FULL BLAST – ‘Rio’ (trost records, 2018)

‘Rio’ is the newest release of ‘trost records’. Album was recorded by Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Marino Pliakas (e-bass) and Michael Wertmüller (drums). The musicians are full of innovative and fresh music ideas – they make interesting and evocative musical decisions, bright culminations, intense and powerful blow outs or go straight to silent pauses or sudden abruptions. All three musicians are famous in avant-garde jazz scene – they had been central figures of European and American avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. The music is filled with bright, original, passionate and expressive musical decisions – musicians are always demonstrating their best abilities of improvising. Their collective improvisations are effective and bright – when these three outstanding jazz masters join together, they fullfill the musical pattern with gorgeous ornaments, virtuosic passages, loud, roaring and vibrant blow outs, remrkable melodies or turbulent and dramatic culminations. That makes an effort to rich, expressive, multi-layed and modern musical language, unique sound and bright playing manner.

‘Rio’ has colorful, bright, intense, energetic and passionate sound. Three great jazz masters are demonstrating their best abilities of improvising – they are using the main elements of their playing manners, styles and own techniques in one place with sound experiments and special effects. The main and the most effective elements of their playing styles are recovered here – the music is especially emotional, full of dramatic solos, thrilling melodies, bright and intense blow outs and turbulent collective improvisations. Famous jazz stars are improvising not for a first time – they had been playing together many times before this one. The compositions of this album have an exceptional and new sound – musicians are active, creative and are looking for fresh, drastic, curious and adventurous decisions and elements, which could illustrate the musical language even more. The compositions based on free form, abstract and multi-layed musical pattern, gorgeous background, solid and vibrant melodic section, dynamic and moving rhythmic base and all the basics of avant-garde jazz. Musicians are searching for new ways of instrumentation – they join together different musical language elements, European and American avant-garde jazz traditions and the newest tendencies, innovations, outrageous and modern musical decisions and dozens of other elements of musical language. Peter Brotzmann is one of the most famous jazz master in the world. He’s the main figure of European jazz scene for more than 30 years. Remarkable, creative, evocative and passionate playing style, tubrbulent, extremely bright, loud and intense blow outs, fascinating sound experiments and innovative instrumentation – all these elements make an effort to unique and modern playing style and sound. His improvisations in this album are also based on the main elements of specific and marvelous playing style. Saxophonist masterfully twists together contrasting expressions and playing techniques, he dives through different moods and joins them together in organic and innovative way. From sad to strict, rough and harsh, when – aggressive, cold and bright, or cordial, warm, turbulent, expressive and hot. Peter Brotzmann really knows, how to fuse together these and many other elements. Roaring, blowing, expressive, dizzy and extremely turbulent solos make vibrant, intense and energetic mood of all the compositions. Marino Pliakas e-bass compositions are filled with dynamic stylistic turns, bright sound explosions and passionate solos. Improviser can fuse together everything – he form dark, deep and solid bass line and joins it with bright, passionate, thrilling, moving and wild solos, splendid and virtuosic passages and musical experiments in all ways of musical language. The solos gently fit together with hot, wild and thrilling saxophone. Reeds and e-bass duos make a intensive, gorgeous and innovative sound. Michael Wertmüller drum’s section is energetic and full of bursts of energy, virtuosic solos, vivacious, passionate and enormously huge variety of sounds, timbres, techniques and exotic instrumental combinations. The drummer stays up to bright, intensive, harsh, thrilling, aggressive and passionate mood. He tends to make the exotic combinations, eclectic fusions of styles, passionate solos, innovative musical decisions and produce glamorous, moving and splendid instrumentation. That makes an effort to solid, independent and bright rhythmic section. Melodic and rhythmic section are always competing with each other – both sections are just wonderfully made, filled with passionate, cordial and moving improvisations, independent and unique sound, remarkable instrumentation and furious, roaring, thrilling and bright collective improvisations. This album is a great occassion to hear a marvelous record of three great stars of avant-garde jazz.


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