Markus Krispel / Matija Schellander / Szilveszter Miklós – “Put” (Inexhaustible Editions, 2018)

“Put” is a new release of “Inexhaustible Editions” label. Album was recorded by a trio – it’s Markus Krispel (alto, baritone saxophone), Matija Schellander (double bass) and Szilveszter Miklós (drums). All three musicians like to make inventive and creative musical decisions, put contrasting and absolutely different styles, chords, expressions and other elements of musical language. Their music is fresh, evocative and filled with bright and provocative musical decisions, brave  sound experiments and astonishing special effects. Musicians are analysing whole musical pattern and its lays – each time they are trying to create new, extraordinary and bright sound. They also pay the highest attention to the extraction of unusual timbres – by using huge and wide arsenal of extended playing techniques, they produce dozens of strange, weird and interesting sounds, which colorfully illustrate whole musical pattern. The musicians have their own playing techniques, unique sound and interesitng playing manner. It’s always interesting to listen, how masterfully they fuse together uncompairable and contrasting musical language elements – marvelous synthesis of all these elements is made organically, naturally and effectively. That makes an effort to expressive, remarkable and bright sound.

“Put” is based on free improvisation and basics of avant-garde jazz. One ling composition is recorded in this album. It has fascinating, bright, expressive and dynamic sound, huge variety of playing techniques, expressions, sounds, rhythms and other elements of musical language. The improvising of musicians is inspiring, evocative and interesting – they are playing especially expressive, emotionally, sensibly and bright. Hot and expressive playing manner, dynamic, furiously rapid and wild fast rhythmic create an energetic, aggressive, moving and touching mood of the composition. Open form, free strcuture, abstract, difficult and polyphonic musical pattern are the main elements, which contain the base of this composition. Musicians are trying out new and experimental ways of playing – it’s mixed together with traditional playing techniques, special effects, own and specific methods of instrumenting and inventive musical decisions. That effects whole sound of the album – it colorfully illustrates all musical pattern, background and melodic section, give an opportunity to each improviser to experiment in all fields of musical language. Colorful, bright and dynamic harmony is consisted by many different chords and pitches, which have interesting and unusual structure. Free, turbulent and bright rhythmic improvisations are fused together with the main rhythmic forms of other jazz styles. Provocative, sharp,  hot, emotional and difficult rhythms of bebop, aggressive and harsh hard bop solos, hard, bright and dynamic explosions of energy are twisted together with calm ,static and monotonic rhythms of traditional, cool and other styles of contemporary and modern jazz. The improvisations of the saxophones are filled with bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Flowing and sparkling solos, turbulent, vibrant and luminous free improvisations, bright, expressive, touching and moving melodies, remarkable and spontaneous musical experiments, tremendous and powerful blow outs, rigorous, aggressive and provocative riffs – all these elements are gently connected together in one place. That gives the main mood and tune to the composition – dynamic ,effective, bright and dynamic sound. Double bass imrpovisations are filled with astonishing musical experiments, gorgeous timbres, bright and hasrsh solos, dramatic culminations, wild fast, thrilling and free improvisations and turbulent melodies. These elements are contrasting with silent, calm, slow and light excerpts with monotonic and strong bass line, hard and solid harmonic pattern and dozens of unusual sounds and strange timbres. The drums section is a real burst of energy. All kinds of different rhythms and ways of playing are used here – monotonic,solid, calm and harsh rhythms meet with turbulently rapid and thrilling solos, extremely fast passages, colorful tremolo, tremendous, roaring and vibrant culminations and other similar elements of musical language. Album is based on rapid and dynamic mood, but there’s also is the other side of the compositions – calm, relaxing and light saxophones solos, deep and static tunes, monotonic and solid bass line, dozens of different playing techniques, sounds, timbres and expressions are gently fused together in one musical pattern. The change between various moods and expressions reveals wide and fascinating ability of improvisers to improvise creatively, brightly and passionately. The improvisations have especiqally wide range of sounds, styles and colors – effective and organis synthesis between all these musical language elements and inspiring improvising makes an effort to bright, remarkable, intensive and passionate sound.



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