Jonny Axelsson and Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra – “Roots & Branches” (Jonny Axelsson Percussion Recordings, 2017)

“Roots & Branches” was released last year – October 15, 2017. Album compositions were written by composer and percussionist Jonny Axelsson and recorded by “Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra”. Jonny Axelsson is an interesting percussionist and composer. Abstract and concrete music elements, different styles, moods, expressions and other musical language elements are masterfully mixed together. He try out many different playing techniques, tries to extract as many as possible unusual and strange sounds and express various emotions. The music of Jonny Axelsson always has interesting and polyphonic sound – independent melodies, individual solos of each instrument, wide range of colorful, expressive and vivacious melodies are twisted all together. Composer writes music for various ensembles – pieces for solo instruments, ensembles, quartets, trios and interesting combinations of the instruments. Contemporary academical music, avant-garde jazz, various modern jazz styles, free improvisations, expressionism, impressionism and post-impressionism, various 20th century music styles and playing techniques are organically combined together in his compositions. Jonny Axelsson can masterfully use, mix and twist together absolutely different moods and playing techniques – soft, lyric and silent episodes are twisted together with vivacious, active, speedy and expressive melodies and other elements.

This album compositions are formed by synthesis between various music styles. It’s the compositions for chamber orchestra – polyphonic musical pattern, original language, wide range of musical expressions, chords, pitches, playing techniques, form and structure make these compositions highly different from each other. Academic avant-garde, contemporary academical music are synthesized together along with the intonations of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, expressionism, impressionism and other music styles. Composer creates interesting and evocative musical language which is very rich and colorful. Vivacious, expressive and admirable melodies, wild fast solos, repetitive and monotonic melodic and rhythmic elements, sharp harmony make an effort to dramatic and contrasting sound of this album. The compositions have two individual and independent basics – melodic, which is the most leaded and formed by strings section, and rhythmic which is made by wide range of different percussion and drums instruments. Each instrument of these improvisations have its own part, which is based on contrasts. Soft and tiny bells, dramatic and expressive strings, unusual and gorgeous sounds of percussion, dynamic, interesting and variable rhythms – all these elements are gently combined together. Acoustic instruments are the only one type of the instruments, which are used  for these compositions. Along with these, composer masterfully uses electronics. Various maintenance sounds, laptop and computer sounds, strange and unusual timbres, sonic system experiments, concrete music and field recordings and many other electronic music playing techniques are masterfully combined together. All these elements create marvelous, modern and colorful background and make an effort to whole sound. Natural, warm and expressive melodies and rhythms of acoustic instruments are put together against strange, unusual and absolutely different electronic sounds. This masterful synthesis between these two absolutely different and contrasting instruments create original and evocative sound of these compositions. Soft and peaceful episodes, expressive and loud drum rolls, repetitive strings pizzicato, sudden glissando, powerful and intensive tremolos of various instruments, unusual and peculiar percussion timbres, electronic music playing techniques and experiments – all these elements are masterfully, originally and inventively combined together in one place and create evocative and innovative sound of these compositions.


Ivo Perelman | Nate Wooley | Brandon Lopez |Gerald Cleaver – “Octagon” (Leo Records, 2017)

CD LR 810

“Octagon” was released in October, 2017 by “Leo Records”. Album was recorded by four avant-garde jazz masters – Ivo Perelman (tenor saxophone), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Brandon Lopez (bass) and Gerald Cleaver (drums). Interesting and modern improvising, unique playing manner, collaborations and improvisations with various famous avant-garde jazz musicians are the main elements of these improvisers musical career. Because of innovative, impressive, especially expressive playing style these musicians became famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene. Their improvisations are always full of creative and innovative experiments, strange, new and unusual timbres, emotional, free and spontaneous solos and other elements. All these things are masterfully combined together and create bright, intensive and interesting musical language. Collective improvisations of this quartet are based on effective and organic synthesis between absolutely different melodies, playing styles, moods and characters.

