Trio Heinz Herbert – “The Willisau Concert” (Intakt, 2017)

“The Willisau Concert” – it’s a new album played by “Trio Heinz Herbert” and released by “Intakt Records” this year. “Trio Heinz Herbert” members are Dominic Landolt (guitar, effects), Ramon Landolt (samples, synth, piano) and Mario Hänni (drums, effects). All three musicians are creative and experienced jazz masters. Their music is full of unexpected and novatoric sound experiments, high variety of styles and musical elements. Musicians try out many different playing techniques and improvising styles. All three jazz masters are experienced and talented jazz improvisers. They had been improvising many times with other great jazz masters in the past. Album released by “Intakt Records”.

Album has 6 compositions. All of them have original style based on different styles and music elements. The basic of the compositions is absolutely different music elements and episodes which are contrasting with each other putting together in one composition. Strange sounds of computer devices, electronic effects very well combined with soft guitar solos, dynamic rhytmic and virtuosic synth melodies. High variety of musical experiments, extended techniques and music styles bring to this album interesting and original sound. After silent and slow episodes there are synth melodies full of various virtuosic elements, very dynamic guitar solos and powerful drums solos. Although the basic of these compositions is collective improvisation, these compositions are more likely affiliated to free improvisations not to avant-gard jazz. These compositions are more like free style improvisations full of unexpected styles, extended playing techniques, interesting harmony and free music form. Virtuosic and creative improvising, high variety of different music elements, contrasts and other elements give to this album interesting, unpredictable and modern sound.


Samo Salamon Sextet – “The Colours Suite” (Clean Feed, 2017)

CF414CD 600

“The Colours Suite” – it’s a new album played by “Samo Salamon Sextet” and released this year by “Clean Feed Records”. “Samo Salamon Sextet” members are Achille Succi (bass clarinet), Julian Arguelles (tenor, soprano saxophones), Samo Salamon (guitar), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Roberto Dani and Christian Lillinger  (drums). All these musicians had been improvising together many times in the past. Music played by this sextet is full of different European countries – Germany, Italy, France and UK – national music elements and intonations. All the musicians have different and original playing style. Their improvisations have expressive solos, evocative and powerful episodes and high variety of different music styles combined together. The compositions of this album had been live recorded in “Ljubljana Jazz Festival”.

Album has 8 compositions. All of them are dedicated to one color and are very different from each other. Avant – garde jazz, bebop, some styles of traditional jazz and various European countries music are gently combined in these compositions. Contrasts and various styles are the basics of compositions – powerful and very fast reeds and guitar solos, dynamic rhytmic, drum rolls, some sorts of percussion elements combine with subtle, slow and melancholic episodes. There are compositions which have very expressive melodies and dynamic rhytm (“Yellow”, “Red” and others). These compositions are collective improvisations there musicians also try out many different playing techniques, search new and weird timbres and musical experiments. But there also are compositions which basics are separate sounds, strange timbres, short melody elements. This sort of compositions also has very interesting sound because of high variety of harmonies, rhytms and other music elements. This album is full of many different styles of music, combines high variety of music elements and have effective, original and interesting sound.

STAUB Quartet – “House Full Of Colors” (JACC Records, 2017)

“House Full Of Colors” – it’s a new album which has a remarkable and modern sound. Album had been played by “STAUB Qartet”, which members are: Miguel Mira (cello), Carlos “Zingaro” (violin), Hernani Faustino (double bass) and Marcelo Dos Reis (acoustic guitar). Music played by this quartet has different styles, music eleemnts and melodies. The musicians improvising free, creative and expressive. All of them have original and remarkable improvising style, try out new, unheard and novatoric playing techniques. They combined together different and very contrasting music episodes in one composition. The quartet had been released many albums in  the past, most of them are full of surprises, novatoric and unusual combinations of music styles and instruments and musical experiments. Album had been released by “JACC Records”.

