earnear – “earnear” (2017)

“earnear” – it’s one of the newest experimental jazz release this month. The album was recorded by three jazz masters – João Camões (viola), Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano) and Migual Mira (cello). These three musicians are wonderful improvisers which try out many different playing techniques, expand technical abilities of their instruments, search out for an extraordinary and interesting sound. Their improvisations with many other famous jazz musicians are full of innovative musical decisions, expressive, wild and emotional improvisations. Their music is mostly based on various avant-garde and some of modern jazz styles – bebop, post-bop and etc. Through the years of creative activity the musicians had created marvelous and interesting playing and improvising style. Their improvisations have unique and innovative sound and are full of contrasts.

Album has 8 compositions. All of them differ from each other. The first one “Inprint” is lively and energetic collective improvisation which has some virtuosic and expressive solos in it. The second and third compositions – “Dream Theory” and “Time Leak” – are absolutely different from the first one. These compositions don’t have rhythmical and melodic basic. It;s based on singular sounds, strange timbres and noises. The soft and calm mood of these compositions is effected by high variety of playing techniques and extraordinary timbres, soft harmony and polyphonic form of the compositions. These compositions are played in lyrical, soft and calm mood and have many musical experiments in it. The fourth composition “Theoretical Morning” also is different from the others. It’s very active, based on monotonous and repetitive rhythmic and melodic elements. There’s also is the melodic basement – the melodies are very expressive, active, fast and full of virtuosic elements in it. The musicians also try out many innovative playing techniques in this composition, pay high attention to musical experiments and special sound effects. The “Gomboc”, “Airfoil”, “Stifling Contremps” and the last one composition “Triage” are based on the same elements like the compositions which were played earlier. There are many episodes which is based just on sound experiments and special sound effects. These episodes are gently and organically combined with active, energetic and dramatic solos which are full of different playing techniques and virtuosic elements. The music of this album is interesting, full of contrasts and strange timbres. It’s also emotional, expressive and evocative. Masterful, free and creative improvising of the musicians create original and interesting sound of this album.


John Butcher, Damon Smith, Weasel Walter – “The Catastrophe of Minimalism” (Balance Point Acoustics, 2017)

“The Catastrophe of Minimalism” – it’s the new album released by “Balance Point Acoustics” this year. Album was recorded by three famous avant-garde jazz improvisers – John Butcher (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone), Damon Smith (acoustic bass, electronics) and Weasel Walter (percussion). All these three musicians are outstanding improvisers which creativity and original playing style are the main elements of their music. The musicians are famous for their original and dynamic improvising, inventive and innovative musical decisions and expressive improvising. Their music also is full of various music styles and elements, unpredictable surprises and stylistic turns. The musicians are improvising together not for a first time – they had been played together in various ensembles and groups or also as a trio.

Album has 5 compositions. All these compositions are based on free jazz elements. The musicians masterfully connect together various different music elements, acoustic and electronic instruments, avant-garde and modern jazz. There’s also heard elements of contemporary classical music, electronic and experimental music. The musicians try out many different playing techniques. Traditional and innovative playing techniques are connected together and make effective and original sound and high variety of peculiar timbres. Strange noises and singular sounds don’t have a melodic and rhythmic basic. The facture and form of the compositions are based on polyphonia. All different melodies, rhythms, special effects, electronics and sound experiments organically combine together in one composition. Though the compositions are based on free jazz, the intonations of electronic, experimental music and other contemporary classical music styles make original and interesting sound of this album.

Demetrius Spaneas – “From A Far-off World” (Capstone Records, 2017)

From a Far Off World

“From A Far-off World” is the new experimental music and avant-garde jazz album released this year. Album was recorded by talented and masterful avant-gard ejazz musician Demetrius Spaneas. Demetrius Spaneas is American saxophonist and clarinetist. He had graduate from New England Conservatory where he studied music theory, classical and jazz woodwinds performing, orchestration, composition and arranging. Demetrius Spaneas playing has original and unique sound and effective playing style. His compositions are full of different music elements and expressions, active, effective and expressive melodies and dynamic stylistic turns. The musician is performing compositions by various composers which are creating contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz. “From A Far-off World” album compositions were written by Jane Brockman. Jane Brockman is famous American composer which was the first woman composer to earn the Doctorate of Music of Michigan University 150 year history. Her music is interesting, modern and influenced by various contemporary music styles. Colorful instrumentation, interesting harmony, innovative musical decisions make effective and modern sound of her compositions. Her compositions are based on various contemporary music styles such as electronics, experimental jazz, free improvisations and film and dance music. Jane Brockman masterfully combines various music styles and elements in one composition.