Album compositions are formed by synthesis of various experimental and modern jazz styles. Extremely loud and sharp solos, furious and wild fast blow outs bring the basic elements of avant-garde jazz, and dynamic and active rhythms have many intonations and similar sounds with bebop, post-bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. Four musicians improvisations are based on individual melodies, unique sound, bright and modern playing manner and high variety of innovative playing methods. Saxophonist Ivo Perelman improvisations are bright and intensive. Improviser shows his the best and interesting improvising which consists of many different music elements – sharp, aggressive and expressive solos, powerful, vibrant and energetic blow outs, wide range of playing styles, manners and moods Saxophonist playing style is very emotional, passionate and bright. Glissando, very speedy and furious arpeggios, staccato, strong and loud blow outs and fascinating riffs are mixed with innovative ways of playing. Nate Wooley trumpet improvisations also are very bright and expressive. He also try out many different playing techniques, innovative ways and methods of playing, tries to extract wide range of different and unusual sounds. The musical language of his improvisations has bright, intensive, striking and evocative sound. Saxophone and trumpet form strong and effective melodic pattern, brings energetic, active and interesting sound. Very bright, passionate, sharp, aggressive and provocative duos of saxophone and trumpet make an effort for whole sound. Brandon Lopez bass improvisations have vibrant and subtle sound. Silent and soft episodes sudden grow to emotional, impressive, dramatic and vivacious improvisations, which gently fit together with reeds and drums. Arpeggios, masterful glissando, pizzicato, agitato, portato, monotonous, extremely rapid and repetitive melodic or rhythmic elements create touching, emotional and passionate sound. Powerful and loud drum tremolos, active, repetitive, monotonous and striking solos, gorgeous and unusual sounds of percussion – all these and other rhythmic elements are masterfully mixed together by drummer and percussionist Gerald Cleaver. He also form solid, strong and independent rhythmic section which is effectively illustrated by percussion sounds. All improvisers are playing differently – individual musical language, different playing styles, original and inventive musical decisions gently and masterfully get together in one place.

Rajada (Pedro Sousa/ Miguel Mira/ Afonso Simões) – “Rajada” (Multikulti Project, 2018)

“Rajada” is the newest album of this year – it was released on January 12, 2018. Album was recorded by three outstanding avant-garde jazz masters – Pedro Sousa (tenor saxophone), Miguel Mira (cello) and Afonso Simões (drums & percussion). Improvisations of each musician of this trio are very active, expressive, emotional, loud and interesting. Different types of musical expressions, extended playing techniques, contrasting and sudden changes of dynamics and other musical language elements are the main elements of their improvising style. All three musicians are interesting, creative and experienced avant-garde jazz masters – since the beginning of their musical career, they formed and masterfully improved their own and unique playing style. Fascinating and shocking decisions, evocative and bright instrumentation, extravagant and drastic musical experiments, spontaneous and free improvising – all these elements are the basic of their compositions. When three jazz masters are improvising, together they create energetic, vivacious, expressive, powerful and innovative sound.

This album improvisations are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Free and spontaneous solos, powerful and intensive blow outs, vibrant cello solos, expressive and emotional improvisations, dynamic and unpredictable harmony and rhythmic – all these elements are heard very much in these compositions. This music is especially bright, loud, intensive and active, has evocative and innovative musical language. Saxophone solos make a high effort to whole sound. Expressive, attractive, striking and wild fast solos, extremely powerful and loud blow outs, energetic and active improvisations, unusual sounds and timbres – saxophonist Pedro Sousa masterfully and effectively get all these different elements in one place. Masterful virtuosity and especially expressive playing manner are combined with various extended playing techniques. Brave and innovative sound experiments, search of unusual and shocking ways of playing helps the saxophonist to extract new and strange timbres. Wide range of sounds, colors, moods and characters create colorful and vivacious background, very live, energetic and active rhythmic and makes a big effort to whole improvisations sound. Cello improvisations are as much active, furious and spontaneous, as saxophone. Miguel Mira outstandingly combines together many different musical expressions, emotional and dynamic playing manner, rich and dramatic musical language and create interesting, evocative and extraordinary sound. Cellist playing is outstanding and passionate, full of sudden glissando, pizzicato, wild fast and emotional arpeggios, dramatic and loud repetitive solos, other traditional playing techniques which are combined with innovative ways of playing. Cellist extracts very wide range of different musical expressions, playing techniques, manners, styles and characters. All these things are masterfully combined together with precisely playing and virtuosity. Spontaneous and creative solos have vibrant, solid and subtle sound. It also create intensive and attracting background and solid rhythmic basement. The duos between saxophone and cello have effective and vivacious sound – bright, extremely loud and sharp saxophone solos gently fit together with dramatic, dynamic and contrasting cello improvisations. Drums and percussion improvisations also are very important. Alfonso Simoes masterfully combines together powerful drum rolls, intensive and active solos, static and calm rhythms, colorful and gorgeous percussion sounds, effective, striking and evocative drum tremolos and other elements in one composition. Even though musicians are improvising individually and free, their colorful, absolutely different and independent improvisations are organically mixed together in one place.

