Jeroen Elfferich – “Zero” (Arabesque Recordings, 2017)

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“Zero” is the new contemporary academical music album which was released by “Arabesque Recordings” this year. The compositions of the album were written by Jeroen Elfferich. Jeroen Elfferich is an American composer and pianist. His composing style is based on minimalism music elements and their synthesis with various contemporary music styles. Repetitive and simple structure chords, monotonous melodies, relaxing and peaceful sound, various rhythmic formulas repeated many times – all these elements are the main basement of his composing style. Though his music is deeply effected by minimalism elements, it’s not just a plain minimalism. Various jazz styles intonations, contemporary classical music elements, ethnic music by different countries are also heard very much in his compositions. The composer’s music is mostly dedicated for chamber ensembles – he mostly writes compositions for string quartets, various reeds ensembles and pieces for solo iinstruments. The composer use simple and ordinary musical expressions, harmony and playing techniques, but he marvelously creates original and extraordinary sound of his compositions.

Album compositions are strongly based on minimalism. Various repetitive and short melodies, monotonous rhythmic, simple, but very colorful chords, relaxing and restful sound – all these elements are the main basic of the compositions. The composer use a homophonic structure and form, he mostly use simple musical expressions and composing techniques. His music is simple, peaceful and restful, but most of the time has gorgeous and dynamic sound. Independent and colorful melodies are contrasting with each other, but effectively fit together in one musical pattern. Listening to these compositions never gets boring – even it’s based on minimalistic and repetitive elements, it’s constantly changing. From restful and gentle sound, slow temp and soft chords it suddenly gets to more faster and energetic compositions, dramatic and loud episodes or other moods. Expressive, energetic and active compositions such as “Clara”, “Circles” or “The Race” are full of wild fast arpeggios, sharp chords and repetitive rhythmic. Various rhythmic formulas are changing each other all the time and create a monotonic and releaxing sound. The composer pay high attention to unusual and extraordinary sound. Inventive musical decisions, independent and individual melodies, interesting form and structure also are very important elements of these compositions. The music of these compositions were written for 2 pianos. First piano form a very solid melodic basement – individual, repetitive, monotonic, very fast or slow and relaxing melodies highly effect the sound of the compositions. These melodies are gorgeously illustrated by second piano which is forming a very strong rhythmic basement. Various harmonic chords – soft, expresive, sharp and relaxing – bring a colorful and gorgeous sound for these compositions. Melodic, rhythmical and harmonic elements are masterfully combined together in one musical pattern. This music is played very passionate, emotionally and expressive. It never gets boring to listen to it because it’s colorful, full of unexpected stylistic waves, changing moods and characters and a extraordinary, original sound.


Mostly Other People Do The Killing – “Paint” (Hot Cup Records, 2017)

“Paint” is the new modern jazz album released this year by “Hot Cup Records”. The album was recorded by bassist Moppa Elliott, drummer Kevin Shea and pianist Ron Stabinsky. These three musicians are experienced and famous jazz musicians. Their composing and improvising style has its own and individual manner and unique sound. They had form a trio “Mostly Other People Do The Killing” in 2002. Since then the ensemble had released many interesting and extraordinary albums  – “Forty Fort”, “This Is Our Moosic”, “Blue”, “Hanover” and many others. The ensemble improvisations are full of different jazz styles elements masterly and effectively combined in one composition. Avant-garde jazz, bebop, post-bop, hard bop and some of traditional jazz and swing elements are fused together in their improvisations. All musicians have a remarkable and marvelous ability to subtle twist together different music styles and elements which are absolutely different from each other. Their improvisations have creative, dynamic and vivacious sound.

