Babin, Loewen, Plimley – “Artful Dodgers” (Waterlou Records, 2019)

“Artful Dodgers” is released on “Waterlou Records”. Album was recorded by three featured jazz masters – Tommy Babin (string bass), Kenton Loewen (drums) and
Paul Plimley (piano + vibraphone). The musicians are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is totally based on new experimental music, academic avant-garde, the innovations of experimental and avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. Tommy Babins is a great and talented string bass player and improviser. His music is based on synthesis of contemporary academical music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Improviser likes to get on interesting investigations, explore new sounds and expand the abilities of his instrument. Kenton Loewen is an experienced drum virtuos. He has fantastic playing technique, is dedicated to experiment on all fields of musical language, explore new zones of sounds and make a great fusion of academic avant-garde, experimental music and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Paul Plimley is pianist, vibraphonist and improviser. His improvisations are totally based on free improvisation, the newest innovations of experimental and avant-garde jazz, who gently joined together to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Pleasant surprises, passionate, expressive and touching playing manner, virtuosic and simply marvelous playing technique, inventive decisions, the will to create interactive and innovative music are the main compounds of all three improvisers music.

“Artful Dodgers” is based on the roots and traditions of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz and an artsy integration of new forms, conceptions and innovations. All music has dynamic, hypnotising and expressive sound which is created by using wide range of musical language compounds. Musicians choose an open form for the most part of the improvisations. It’s classical and effective ways to improvise free and to make evocative, fresh, eclectic and original sound. Different stylistic allusions and turns are made. Expressive and complicated modern jazz tunes, aggressive riffs, modern and eccentric playing techniques are related to bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool and other modern jazz styles. Contemporary academical and experimental music, academic avant-garde and other styles of modern classical music are also used here – it makes awakening, modern and bright sound. The influenze of modern academical music makes an effort to original and enchanting instrumental section. It’s a nice synthesis of eclectic, rare, exotic, weird, crazy, original, experimental, specific or home-made playing techniques who are integrated to one section with usual ways of playing, special effects, fascinating sound experiments and original tunes. All these contrasting compounds are brought together and make original, enchanting and innovative instrumental section. The harmonic pattern is strong and stable. It’s based on sharp and aggressive disonances, strange chords, soft consonances and original sorts of pitches. Longly-repeated and persecuted sequences of disonances are creating expressive and vivid sound. The rhythmic section is dynamic and wide – it has huge range of all typical rhythmic figures of modern, contemporary and traditional jazz styles, who are mixed to free, organic, spontaneous and wild improvisations. The melody line is enchanting, independent and bright. Piano melodies are the basics of it. It’s filled with expressive, driving and passionate melodies who are accompagnied by tremendous and sparkling riffs, transcendent and splendid passages, flowing, fabulous and impressive solos, vibrant and turbulent spills of energy, wild blasts, silent and meditative samples, minimalistic tunes or abstract subtle improvisations. Trills, arpeggio, passages, glissando, all kinds of ornaments, vibrato, repttiive and monotonic sequences, abbreviations, rhythmic and melodic series, breaking sessions, gorgeous tunes and strange timbres – all these elements corelate with the melody line and make colorful background. String bass melodies keep stable bass line at fist place, it also brings new colors to all musical pattern. Repetitive, deep and heavy tunes contain the bass line and harmonic pattern. It’s highly contrasting to vibrant, terrific and luminous culminations, solemn, sophisticated, dark, depressed or subtle solos or silent lyrical pieces. Emotional, touching and inspiring sound is created by string bass by using wide range of musical language’s compounds, expressing different emotions and characters. Search of strange tunes and inventive expressions also is the main priority of bassist’s music. Drums section is eclectic, bursting and driving. Hysteric, terrific, roaring, passionate, wild, crazy and expressive improvisations are based on all kinds of emotions, strange timbres, breaking sessions, colorful background, rich musical language, sound experiments, special effects and inventive playing techniques. Soft, gentle and light vibraphone’s tunes make  interesting, inspiring and touching sound and rich musical pattern. This album has innovative, expressive and evocative sound.



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