en en en – “Grønn & Gul” (Particular Recordings Collective, 2017)

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „en en en grønn & gul“

“Grønn & Gul” is an avant-garde jazz album released by “Paticular Recordings Collective” this year. The album was recorded on 2016, by three original and interesting avant-garde jazz musicians of Norway scene – it’s Eirik Hegdal (saxophones / clarinets), Michael Francis Duch (double bass) and Tor Haugerud (drums / percussion / glockenspiel). All musicians of the trio are interesting and creative avant-garde jazz masters. They try to expand the technical abilities of their instruments and create extraordinary and innovative sound. Their improvisations have much in common with famous avant-garde jazz legends such as Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Jimmy Giuffre and many others. The improvisations are based on combination of different and unusual music timbres, separate and interesting tones, dynamic and modern harmony and many other music elements. Original and unique playing style by each trio member also bring extraordinary and unpredictable sound to the compositions.

The album music is very dynamic and lively. Trio improvisations are mostly based on collective improvisations and sound experiments. The combination between various musical expressions, electronics, acoustic instruments and numerous of different playing techniques is the most important element of this album. The free form, polyphonic structure and all musical pattern are based on different music elements and styles combination. The improvisations have different and unusual sound. Each composition has its own mood and character – some of them are silent and quiet, some are a total burst of energy with wild fast solos and loud blow outs. The music is filled with unpredictable and extraordinary musical decisions, interesting sound experiments and concepts. High variety of concepts and contrasts who are essentially combined together is also very important element of the album. Musicians try to expand from usual sounds, traditional music language and expressions – they experimenting and creating bright, fresh and extraordinary sound. For that they use numbers of extended ways of playing techniques which are mixed with some of traditional ones. Improvisations harmony is mostly consisted of various dissonance chords whose bring sharp and interesting sound to the album. Dynamic solos, colorful and expressive melodies, loud and wild fast blow outs and riffs, constantly changing rhythmic, adventurous and contrast sound, high variety of moods and characters which are turning one after another – these elements are the main basement of the album. Creative and modern improvising, essentially and masterful combination of traditions and musical experiments create original and effective sound of this album.

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