Album improvisations have original and gentle sound. Avant-garde jazz elements are twisted together wwith various modern and traditional jazz styles. Swing, wild fast bebop and haard-bop solos, collective free jazz improvisations, dynamic and active rhythmic, interesting and sharp harmony, inventive musical decisions and spontaneous improvising – these are the main elements that form the basement of these compositions. Pianist Ron Stabinsky improvisations are full of expressive and gorgeous solos, wild fast arpeggios, interesting harmony chords which mostly have sharp sound, dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic. These active, furious and spontaneously created episodes are gently combined with lyrical, peaceful and still improvisations. Lyrical piano and bass improvisations have very soft and restful sound, are based on slow temp, relaxing harmony chords, swing and other traditional jazz styles elements. The piano improvisations are the most heard solos of the album. It also highly effects the sound of improvisations, create interesting and dynamic sound. Bassist Moppa Elliott compositions are based on subtle and silent improvisations. Separate timbres, weird sounds, colorful and memorable melodies gently fit with piano and drums. Kevin Shea drums and percussion improvisations also are created spontaneously and free/ It has many different rhythms and rhythmic formulas masterful twisted together. Dynamic, aženergetic and active rhythmic is sometimes changed with monotonic and static rhythms which are the main elements of traditional jazz styles espacially swing. The musicians also try out many different playing techniques – pizzicato, spicato, vibrato, glissando, wild fast arpeggios and many other playing techniques bring more colorful and gorgeous sound to the improvisations. The mood of the compositions also is constantly changing – from active, energetic and vivacious solos it suddenly gets to lyrical, soft and slow improvisations with resful and peaceful sound. This change of moods and characters also make these compositions to sound more interesting and dynamic. Gorgeous, marvelous and inventive improvising, masterful combination of different jazz styles, inventive musical experiments and many other elements create splendid and effective sound of this album.

Fish From Hell – “Moby Dick Wanted !” (2017)

“Moby Dick Wanted !” is the new avant-garde jazz album released on October 27. The album compositions were played by Marc Démereau (baritone sax, musical saw), Fabien Duscombs (drums, percussion) and Sébastien « Bakus » Bacquias (double bass). These three musicians are interesting and experienced improvisers of French jazz scene. Their improvisations are full of different music styles synthesis. Avant-garde jazz is masterful fused with various rock styles and modern jazz elements. The compositions of this album were created for theatre piece “Moby Dick Wanted !” some time earlier. Each improvisation is dedicated for different movement or episode of the piece. Colorful and expressive musical language, wide range of different musical elements, dynamics and expressions make most part of these musicians improvisations to sound energetic, gorgeous and vivacious.

Album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and rock styles synthesis. Expressive and energetic musical pattern is based on polyphonic structure and form, indeoendent melodies which are highly contrasting with each other, extended playing techniques and wide range of moods and characters. Expressive and attaching saxophone improvisations are filled with wilf fast arpeggios, loud and powerful riffs and furious blow outs. Marc Demereau improvisations bring the energetic, lively, vivacious and interesting sound to each movement. It’s highly contrasting with calm, lyrical and subtle double bass melodies. Sebastien Bacquias improvisations are putted against the energetic and wild fast saxophone – it has gentle, lyrical, subtle and peaceful sound with some more energetic elements. The improvisations by these two instruments are the main basic of the album – it’s colorfully and gorgeously illustrated by various sounds of musical saw and very dynamic and energetic drums solos. It seems that double bass and baritone saxophone melodies are expressing different moods, movements and even characters. Energetic, wild and furious saxophone is expressing the dramatic, stormy and active mood of the piece. Calm and restful double bass return the listener to peace, quiet and still mood of the compositions. This conversation between two absolutely different instruments is strongly effecting the main improvisations sound. It create dynamic, colorful, expressive and energetic sound. Various rock styles elements also give more energy and expressive sound to the improvisations. The musicians try out many different playing techniques – just a little part of traditional and simple playing techniques is fused with innovative and extraordinary ways of playing. Musicians expand the zone of ordinary sound, simple playing techniques and primitive musical expressions using – they use numerous of different musical expresions, extraordinary musical decisions and are adventurously experimenting in all musical language aspects. Interesting harmony, dynamic rhythmic, high variety of percussion timbres and sounds, various special sound effects and many other elements make a solid and active background which is marvelously combined with the melodic basement. Creative, expressive and vivacious improvising create interesting, original and active sound of this album

Adam Rudolph – “Morphic Resonances” (Meta Records, 2017)