Blaise Siwula | Lisbon String Trio – “K’ampokol Che K’aay” (Creative Sources, 2017)

“K’ampokol Che K’aay” was released in June, 2017. Interesting experimental jazz album was recorded by clarinetist Blaise Siwula and “Lisbon String Trio” – it’s Miguel Mira (cello), Alvaro Rosso (contrabass) and Ernesto Rodrigues (viola). These four experienced and talented musicians create original sound, like brave and innovative musical experiments. Their music is full of unique ways of playing, fascinating and stunning experiments, innovative musical decisions and always have bright musical language. Because of contrasts and different music styles, the improvisations are very dynamic and expressive, have many sudden and unpredictable stylistic waves. “Lisbon String Trio” music is somewhere between avant-garde jazz, experimental music and academic avant-garde. Basic elements of absolutely different music styles are gently combined and fused together in one place. All three musicians have unique and interesting playing style, use wide range of different expressions, styles, moods, characters and create passionate and expressive sound. Blaise Siwula is a famous avant-garde jazz clarinetist. His playing manner is evocative, innovative and especially expressive – improviser express many different moods, senses, feelings and create emotional, active and dynamic sound.

Album compositions are based on synthesis of academic avant-garde, experimental music and various experimental and modern jazz styles. Free structure and form, especially expressive and fascinating improvisations, spontaneous solos, bright and solid musical language create the basement of these improvisations. These compositions are based on avant-garde jazz which basic elements are marvelously fused together with academic music. The avant-garde jazz sound and main elements mostly are heard in clarinetist Blaise Siwula improvisations. Clarinetist improvisations have variable, dynamic and constantly changing sound – from very active, sharp, aggressive and expressive solos to soft, peaceful and silent improvisations. The wide range of musical expressions, moods and characters are heard in his improvisations. He express different feelings and moods by using many different playing techniques – extended and original ways of playing are effectively and inventively combined with traditional playing techniques. Glissando, colorful and wild fast arpeggios, powerful blow outs, dynamic rhythmic, expressive and memorable melodies and spontaneous improvising – all these elements are masterfully mixed together in Blaise Siwula improvisations. It also gently and organically fit together with string instruments. Cello, contrabass and viola melodies have gorgeous and colorful sound. Vibrant pizzicato, repetitive rhythms and melodic elements, sudden glissando, arpeggio, staccato, portato and other very well-known string playing techniques are combined with innovative ways of playing, musical experiments and spontaneous improvising. Each musician is improvising different from the others – unique playing manner, modern and expressive musical language, original sound and synthesis between opposite music styles gently get together in one place. Strings melodies and free improvisations are always between experimental jazz, free improvisation and academic music. All these absolutely different elements are effectively combined in one place. Clarinet melodies create and keep solid and intense melodic basic and also make more interesting rhythmic basic in some episodes. For the most of the time, viola and cello melodies are very bright, dramatic and passionate. Contrabass create and keep natural, organic, interesting and strong rhythmical and harmonic basement of the compositions. There also are some episodes there all three strings melodies gorgeously illustrate the clarinet improvisations and create colorful and effective background. Each compositions has interesting and modern sound which is created by putting together absolutely different moods, characters, expressions, playing techniques and other musical language elements. All these elements are mixed in one place and create fascinating and marvelous sound.


Anna Webber|Elias Stemeseder|Devin Gray – “Jagged Spheres II” (2017)

“Jagged Spheres II” was released in 2017. Expressive, interesting and innovative avant-garde jazz album was recorded by three experimental jazz masters – Anna Weber (tenor saxophone, flute), Elias Stemeseder (piano, synth) and Devin Gray (drums, percussion). The improvisations by these musicians always have interesting, dynamic and active sound – spontaneous and wild fast solos are full of energy, sudden, rapid and unpredictable turns and waves, special effects and other music language elements. Musicians inventively and creatively combine together the elements of different music styles – avant-garde jazz, experimental music, modern jazz styles, intonations of academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music create effective and interesting sound. Musicians are experienced and talented avant-garde jazz improvisers – they try to extract many different and unusual timbres, inventive and shocking instrumentation decisions and other elements. They had been playing with numerous jazz masters of New York and other world countries – David Liebman, Tony Malaby, Gary Thomas, Ingrid Jensen, Dave Burrell, Dave Ballou, Michael Formanek, Nate Wooley, Stephan Crump and many others.

