Marco Colonna – “THE SECOND COMING” (Plus Timbre, 2019)

“THE SECOND COMING” is out now on “Plus Timbre” label. Album was recorded by clarinetist Marco Colonna. Marco Colonna is a great improviser, composer and experimentator. His music is based on the newest tendencies and roots of avant-garde jazz. Free jazz, creative jazz, free improvisation, experimental jazz are mixed up together with some soft tunes of contemporary academical music, bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. The fusion of roots of avant-garde jazz are mixed up to fascinating experiments, modern innovations and original tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz. Marco Colonna bases his music on open form and free improvisation. It’s the main form of all his music – that’s how improviser manages to express all kinds of emotions, expressions, characters, inspiring melodies and innovative experiments. Marco Colonna is remarkable and talented composer, improviser and musician – his music always has inspiring and expressive sound.

“THE SECOND COMING” is filled with dozens of textures, strange tunes, weird timbres, original decisions, bright and expressive musical language. Clarinetist is improvising brightly and driving – his playing style contains fresh ideas, innovative ways of playing, moving trills and stunning experiments. The music is based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Composer likes to experiment on various cases of musical language – he’s using innovative musical decisions, enchanting and effective expressions and expanding the technical abilities of the instruments. Wide and universal instrumental section is based on fusion of experimental, innovative and traditional ways of playing. By using wide range of playing techniques, expressions, rhythms and sounds, composer manages to create original and rich musical pattern. It consists of many-layers, contrasting episodes, all kinds of rhythms and expressions, individual melodies, who create a polyphonic texture, and bordering dynamics. The music os this album is dynamic and moving – it’s balancing all the time between free improvisation, ambient, experimental music and some tunes of contemporary academical music. Composer pays much attention to emotions and expressions – that’s why this music is do dynamic and expressive. Soft and calm tunes are changed by ambient timbres, furious and aggressive solos, expressive and enchanting melodies, bright, fabulous and passionate riffs, silent and subtle contemplations or any other elements. The melody line is solid and based on wide range of ways of playing. Pathetic, lyrical and solemn tunes, solid and deep solos are against moving, passionate, sparkling, expressive and driving melodies, dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments and special effects. Musician is illustrating the melody by using bright and original tunes, modified timbres or getting on adventurous sound experiments. The melody line is totally based on experimental music and free improvisation. These two elements are inseparable – one moment it’s arranged composition with awakening sound and fresh tunes and it can easily jump on adventurous, free and fascinating free improvisations. Deep and stable tunes of bass clarinet contain solemn, strict and solid bass line. All kinds of rhythms are used here – free improvisations, nervous and furious rhythms, cool and stable rhythmic series who are against tremendous, stunning and breaking sessions – all these elements are mixed up together in one place. The music of this album is dynamic, interesting and expressive.

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