TONED + Jack Wright – “Four on The Top Floor” (2019)

Nathan Corder (electronics), Leo Suarez (drums) and Tom Weeks (alto saxophone) from “TONED” trio make a great collaboration with Jack Wright (alto & soprano saxophones, keyboard). All four jazz masters are demonstrating original and exclusive ideas, evocative decisions and finally turn the compositions into wild, free and simply impressive improvisations. Masterful virtuosity, huge capacities of improvising, research of exclusive, extended and specific ways of playing, integration of radical, unusual and provocative decisions are the main parts of these compositions. Musicians mix together their invention, creativity and passion – their newest release “Four on The Top Floor” is an excellent result of their collaboration.

The music of “Four on The Top Floor” is expressive, played in active and dynamic mood. Sudden changes, contrasting pieces, moving thrills, passionate glissando, luminous riffs which pass down to relaxing, abstract or minimalistic samples. Putting together the contrasts, expressions and styles all together certainly is the main principe of improvising – it makes an effective, driving, bright and exclusive sound. Four great figures of international avant-garde jazz scene have their own style and sound – their music is based on free improvisation, innovations of experimental jazz and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. That finally turns the compositions to real burst of energy, drive and expression. Especially expressive playing manner, driving, moving and thrilling playing style are the leading elements of all four improvisers playing style. The musicians are mixing together electronics and acoustics – an innovative and original instrumental section is created. Expansion of instrumental technical capacities, research of strange timbres, special effects, extended and specific playing techniques are combined together with drone, ambient, glitch, sonoristic experiments, synth tunes, computer sounds and other electronics made by Nathan Corder. Two great saxophonists Tom Weeks and Jack Wright create an astonishing, expressive and simply fantastic melody line. Their music is filled with terryfying blow outs, fascinating riffs and luminous culminations. Heading straight to angry and hysteric solos, remarkable expressive melodies, swingy animated solos, breaking sessions, swirling growling riffs, sudden attacks or dizzy flowing passages, musicians manage to create an astonishing and effective sound. Here modern, traditional, rare and extended playing techniques mixed up with inventive ways of playing, special effects and all kinds of ornaments, styles and expressions. Drummer Leo Suarez makes a great and independent rhythmic section which is put against charming and expressive melody line. All kinds of rhythms are combined together – hysteric riffs, terrific blasts and wild culminations go against steady beats, cool tunes, repetitive series, minimalistic samples and tiny light pieces. Ornamental texture, special effects, strange timbres, frottings, tappings, beats, rolls and other kinds of effects and sounds are extracted here by experimenting on all cases of musical language. That finally makes an effort to moving and exciting sound. All music of this album has an astonishing and modern sound.



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