments are their main priorities.

“Duos Auf Präparierten Instrumenten = Duos On Prepared Instruments” is a mix of colors, moods, different styles and expressions. Both musicians are exploring new fields of musical language – they’re experimentating on timbral, sonoristic and instrumental sections. Fresh tunes, evocative ideas, passionate and luminous culminations, ambient tunes, strange timbres and research of new ways of playing are their main priorities. All music is completely based on contemporary academical and experimental music. The main tendencies, traditions, modern innovations and original decisions are brought together. All kinds of expressions, moods, characters, playing techniques and ornaments are used here to illustrate whole musical pattern. The music is dynamic and emotional – sometimes it’s silent, sophisticated and calm, or gets on sudden attacks, bright melodies, perturbating riffs and hysteric angry solos. Prepared viola by Carmen Nagel-Berninger is the source of rich, bright and expressive sound. A musician moves through different moods and ambiences – synth tunes, strange timbres, coloristics of all ranges illustrate deep and monotonous solos, repetitive series, rough, tight, light or gorgeous timbres, contemplative sophistications played in lyrical and relaxing mood are connected to its opposite – bright culminations, passionate thrills, evocative ideas, shrieky wainings, persecuting loud tunes, expressive melodies tinged with impressive passages. Carmen Nagel-Berninger is exploring new fields of musical language – it’s modern, bright, filled with huge variety of styles, timbres and expressions. Viola brings solemn, deep and dynamic sound played in new and exclusive way which is completely based on modern tendencies of contemporary academical music, innovative and extended playing techniques. Remarkable, light and clair sound is brought in by prepared flugelhorn. Inge Salcher explores wide technical abilities of flugelhorn. Along with expressive melodies and remarkable riffs, the music is full of strange timbres, shrieks, cracks, growls, coloristics of all ranges and gorgeous ornaments. Inge Salcher likes to twist together uncompairable and contrasting pieces into organic and multi-layed combo. The compositions have an innovative instrumentation – rare combos, eclectic allusions, extended and innovative playing techniques, sonoristic experiments are the main compounds of it. The music has inspiring, rich and evocative sound.

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