The compositions of this album have interesting and original sound. Free collective improvisations have rich and innovative musical language which is contained by many music elements and styles. Improvisations are based on essential elements of avant-garde jazz – free structure and form, wild fast, furious and extremely expressive improvisations, original and fascinating musical experiments. All these elements are combined together with synth sounds, special effects, intonations of academic avant-garde jazz and various modern jazz styles. Saxophone and flute improvisations played by Anna Weber, are full of energy and inventive musical decisions. Loud, powerful and intense blow outs, expressive, vivacious and vital solos, extremely active and vibrant bursts of energy, fascinating and innovative playing techniques create effective and original sound of her improvisations. Elias Stemeseder piano and synth sounds bring different intonations to the compositions – very colorful and constantly changing harmony, dynamic rhythmic, special effects, academic avant-garde and experimental music elements. Musician masterfully combines together synth and piano – wild fast, speedy and active piano solos marvelously fit together with synth sounds. He also create wide variety of sounds – unusual and strange sounds, special effects, tape recordings, extraordinary and weird noises are subtly combined together with expressive and active piano solos, vivacious saxophone melodies, soft flute solos and very dynamic rhythmic. Percussionist and drummer Devin Gray is famous for interesting and original improvising – in this album his improvisations also are full of different types of rhythms, colorful and gorgeous sounds of percussion and other elements. His improvisations are unpredictable and dynamic – after wild fast and loud tremolos there come soft and static rhythms, after that it grow to extremely furious, intensive and vibrant solos or other elements. Different kinds of rhythms are used to express various emotions and characters – drummer masterfully fuses all these elements in one place and express different feelings, emotions and characters. The collective improvisations of all three musicians have very interesting and bright musical language, always are full of energy, contrasts and unpredictable turns. Soft and silent flute solos are put against wild fast, powerful and intense collective improvisations, vibrant and extremely loud bursts of energy and other elements. Spontaneous and innovative improvising bring energy and interesting sound of these improvisations.

The Octopod – “Monoliths and Sepulchres” (2018)

“Monoliths and Sepulchres” is another one the newest avant-garde jazz album which was released on January 10, 2018. Album was recorded by “The Octopod” – it’s the first debut full album by this ensemble. “The Octopod” members are Garrett Wingfield (compositions, saxophones), Aaron Dutton (saxophones), Emilio Mesa (saxophones), Luke Wingfield (trumpet), Conner Eisenmenger (trombone), Gregory Santa Croce (piano), Aaron Holthus (bass) and John Sturino (drums). The improvisations of this ensemble have innovative, active, passionate and expressive sound. Various special effects, brave and innovative musical experiments, interesting and fascinating orchestration decisions, spontaneous improvising and other elements are the main basic of these improvisations. Musicians are experienced and outstanding avant-garde jazz improvisers – the aim of their improvising is to create interesting, innovative and outstanding avant-garde jazz improvisations.

