Curran|Schiaffini|C. Neto|Armaroli – “From The Alvin Curran Fakebook – The Biella Sessions” (Dodicilune, 2017)

“From The Alvin Curran Fakebook – The Biella Sessions” was released last year by “Dodicilune Records”. Album was recorded by six Italian jazz masters – it’s Alvin Curran (piano, horn (shofar)), Marcello Testa (double bass), Nicola Stranieri (drums), Alipio Carvalho Neto (saxophone, whistle, percussion), Giancario Shiaffini (trombone) and Sergio Armaroli (vibraphone, talking drum, tam-tam, percussion). These musicians are talented and interesting jazz masters. Each of them have interesting and innovative playing manner, likes to experiment in all ways of musical language and always trying to create extraordinary and unusual sound. They masterfully combine together acoustic and electronic instruments. Various computer devices, unusual musical instruments, electronics, rare acoustic instruments are used in their improvisations very frequently. They have a tendency to improvise spontaneously and free, the most part of their improvisations are similar to free, live, dynamic and unpredictable experimental jazz improvisations. Improvisations, played by this ensemble, have vivacious, dynamic, striking, modern and attracting sound.

Compositions of this album based on avant-garde jazz. Collective, free and turbulent improvisations are full of unusual timbres, innovative musical decisions, original and expressive instrumentation and fascinating musical experiments. These basic elements form the main sound of these improvisations. Each musicians is improvising different from the others. Huge range of different musical expressions, dynamics, fascinating and innovative instrumentation decisions, harmonies, chords, moods and characters form modern and evocative musical language. The reeds section make an effort to whole compositions sound. Horn, two saxophones and trombone improvisations have unpredictable and surprising sound. Extremely expressive, very rapid, active and live solos, furious, sharp and aggressive blow outs, unusual and weird sounds and timbres, silent, slow and peaceful episodes – all these elements are organically combined in one place. The improvisations by reeds players are very emotional, passionate and are full of contrasts. From the furious and turbulent blow outs, and fascinating riffs, their music gets to slow, static and relaxing pieces. Active, bright, solid and vibrant sound of the reeds section, expressive, vivacious and memorable melodies, unpredictable waves and turns of the styles create emotional, attaching and attractive sound. Piano improvisations are full of expressive and passionate solos, unusual sounds, fascinating and sudden changes of playing techniques and styles, colorful chords and some elements of contemporary academical music. Piano improvisations create colorful and solid harmonic pattern, illustrate and makes even more live melodic basement and make a high effort to the whole sound of the album. Different manners of playing are used here – repetitive and monotonous melodic and rhythmic elements which are continuously repeated, are gently and organically connected together with expressive, vivacious and dynamic solos of modern jazz or turbulent collective improvisations. Subtle and expressive double bass improvisations make an evocative effort to the background and rhythmic section which is especially effective and interesting. Various types of drums, whistle, vibraphone and wide range of different percussion instruments create effective and touching sound. Musicians masterfully try out many different musical expressions, playing techniques, extract new, weird and unusual timbres and many other elements. The outstanding and dynamic improvising by all musicians, different and unique playing manners, bright musical language create fascinating sound of this album.

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