Adam Rudolph Announces Morphic Resonances on MOD Technologies/Meta Records

“Morphic Resonance” is the new contemporary academical music alsum released this month by “Meta Records”. The compositions by Adam Rudolph were recorded in this album. Adam Rudolph is an American composer, improviser and percussionist. His composing style is based on various elements synthesis – world music, free jazz, bebop, hard-bop and other modern jazz styles, various contemporary academical music and avant-garde elements form the basement of the musical pattern. The composer musical language is very passionate, rich and expressive. Various musical expressions, extended playing techniques, adventurous and free experiments create original and lively sound of his compositions. The main part of his works are free improvisations, compositions for various chamber ensembles and string quartets, pieces for solo instruments and many other type compositions. Adam Rudolph compositions were recorded by various artists in this album – “Momenta String Quartet”, Kaoru Watanabe, Marco Capelli, Sana Nagano, “Odense Percussion Group” and “Figura/Kammeratorkestret Ensemble”. All these collectives and musicians have original and innovative playing manner and are always creating vivacious, versatile and effective sound. The music by various contemporary academical music composers is played with passion, emotionally, expressive and adventurous.

Album compositions are full of different music styles and genres elements. Avant-garde jazz, various modern jazz styles such as bebop and hard-bop, contemporary classical music and academic avant-garde, experimental music and expresionism are effectively and marvelously combined together. Each composition is very different from others – it’s based on individual styles, musical expressions, have its own mood and character. “Morphic Resonances” and “Syntactic Adventures” are written for string quartet. The compositions are based on various contemporary academical music styles – serialism, atonality, puantilistic structure, polyphonic form and has a colorful and dramatic background. Various types of pizzicatos and glissando, special sound effects, dynamic rhythmic and dramatic melodies make expressive, expresionistic and emotional character of these compositions.

“Garden, Ashes” is a flute and guitar duo. This composition is based on free form, homophonic structure, high variety of extended playing techniques. It also has lyrical mood and soft, subtle and calm sound. Lyric and solemn melodies are mixed with some fast arpeggios, various monotonic and repetitive rhythms. The restful and peaceful sound is made with simple musical expressions and has a synthesis with Asian countries music. Japan and other Asian countries ethnic music intonations, melodic elements are mixed with various European classical music harmony chords, rhythms, free form and improvisation elements.

“Strange Thought” is a solo composition for violin. The composition have free form, contemporary classical music elements are masterly mixed with free improvisation. Vital, expressive or lyric and slow violin melodies are full of musical experiments, extended playing techniques and sudden changes of moods and characters. Different short episodes are highly contrasting with each other – after loud and expressive melodies there comes slow and dramatic pieces. This dynamic combination and high variety of contrasts create interesting and gorgeous sound of this composition.

“Orbits” is a composition written for percussion ensemble. It’s more like a free collective improvisation mixed with some elements of contemporary academical music. Expressive, light and gentle vibraphones, colorful other percussion instruments sounds are mixed with some energetic drum rolls and other active rhythms. The composition is based on avant-garde and mdoern jazz styles synthesis and has a soft, subtle and gentle sound.

“Coincidentia Opositorum” is dedicated for chamber ensemble. Same as in some earlier compositions, high variety of different music styles and moods are fused together in this one. Expressive and energetic solos which has many various jazz styles elements and harmonic intonations, are mixed with dramatic and loud episodes or soft, peaceful and calm pieces. The high variety of playing techniques is also heard very much in this composition. Rich and colorful musical language is decorated with wide range of musical expressions, styles synthesis, different characters and moods changes, high variety of dynamics and special sound effects. This composition is very moody, colorful and has a gorgeous sound.

“Lamento” is the final composition of this album and is dedicated for flute and guitar. As same as in “Garden, Ashes” there’s heard the elements of Asian countries ethnical music – rhythms, some harmonis and melodic intonations, microtonal music elements. Composition has restful, soft and interesting sound. It’s as masterful combination of Asian and European music and free improvisation.

All compositions of this album demonstrate original and interesting composing style of Adam Rudolph. The expressive and rich musical language, adventurous and extraordinary decisions, wide range of various styles masterfully fused together and emotional, precisely and innovative musicians playing create original and outstanding sound of this album compositions.