The compositions were written by Garrett Wingfield and have interesting structure and musical language. Extremely expressive, active, dynamic and vibrant solos, spontaneous improvisations, sudden stylistic waves, changes of moods and characters – all these elements create bright and solid sound of these improvisations. Improvisations are based on contrasts and independent instrument sections. Five horns section which is 3 saxophones, trumpet and trombone, are full of many different styles and musical expressions combined in one place. Wild fast and turbulent solos, very loud and powerful blow outs, unusual sounds, wide range of different musical expressions and innovative playing techniques, memorable melodies and sharp harmony. All these elements bring intensive and effective sound of brass and woodwinds improvisations. The section’s function in the improvisations changes lots of times – sometimes reeds keep a solid, vibrant and strong rhythmical background, sometimes turns into extremely sharp, aggressive and turbulent collective improvisations. It’s very hard to predict what is going to happen next – inventive, unpredictable and masterful improvising is always somewhere between absolutely different music styles and their elements. Gregory Santa Croc piano melodies are full of extravagant musical decisions and expressive sound. Sharp and dissonance harmony, wide range of different musical expressions and playing techniques, spontaneous and marvelous twisting between extremely loud, speedy and furious solos to soft and static improvisations – all these elements make an effort to whole album sound. Piano melodies masterfully fit together with extremely bright and solid horns section and subtle bass melodies. Bassist Aaron Holthus improvisations have subtle and passionate sound – he extracts many different feelings, senses, moods and characters in his improvisations. By using many different traditional and innovative ways of playing, bassist manages to try out brave musical experiments, extract unusual sounds and create expressive sound of his improvisations. The drums section is leaded by drummer John Sturino – it has different functions in these improvisations. In some part of the compositions, drummer keep solid, bright and dynamic rhythmical basic of the improvisations. But in the collective improvisations drums are absolutely different from other instruments improvisations – it very frequently bursts into very loud, extremely speedy and furious solos, vibrant tremolos illustrated with unusual percussion sounds and timbres. All kinds of different rhythmic episodes, independent melodies, different styles and playing manners, masterful and outstanding improvising by all musicians bring vivacious, original and vital sound to these compositions.

Andrew Raffo Dewar / Anne LeBaron / Andrea Centazzo – “Encantamientos” (pfMENTUM, 2017)

“Encantamientos” was released by “pfMENTUM” records in 2017. This album was recorded by Anne LeBaron (acoustic and electric harps), Andrea Centazzo (percussion, electronics) and Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone). The music played by these musicians. is based on experimental jazz and academic avant-garde synthesis. Free structure and form of the compositions, expressive and spontaneous solos, inventive and shocking instrumentation decisions, brave, modern and creative musical experiments – all these elements contain the essential basic of these musicians improvisations. Musicians are experienced and talented improvisers – their music always has interesting and modern sound. Unusual stylistic waves and turns, colorful and solid rhythmic, melodic and harmonic backgrounds are highly different from each other. Andrew Raffo Dewar isn’t just an improviser – he’s also is ethnomusicologist, composer and woodwind instrumentalist. He had collaborated many times with various musicians and composers – Steve Lacy, Bill Dixon, Anthony Braxton and many others. Anne LeBaron compositions are based on many different music styles – electronic music, academic avant-garde, experimental music, free improvisations, avant-garde jazz and various other music styles and genres, playing and composing techniques are combined in one place. Andrea Centazzo since the beginning of his musical career, played with many famous avant-garde jazz musicians – Don Cherry, John Zorn, Evan Parker, Fred Frith and many others.

This album compositions are based on various music styles. Free collective improvisations by three outstanding and creative musicians are full of unpredictable stylistic waves, different moods and characters, wide range of composing and playing techniques and many other elements of musical language. In the most part of the compositions, this music is based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academic music. Various elements of experimental music, academic avant-garde and various modern music composing techniques also are heard very much in these compositions. These compositions have bright, adventurous and fascinating musical language which is contained of many different elements. Soprano saxophone melodies are very interesting and expressive. Energetic and vivacious solos, wild fast arpeggios, vibrant and solid trills, pasages and other virtuosic elements, loud and powerful blow outs, active, rapid and memorable melodic elements are the basics of saxophonist improvisations. Saxophonist also try out many different playing techniques – traditional playing techniques and expressions like rubato, agitato, staccato and others, are masterfully combined together with innovative and shocking ways of playing. Anne LeBaron harps improvisations highly differ from saxophone. Her improvisations are active, dynamic, based on various academical music composing techniques which are the opposites to each other. The compositions have very interesting and gorgeous harmony – tonal and atonal music elements are combined in one place. Loud, rapid, active and intense solos are mixed together with soft, subtle, silent and abstract episodes. Harpist masterfully combined together abstract and short melodic elements with memorable, active and repetitive melodies. The elements of minimalism, experimental music, electronic music, free improvisation are gently fused together with avant-garde jazz. Andrea Centazzo percussion and electronics also marvelously fit together. Unusual, gorgeous and strange percussion sounds are masterfully and effectively mixed together with various electronic music elements – special effects, tape recordings, sonic system experiments and other elements. Individual, independent and interesting improvisations which highly differ from each other, masterfully, naturally and organically combine together in one place. Expressive, dynamic and adventurous improvising, original and rich musical language bring outstanding and effective sound of these improvisations.