SETOLADIMAIALE UNIT & EVAN PARKER (Evan Parker, Marco Colonna, Martin Mayes, Alberto Novello, Patrizia Oliva, Giorgio Pacorig, Michele Anelli, Stefano Giust, Phoebe Neville, Philip Corner) – “LIVE AT ANGELICA 2018” (Setola Di Maiale, 2019)

“LIVE AT ANGELICA 2018” is out now on “Setola Di Maiale” label. Album was recorded by large group of featured jazz masters – it’s ensemble “SETOLADIMAIALE UNIT” and famous saxophonist Evan Parker. Here together plays original and innovative jazz stars – Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxophones), Marco Colonna (Bb, C alto and bass clarinets), Martin Mayes (horn, alphorn), Patrizia Oliva (voice, electronics), Alberto Novello (analog electronics), Giorgio Pacorig (piano), Michele Anelli (double bass), Stefano Giust (drums, cymbals), Philip Corner (gongs intro) and Phoebe Neville (gongs intro). Invention, creativity, imagination, shocking and stunning sound experiments, wild, fresh and original ideas and innovative instrumental section – these are the keys of each musician’s playing. The compositions are always based on free improvisation, experimental and avant-garde jazz’s basics, experimental music, electronics, as well as the tunes modern, contemporary and mainstream jazz intonations. Musicians have new and modern conception and original sound – their music is a mix of impulsive, spontaneous, emotional, bright, driving and surprising playing. They never don’t hesitate to try out something new, explore unknown fields and zones of sound by expanding the traditional sound comfort’s zone.

“LIVE AT ANGELICA 2018” is a mix of various sounds, inventive ideas, fantastic experiments and original decisions. The music is somewhere between free improvisation, experimental jazz, roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Musicians are dedicated to explore and to find new, original and inspiring ways of playing, modern expressions or get on extravagant, dramatic, thrilling, perturbating or aggressive culminations. Acoustics and electronics go along just fine – natural, warm and gorgeous tunes, strange timbres and extended playing techniques are mixed up to synthetic tunes of electronics. The musicians are balancing between free improvising and arranged composition. From the dtrict, quadratic, contemporary and difficult episodes the music runs to wild, free, extravagant, eccentric or simply fantastic improvisations. The sound is impressive and dynamic – silent, sophisticated, solemn, deep, heavy, rough or depressive tunes meet gorgeous, light, dizzy, passionate, colorful, expressive, vital, sharp, perturbating, explosing and tremendous solos. There’s huge range of expressions, playing techniques, experiments and tunes who are combined together to create original and bright sound. Mult-layed, universal and wide musical pattern is created – modern and driving expressions, experimental and innovative rhythmic section, dynamic and suggestive melody, gorgeous pattern contain the main base of it. Each musician has a right to improvise free and independent – they’re getting on sparkling, fabulous, impressive and luminous episodes, fascinating and innovative sound’s experiments or extractions of strange tunes. Saxophones, clarinets, horn, alphorn, piano and voice are the keys of the melody line. Vivid and trembling saxophones and clarinets are the source of energy and vitality. Aggressive, humbling, trembling and passionate melodies, buzzing and growling solos, trembling trills, moving and affectionate riffs, roaring and blowing blow outs and dizzy passages are accompagnied by strange timbres, special effects, nervous, complicated and expressive rhythms. Piano melodies are dynamic and filled with sudden turns – breaking sessions, vital and expressive riffs, flowing, light, vivid and frantic culminations, perturbating and tremendous culminations, sharp and persecuted sequences of disonances are mixed up to silent, lyrical and calm episodes. Horn and alphorn tunes illustrate the bass line – it’s deep, solemn, heavy and solid. Special effects, strange timbres, flowing glissando and rapid trememdous and fantastic culminations bring original and moving sound. Humbles, whipes, whimmings, burpings, spoken elements, recitations, imitations of nature sound, shispers, hollows, screams… – it’s just one little part of inspiring, evocative and original improvisations, who make an effort to whole musical pttern and background. Deep, heavy, solemn and repetitive tunes of double bass contain the base of harmonic pattern and form tight and stable bass line. It also gets on brave and ambitious experiments – ambient tunes, frantic, aggressive, pressured and perturbating culminations are the most impressive and beautiful episodes of bass melodies. Drums and percussion section is wide and dynamic – afroamerican, Western African, American folk, Western Europe academical music rhythms, as well as the typical figures of modern, contemporary, traditional and mainstream jazz styles are connected to breaking, driving and perturbating sessions and thrilling improvisations. There are two gong’s intros in this album. It has exotic, colorful and original sound – scratching, frotting, cracking and unusual tunes are connected to impulsive and spontaneous free improvisations. It has effective, bright, exotic and expressive sounds, because the musicians are micing up masterful musical knownledge, vituosic and fantastic playing technique and their own unique sound. The electronics are used here along with acoustics. There are dozens of playing techniques here – ambient, loops, computer’s and other electronics devices sounds, sonic system’s experimentsl, sound machine’s experiments, field and voice recordings, various tunes and nature’s sounds imitations, groove, glitch… All these elements are gently combined together. The music of this album has fresh, inspiring, effective and original sound.

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