Album have 6 compositions. Just like in other albums played by these musicians, compositions in this album have many different music styles combined in one improvisation. Expressive, evocative and powerful sound collective improvisations combine free jazz, creative, avant-garde jazz and Spain, Greece, Italy, other Meditarranean sea countries music intonations and elements. There also heard Arabean music elements – harmony, rhytm and expressive melodies. Musicians also try out many different playing techniques, evocative experiments and their melodies have many stylistic waves, surprises and virtuosic elements. Compositions are full of strange noises, unheard and peculiar sound timbres. Subtle, expressive and contrasted cello, violin and guitar melodies gently combine with double bass which give to compositions static basic of rhytm. Elements of various countries folk music, avant-garde jazz, collective improvisations and variety of playing techniques give this album effective and novatoric sound.


BRASS MASK – “Live” (Babel Label, 2017)

The album “Live” had been released this year by record company “Babel Label”. This album was played by ensemble “Brass Mask”, which members are band leader Tom Challanger (tenor sax, composer), Rory Simmons (trumpet), Alex Bonney (trumpet), Nathaniel Cross (trombone), Geirge Crowley (tenor sax), Theon Cross (tuba), Dan Nichols (organ, percussion), John Blease (drums) and Jon Scott (percussion). Music played by this ensemble has a remarkable, modern and expressive sound. All musicians have original improvising style, had been played in many projects and concerts with other famous avant-garde jazz masters. Musical experiments, strange noises and various melodies are the basics of compositions played by this ensemble.

Album have 8 compositions. All of them have a remarkable and exclusive sound. Energetic and effective melodies, dynamic rhytmic, strange noises, masterful instrumentation full of various modern music elements – that’s the basic of compositions. The musicians are improvising very energetic, putting together elements which contrasting with each other. Their melodies are expressive, fast and full of many virtuosic pasages and other elements. They also paying much attention to unheard, novatoric and original sound – that’s why they try out many different playing techniques and musical expressions. Tenor sax, trumpets and trombones solos, subtle and static tuba, dynamic drums and high variety of percussion instruments gently combines with organ and various electronic music elements. All these elements combined together makes compositions sound expressive, powerful, effective and novatoric.

Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day – “On Parade In Parede” (Clean Feed, 2017)

CF413CD 600

“On Parade In Parede” – that’s a new album played by “Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day” ensemble. Members of this ensemble are – Nate Wooley (trumpet), Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Harris Eisenstadt (drums, compositions). All musicians have original and effective improvising style and virtuosic playing technique. High variety of music styles and genres combines in their compositions. The musicians had been improvising together in many projects and concert in the past. Their music is effective, emotional, full of unheard and strange musical experiments and extended playing techniques. Album “On Parade In Parede” had been recorded in 2016 and released this year by “Clean Feed Records”.

Album have 7 compositions. All of them have different music elements and many contrasts. The different melodies, rhytms and styles contrasting with each other are the basic of all compositions. Avant – garde jazz, free, creative jazz elements combines with blues, traditional jazz, bebop, Asia countries music elements and other music styles. That’s why this music is very dynamic and original sound. Rigorous, fast and energetic solos of musicians are filled of virtuosic elements, extended and modern playing techniques, strange tembres and noises. Musicians pay high attention for sound of improvisations – they trying out different playing techniques, musical experiments and various music styles. Novatoric and very fast collective improvisations gently combines with slow episodes with static and monotonic rhytmic, melancholic solos filled with traditional jazz and blues elements. There’s also heard North American, Africa and Cuba music elements in these compositions. Creative and novatoric playing of musicians, high variety of various music styles, very dynamic, different and original sound – all these elements make this album original and modern compositions set.

Large Unit – “Selected Tracks 2013 – 2017” (PNL Records, 2017)

“Selected Tracks 2013-2017” – it’s a new album [layed by one of the best avant-garde jazz ensembles “Large Unit”. Compositions from various albums and performances are improvised and played different than in earlier collective albums. “Large Unit” ensemble consists of talented and experienced jazz masters – Thomas Johansson (trumpet), Mats Äleklint (trombone), Per Åke Holmlander (tuba), Børre Mølstad (tuba),
Julie Kjær (alto saxophone, flute), Kasper Værnes (alto saxophone), Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (Bb clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone), Kristoffer Berre Alberts (tenor and alto saxophone), Ketil Gutvik (guitar), Tommi Keränen (electronics), Lasse Marhaug (electronics and turntable), Jon Rune Strøm (electric and double bass), Christian Meaas Svendsen (electric and souble bass), Andreas Wildhagen (drums and percussion), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums and percussion), Paulinho Bicolor (cuica), Célio De Carvalho (pandeiro) and Christian Obermayer (live sound). Compositions played by this ensemble have a remarkable, expressive and effective sound. Masterfully combined acustic instruments and electronics, strange noises and timbres, creative and emotional solos and rigorous, energetic collective improvisations. Musicians try out many different music styles and playing techniques. Their talent, original improvising and novatoric playing creates modern and different sound.