Album has 12 compositions. All of them are written by Jane Brockman or Demetrius Spaneas. The compositions are the synthesis of experimental, electronic music and avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Both composers are using high variety of music styles, expressions and other elements. The instrumentation is very interesting and expressive – acoustic and electronic instruments sounds, innovative playing techniques and high variety of different timbres and sounds are the main elements of compositions which create expressive and dynamic sound. The solos by various instruments are full of energy, different episodes which are putting together against each other bring more unexpected turns and surprises to this music. Demetrius Spaneas playing is outstanding – this musician masterfully combine various playing techniques, expand from the instrument comfort zone and recover unheard and peculiar sounds and timbres of the instruments. The compositions are based on traditional form and structure, but it also there’s very much place left for free improvisations. Original and modern composing style, innovative and expressive playing, high variety of music elements make effective and interesting sound of this album.

Jason Stein Quartet – “Lucille!” (Delmark Records, 2017)

“Lucille!” is the newest album recorded by avant-garde jazz improviser Jason Stein and his quartet. Album will be released on September 15, by “Delmark Records”. “Jason Stein Quartet” is an ensemble of outstanding and famous avant-garde jazz improvisers – Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone, contrabass clarinet), Joshua Abrams (bass) and Tom Rainey (drums). All these musicians mostly play Jason Stein original compositions which are based on sound experiments. The ensemble also play the most famous compositions of various jazz legends such as Lennie Tristano, Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker. The compositions played by this ensemble are full of energy, dynamic and unpredictable stylistic waves and turns. This music is very dynamic and contrastic filled with marvelous and interesting solos, timbres and sounds.

This album has 9 compositions. All of them are based on experimental jazz. Different timbres and sounds are the main elements of compositions. Energetic, dynamic and interesting improvisations differ from each other. Each musician is improvising different than other. The main elements of compositions are dynamic and interesting solos, virtuosic elements, high variety of unheard timbres and sounds which is created by innovative and original playing techniques. The musicians try out many different and original playing techniques. They expand technical abilities of the instrument and recover unheard and original timbres which can be played with each instrument. That’s especially heard in Jason Stein improvisations. The compositions played by this musician are full of marvelous blow outs, virtuosic elements and innovative playing techniques. All these elements create original and effective sound of all compositions. The improvisations are based on collective improvisations. Even though each musician improvises different from other, all music elements, expressions, playing techniques and melodies are masterfully connected with each other in one composition. The improvisations played by this ensemble recover extraordinary and interesting experimental jazz. Original, glamorous and marvelous sound is created by different musical expressions masterfully combined together by professional jazz musicians.

Alex Mincek – “Torrent” (2017)

package image

“Torrent” is another one experimental music album by Alex Mincek. Album was released on April and recorded by various experimental music and avant-garde jazz masters – Nate Wooley, Ian Antonio, Eric Wubbels, and Josh Modney. Alex Mincek (1975) is an American composer and performer. His compositions are based on experimental and electronic music and other academic avant-gardestyles. Atonality, electronic music, various types of experimental music, avant-garde jazz, free improvisations are the main elements of these compositions. The composer had had created original and unique music composing style which is full of various musical expressions, different styles elements and innovative musical decisions. The compositions which are recorded in this album show original, effective and modern sound of Alex Mincek compositions.

Album has 9 compositions. All of them are based on free form, sharp and dynamic harmony, innovative and original instrumentation and high variety of musical expressions. The compositions are based on various experimental music styles and avant-garde jazz. Electronic devices, electro-acoustic and acoustic instruments, diversity of timbres and sounds create modern and effective sound. The composer let all the musicians to experiment and search for a innovative and original timbres and sounds, try out different and modern playing techniques, free improvisations and many other musical expressions also depend on musicians creativity and virtuosic playing. The compositions are based on musical experiments and different musical expressions. These elements create original and interesting sound which is heard in all compositions. The compositions are based on polyphonic facture and free, not strictly based form. Different melodies, timbres and dynamic rhythmic are masterfully connected together in one composition. Professional and expressive playing of the musicians, different music elements combinations and many other elements create original, effective and interesting sound.