Brooklyn Rider – “Spontaneous Symbols” (2017)

“Spontaneous Symbols” is the new contemporary academic music album which was released on October 20. The compositions by young and talented American composers were recorded here – it’s Tyondar Braxton, Colin Jacobsen, Evan Ziporyn, Paula Matthusen and Kyle Sanna. These composers are creative and extraordinary musicians. Each of them composing style is based on different music styles and elements, modern composing and playing techniques combinations. Their music is very emotional, dynamic, versatile and full of various contemporary classical music styles intonations. The album was recorded by “Brooklyn Rider” string quartet. Violinists Johny Gandelsman and Colin Jacobsen, violist Nicholas Cords and cellist Michael Nicholas are the members of this quartet and all of them have original and unique sound. Own and independent playing manner, modern musical decisions, innovative and dynamic playing make the compositions by various contemporary classical music composers to sound interesting, emotional, expressive and innovative. The ensemble mostly plays contemporary classical music and famous compositions by earlier centuries composers. Their inventive and stunning musical experiments, innnovative musical decisions and extraordinary playing make original and marvelous interpretations of various composers compositions.

Album compositions are based on various contemporary academical music styles synthesis. Tyondar Braxton “ArpRec1 – 1a” and “ArpRec1 – 1b”, Colin Jacobseb “BTT”, Evan Ziporyn “Qi” (Part I, II and III), Paula Matthusen’s “on the attraction of felicitous amplitude” and Kyle Sanna “Sequence For Minonr White” – all these compositions are based on modernism, expressionism, minimalism and other contemporary music styles synthesis. Modern and rich musical language of each composer is very dynamic and full of gorgeous musical expressions, weird timbres, separate noises and extraordinary playing techniques. Wild fast arpeggios, melodic, extraordinary and fabulous violins duets, monotonic and repetitive rhythmic and harmonic elements, subtle and interesting cello melodies – all these elements form the main basement of the compositions. All compositions are less or more affected by minimalism – repetitive rhythms, harmonic chords sequences and many times repeated melodic elements are heard very much in all compositions. These elements are splendidly illustrated by very active and energetic background. Pizzicato, separate weird sounds and noises, glissando, portato and many other traditional playing techniques are fused with innovative and original ways of playing. This high variety of different musical expressions, playing techniques, inventive experiments and various styles synthesis create very dynamic, energetic and vivacious sound of the compositions. The composers pay high attention to colors, moods and characters changing. Vital, vivacious and energetic episodes are put against lyric, dramatic, solemn and tragic pieces. The episodes based on different moods, also have their own musical language and various expressions, sacral music elements – the music is full of sudden and unpredictable changes of styles, expressions and moods. The compositions were outstandingly played by “Brooklyn Rider” string quartet. Musicians had played these compositions with passion, very emotional, expressive and vivacious. They also had revealed the main elements of each composers compositions and made a marvelous, outstanding and original sound of each composition of this album.

sello cabello – “TONY MALABY TRIO” (Sello Cabello, 2017)

“TONY MALABY TRIO” is several months ago released avant=garde jazz album by “Sello Cabello”. The album was recorded by Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone), Juan Pablo Arredondo (guitar) and Carto Brandan (drums). These three musicians became original and experienced avant-garde jazz masters, adventurous experimenters through the years of creative activity. Their improvisations are full of different music styles, stunning experiments and different musical expressions masterly combined together. They all had been improvising a lot of times with other famous avant-garde jazz musicians – Joe Mcphee, Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Mark Dresser, Angelica Sanchez, Mario Pavone and many others. The improvisations are always interesting and unpredictable – vivacious and lively melodies are fused together with world music, avant-garde, post-bop, bebop and other jazz styles elements, melancholic and lyrical episodes, monotonous and repetitive rhythmic elements and other musical language expressions. The variety of different music intonations, moods, characters and expressions usually bring original and versatile sound to these musicians improvisations.

The album compositions are based on various jazz styles synthesis. Avant-garde jazz elements are fused together with post-bop, bebop, hard-bop and some intonations of traditional jazz styles. Energetic and active melodies are put against the melancholic and dramatic episodes, vital and lively improvisations and dynamic stylistic waves. All these elements create original sound of the improvisations. The trio musicians are improvising free, energetic and vivacious. Tony Malaby improvisations are full of interesting rhythms, timbres and sounds, extended playing techniques, loud blow outs and vital melodies. Saxophonist marvelously fuses together wide range of different playing techniques, traditional and innovative ways of playing, energetic arpeggios, dramatic and solemn pieces of the album. Juan Pablo Arredando guitar melodies are quite difficult from energetic and active Tony Malaby playing. His improvisations have soft, subtle and relaxing sound. Melodic, memorable and interesting solos are mostly based on lyrical mood, slow temp and monotonic rhythmic. These episodes are twisted with active, versatile and vivacious guitar improvisations, stunning and marvelous solos full of very fast arpeggios. The vibrant and active drums bring more live and energy to the compositions. Different rhythms are skillfully compounded together with wide range of colorful and expressive percussion timbres and sounds. The most effective and gorgeous sound of the album is demonstrated in collective improvisations. Independent and dynamic melodies, marvelous saxophone and guitar duos illustrated by dynamic and powerful drum rolls and rhythms are the most gorgeous and interesting episodes of this album compositions. The musical pattern is formed by polyphonic structure, free form, high variety of different playing techniques and musical expressions. All these elements and interesting, creative and spontaneous improvising create innovative and marvelous sound of this album compositions.