Album “Selected Tracks 2013 – 2017” consists of 6 compositions. All of these compositions were played and recorded in other recently released albums of ensemble. So this album is a retrospective of ensemble work these past 4 years. All compositions have many different styles, contrasts and are full of musical experiments. Different and contrasting music styles combination, virtuosic and rigorous solos by musicians of ensemble, subtle used electronics, very dynamic rhytmic and high variety of percussion – these elements are the basics of compositions. Each musician is improvising individually and different from each other, but all melodies, timbres, rhytms and other music elements organically and gently combines into one composition. Musicians also pay high attention for musical experiments – each of ensemble members try out different, novatoric and extended playing techniques. All compositions in this album have remarkable, effective and original sound like all others compositions played by “Large Unit”.


Stephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock and Cory Smythe – “Planktonic Finales’ (Intakt, 2017)

“Planktonic Finales” – that’s a new album played by three great avant-garde jazz experimentators. Album compositions were played by Stephan Crump (bass), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone) and Cory Smythe (piano). These musicians had been collaborated many times in the past. Their performanses, collective improvisations had evocative, interesting and original sound. Stephan Crump and Ingrid Laubrock had been released several albums in 2016. Ingrid Laubrock albums “Ubatuba” and “Serpentines” are full of unexpected styles, sounds and musical experiments. All three musicians are very famous in avant-garde jazz scena. They are famous for original sounds, free, creative and wild improvisations, and novatoric playing technique.

Album consists of 11 compositions. All of them have interesting sound and are combined of various music elements. The variety of rhytm, fast and rigorous saxophone and piano melodies, various novatoric musical effects, unusual sounds and timbres and expressive melodies – that’s the main elements of compositions. Improvisations are very different from each other – some of them are slow, soft and subtle sounds with melancholic saxophone solos and bass melodies. After them there are fast, sharp and rigorous collective improvisations there musicians try out various extended playing techniques and search new, unheard timbres and sounds. Stephan Crump bass improvisations have the high variety of music elements. These improvisations are full of contrasts. Musician improvises masterfully and cobines the high variety of rhytms, timbres, sounds and melodies. Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock improvisations are wonderful – just like in other albums, she plays creatively, bravely try out new and novatoric playing techniques and other elements. Her improvisations sometimes are sharp, rigorous and fast and sometimes- silent, mysterious and melancholic. Pianist Cory Smythe improvisations give  the harmonic and melodic basic to the compositions. The harmony of the compositions is very modern and novatoric, full of many different accords and sounds. The musician improvises very virtuosic, emotional and expressive – the improvisations gently combined with other instruments sounds. Talented jazz musicians, expressive and novatoric playing, the best quality of sounds and high variety of music elements give us very good and interesting album.

Ken Vandermark – “Shelter” (Catalytic Sound, 2017)

“Shelter” – it’s the newest album played by avant-garde jazz improviser, composer and saxophonist Ken Vandermark and his ensemble. The album had been played by four great jazz musicians: Ken Vandermark (reeds), Steve Heather (drums & crackle box),  Jasper Stadhouders (electric bass & guitar) and Nate Wooley (trumpet). All these musicians had been improvising many times in past in different projects. All of them have original and expressive playing technique and improvising style. Their music is full of novatoric and creative musical experiments, strange sounds and timbres, electronics, computer sounds and other special effects combining with traditional instruments.