The Rempis Percussion Quartet – “Cochonnerie” (Aerophonic Records, 2017)

“Cochonnerie” – it’s one of the newest album which will be released by Dave Rempis recording company “Aerophonic Records” on October 10. Album was recorded by “The Rempis Percussion Quartet” which members are Dave Rempis (alto, tenor, baritone sax), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass), Frank Rosaly (drums) and Tim Daisy (drums). All the four musicians don’t need to be introduced – because of original and creative playing style, interesting improvisations and innovative musical decisions they became famous and well-known avant-garde jazz improvisers. They had improvised with many other famous jazz masters in various ensembles. Their music is full of contrasts, different episodes and music styles elements are connected together and put one against other. Dynamic, virtuosic and wild solos have many different and innovative playing techniques and musical expressions.

Album has 3 compositions. All of them are based on free jazz. Wild, dynamic and full of unpredictable stylistic turns and surprises collective improvisations are the basic element of compositions. All improvisers pay high attention to interesting and extraordinary sound – they try out many different playing techniques which leads to high variety of unheard and peculiar timbres and singular sounds. The compositions have strong melodic and rhythmic basics. The solos and improvisations are very different from each other. Aggressive, sharp, loud and fast solos suddenly turns into memorable, expressive, dramatic or very silent and soft improvisations. High diversity of contrasts and different playing styles make original and interesting sound of this album. Virtuosic and outstanding solos, of musicians, sharp and interesting harmony, variety of unheard and peculiar timbres, dynamic rhythmic and polyphony are the main elements of these compositions. Marvelous and expressive improvising of musicians shows their talent and unique playing style and also create effective and innovative sound of this album.

Blaise Siwula, John Loggia, Aron Namenwirth – “Past The Potatoes” (Nofrillsmusic, 2017)

Past the Potatoes — Blaise Siwula, John Loggia & Aron Namenwirth

“Past The Potatoes” is another one avant-garde jazz improvisations set released last month. Album was recorded by Blaise Siwula (alto saxophone), John Loggia (drums) and Aron Namenwirth (banjo/guitar). These musicians are creative talented avant-garde jazz improvisers. Their creativity, original and interesting playing and improvising style had been the main element of their improvisations through the years of creative activity. Modern and avant-garde jazz styles synthesis, dynamic improvisations, contrasts and unexpected stylistic waves and turns, high variety of different timbres, musical experiments and expressions – these are the main elements of musicians improvisations. Three jazz masters are improvising together not for a first time. They had collaborated and improvised together in earlier years. They also had improvised with many other famous jazz stars.

Album has 8 compositions. All of them are based on various jazz styles synthesis. These compositions have soft, calm and relaxing sound which is connected with lively, dynamic and interesting episodes. The main element of the album is collective improvisations. Motoric and dynamic rhythmic, some episodes of virtuosic solos, other bebop, post-bop and other modern jazz styles are connected with avant-garde jazz. Though this album is more affiliated with modern and traditional jazz styles than free jazz, all these styles are masterfully combined together. Some compositions are based on modern and traditional jazz. Soft, melodic and memorable solos, static and monotonous rhythmic, colorful and relaxing harmony are the main elements of these compositions. The compositions of this type are contrasting with avant-garde jazz improvisations which have absolutely different basics. Free jazz improvisations in this album are most interesting and lively – the melodic and rhythmic basement is very dynamic and constantly changing, solos are full of virtuosic elements, soft harmony suddenly turns into sharp and unpredictable. Outstanding and expressive improvisations are full of innovative playing techniques, modern and traditional jazz, blues elements, different timbres and singular sounds. So these improvisations are the most interesting places of all album. Contrasts, unpredictable and sudden stylistic turns and surprises, synthesis of various jazz styles, expressive and free improvisations create an extraordinary and interesting sound of this album.