Molly Gebrian/Danny Holt – “Trios For Two” (Innova Records, 2017)

Danny Holt and Molly Gebrian: Trios for Two

“Trios For Two” is the new contemporary academic music album which was released by “Innova Recordings” on September 22. The compositions by various interesting contemporary music composers are recorded in this album. Casey Cangelosi, Karl Blench, Daniel Corral, Christopher Goddard, Ingrid Lee and Chiayu – all these composers had written various compositions for viola, piano and percussion. Their composing styles are based on different music styles and elements, vital and vivacious playing. Different kind of moods and characters are masterly combined here. Minimalism, post-romantism, modernism, academic avant-garde and expresionism elements are marvelously blended together in their compositions. These composers are interesting and evocative musicians. They always try to expand from the traditional sound, instruments comfort zone and extract colorful and unusual timbres and noises. The album compositions were recorded by Molly Gebrian (viola) and Danny Holt (piano, percussion). Both musicians are famous in contemporary academic music scene. Their live, expressive, dynamic and vital playing make original and interesting compositions sound, reveals the main elements of composers musical language style.

The album compositions are based on different musical expressions and styles combinations. Casey Cangelosi composition “Theatric No.8” is highky effected by minimalism elements. Composer try out many different extended playing techniques, use simple and ordinary musical expressions. Her musical language and pattern of the composition is formed with minimalism and various contemporary music styles combination – repetitive and monotonous rhythmic, melodic elements, simple harmony based on traditional chords and other minimalism elements are connected with expresionism and neoromantism elements. Karl Blench composition “Second Take” is quite different from the first one album composition. Composiiton have 5 parts. Each part has its own and unique character, independent and interesting melodies, expressive chords and sudden stylistic turns. The composer’s musical language is formed with wide range of different musical expressions, extended playing techniques and music styles. Academic avant-garde, experimental music and various modernism styles are combined in this composition. Playful, expressive or vivacious episodes are mixed with melancholic, lyric, dramatic or very solemn episodes. Different moods are changing one after each other very fast and sudden, so this music is full of unpredictable surprises and sudden stylistic changes. Daniel Corral “Ultramarine” is very similar to “Second Take”. It’s also is very active and energetic. The composer masterly combines together extraordinary instruments  timbres, dramatic viola melodies, energetic piano solos and wide range of percussion elements. Christopher Goddard “Third Nature” is a solemn and silent composition. Quiet, very still and subtle viola solos suddenly grow to expressive arpeggios, energetic drum rolls and colorful piano solos. The main mood of the composition is lyrical and dramatic, mixed with some energetic and vivacious episodes. The composer also try out different playing techniques, use wide range of musical expressions and other elements. Ingrid Lee “Nomentum” is based on subtle and silent sound. Extraordinary timbres, traditional and innovative playing techniques synthesis, high variety of expressions and music styles are the main elements of this composition. Academic avant-garde, experimental music and expresionism stylistic elements form the basement of this composition musical pattern. Unusual and free form, polyphonic structure and extraordinary musical decisions make interesting and innovative sound of this composition. Chia-yu Hsu composition “Black and White” has two parts. Different moods are changing each other very fast and dynamic. Solemn, silent and relaxing episodes are suddenly changed by expressive and dramatic pieces which are full of energetic solos, vivacious and unpredictable stylistic waves and extended playing techniques. All compositions of this album have innovative and interesting sound. It also demonstrate the main elements of contemporary academical music – modern music styles are connected with neoromantism, expresionism and other styles and are less or more effected by minimalism elements. This music is interesting, splendidly and expressive played by two experienced and talented music players.