“Shelter” consists of 9 compositions. All of them are based on contrasts and various music elements combined in one composition. Expresive, very fast and evocative reeds and guitar solos are full of virtuosic elements, strange noises, extyended and novatoric playing techniques and sound effects. Dynamic and contrasting rhytmic, fast and active drum solos, silent one or several instruments duos are also the main elements of these compositions. The musicians are improvising free, creative and masterfully. Their melodies and other music elements has many different sounds and timbres and are full of surprises. Expressive and original sound of traditional instruments are subtly combined with electronics – cracker box, various computer effects and electronic music elements. All these different and very contrasting elements are masterfully combined in one composition. Effective and novatoric sound, masterful players and creative musical experiments bring this album to one of the best albums released in this year.

Rob Mazurek – “Chants And Corners” (Clean Feed, 2017)

CF416CD 600

“Chants And Corners” is a new album played by composer, free jazz improviser and cornetist Rob Mazurek and his ensemble. Compositions of the album were played by Rob Mazurek (modular synth, sampler, cornet, piano on Android Sun), Mauricio Takara (drums), Guilherme Granado  (keyboards, synth, sampler, electronics), Thomas Rohrer  (rabeca, flutes, soprano saxophone, electronics) and Philip Somervell  (piano, prepared piano). All these musicians are talented and creative avant-garde jazz improvisers. They also have original, evocative and masterful playing techniques, improvising style and are collaborating with other famous jazz masters. Their music has unpredictable, strange, modern and dynamic sound. Electronics, special sound effects and other elements are the basic of all compositions played by this ensemble.

“Chants And Corners” consists of 9 compositions. All of them are based on brave and novatoric musical experiments, strange noises, timbres and sounds, free musical form and high variety of music styles. Improvisations by musicians are very variable and dynamic – very fast and virtuosic solos, melodic and subtle saxophone and cornet episodes, drum rolls, various percussion elements are combined with electronics, computer effects and other modern music elements. The musicians try out many different playing techniques, they also combine various musical styles in one composition. Avant-garde jazz, creative, free jazz, bebop and other jazz styles are gently and subtly combined with Brazilian music elements. Sounds of traditional instruments, Brazilian folk songs melodies, rhytm and other music elements organic and subtle combine with experimental jazz elements. Japan and other Asia countries music elements are also used in compositions of this album. High variety of music styles, masterful and talented jazz masters, creative musical experiments and wonderful combination of acoustic and electronic sounds give this album a novatoric, effective and dynamic sound.

Bobby Previte – “Terminals Quartets” (Cantaloupe, 2017)

“Terminals Quartets’ – it’s the newest album by compositor, jazz improviser Bobby Previte. Album had been released in March by “Cantaloupe Music” and played by NYU “Percussion Ensemble”. This ensemble performs modern music which is based on modern and novatoric percussion. Musicians use many strange and novatoric instruments, try out musical experiments. There also is high variety of timbres, strange noises and sounds of instruments. The music of ensemble has modern music and avant-garde jazz styles. It’s free, approachable, evocative and modern.

“Terminals Quartets” has 5 compositions. Each of them is written for different instruments played by musicians of percussion ensemble. There are “Terminal A” (Alex Appel, Brandon Nestor, Matthew Overbay, Sara Barsky), “Terminal B” (Adam Holmes, Luz Carime Santa Coloma, Indigo Cook, Rob Guilford), “Terminal C” (Luis Jacome, Russell Fisher, Rose Egan, Greg Auffredou), “Terminal D” ( Yael Litwin, Sean Perham, Doug Chew, Sarah Bennett, Bobby Previte & Yael Litwin – drum set solos) and “Terminal E” ( Abby Fisher, Karina Yau, Alex Appel, Marc Akiyama, Jonathan Haas – timpani solo). The music of qall compositions is modern and novatoric. There are high variety of instruments, sounds, music styles and other elements. The music has effective and approachable sound which is based on contrasts and different music elements combined one after another. After drum rolls, strong timpani solos and other active and energetic melodies subtle and silent episodes are included. This music is full of surprises, has variable and polyphonic musical facture and is very dynamic. Musicians also can improvise, try out new playing techniques, novatoric musi cal experiments. The form of these compositions isn’t based on strict form which is used for European music. It’s free, variable and dynamic compositions which are combined of many different and novatoric music elements, sounds, timbres and styles. That’s why this music has effective, modern, approachable and interesting sound.