The Runcible Quintet – “Four” (FMR, 2018)

Runcible Quintet, The: Four (FMR)

“Four” is the newest release of United Kingdom label “FMR Records”. Album was recorded by “The Runcible Quintet” – it’s formed by great musicians of “London Improvisers Orchestra”. Here together play John Edwards (double bass), Daniel Thompson (acoustic guitar), Marcello Magliocchi (drums), Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Adrian Northover (soprano saxophone). Five great musicians are mprovising just marvelous – they combine together independent playing style, unique sound, engaging improvising and the basics of avant-garde jazz. They manage to fuse together the roots of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies and innovations of contemporary experimental jazz. That comes very naturally and organically for them – musicians find the most suitable and expressive way to connect contrasting concepts in one musical pattern. Drive, passion, modern and engaging expression, charming melodies and thrilling solos – these are the main elements of improvisations. Musicians bravely take on noisy, roaring and vibrant adventures, extract special effects, unusual timbres and innovative ways of playing. All that makes an effort to bright, enchating and colorful sound.

“Four” has remarkable and innovative sound. It’s based on freeimprovisation, which is the main element of all compositions. The music is based on main elements of avant-garde jazz. Sound experiments, innovative instrumentation, expansion of technical abilities, fresh, crazy and wild musical decisions, spontaneous changes and turns really make a huge effort to whole musical pattern. The music is filled with charming, passionate and engaging mood. The pattern is multi-layed, has wide spectre of colorsm, tunes and moods. It’s gently illustrated with colorful, gorgeous and ornamented facture, polyphony, polyrhythmy and many other similar elements. Whole musical pattern, form and structure is created together by all five musicians. Each of them brings something new and fresh – evocative ideas, noisy solos, roaring and tremendous culminations or simply weird and strange extract. All that makes an effort to innovative, expressive and interesting sound of album. The basic sof avant-garde jazz are related with other music genres and styles. Crazy, wild, furious and sharp solos with complicated rhythms and nervous, drmatic and disonance harmony bring the intonations of bebop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. There are many intonations of experimental music and academic avant-garde. Innovative ways of playing, experimental musical language, production of unusual sounds and timbres – these and many other things are related to contemporary academical and experimental music. The music is organic, dynamic and polystylistic – it’s a gorgeous, charming and modern example, beautifully constructed from many different and absolutely uncompairable principes, contrasts and styles. Each musician of the quintet has the right to improvise spontaneously and free – their music isn’t based on strict frames or forms. It always has free structure and open form – these two compounds lead to organic, charming, driving and touching improvising. Music is changing all the time. It never rests the same – dozens of colors, timbres and rhythms are connected together. Musicians are experimenting in various sections – they search for unusual timbres, colorful and weird expressions, make astonishing and spontaneous combos, exotic stylistic or instrumental pairs, abstract pieces or silent excerpts. Most part of iprovisations isn’t arranged or composed earlier – it’s created right in the spot, on the moment of playing. Charming, expressive and dizzy saxophone’s solos gently go along with vibrant blow outs, organic, modern and passionate guitar, subtle bass, energetic and tremendous drums, gentle, light, peaceful and simply gorgeous flute. All instruments lead the individual melodies, who finally are connected to one great, passionate, rich and expressive melodic section. Dozens of strange timbres, weird sounds, shrieky noises, turbulent culminations, charming, innovative and driving instrumentation, enchanting and impressive passages, subtle tunes or monotonic, deep and stable bass line – all these elements also are in important part of musical pattern. Ornaments, passages, abbreviations, glissando, arpeggio or strict staccato are gently combined together with numerous of colorful, experimental and bright instrumentation decisions. Musicians are improvising passionately, with drive, energy, wild thrills, vibrant and turbulent spills of energy – their music has touching, moving and innovative sound.


Joe McPhee / Hamid Drake – “Keep Going” (Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2018)

McPhee, Joe / Hamid Drake: Keep Going (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

“Keep Going”was released by “Corbett vs. Dempsey” this month. Album was recorded by Joe McPhee (alto saxophone, pocket trumpet) and Hamid Drake (drums). Two great musicians are marvelous, famous and innovative jazz masters. They surely are the main figures of American and international jazz scene. They are frequently concerting in various worldcountries, collaborating with other great jazz improvisers and create new, fresh, ambitious and bright ideas. Both improvisers have original and individual improvising style – it was created and masterfully improved  during the years of creative activity. Musicians are improvising with passion, drive, pleasure and expression. Their improvisations are especially emotional, bright, ambitious and wild. Unique sound, specific and effective playing manner, splendid playing technique, the best quality of sound and inventive, creative and brilliant improvising contain the main part in their music. Musicians are open to wild, crazy and adventurous musical decisions. They have their own and original point of view – that helps them to create enchanting, bright and innovative sound.

“Keep Going” has effective, loud and tremendous sound. This is a great opportunity to hear out innovative and marvelous improvisations by two impressive and famous jazz masters. Both of them are improvising innovative and expressive – their improvisations have rich and expressive musical language, sharp and unconventional harmony, experimental and innovative instrumentation, bright and luminous melodic line and pulsating rhythmic. All these elements contain bright, multi-layed and colorful musical pattern. Two jazz masters take on risky turns, spontaneous and sudden changes of moods, expressions and other elements. They also like to surprise the listener – exotic instrumental combos, unconventional musical decisions, wild and crazy special effects, unusual timbres and huge variety of expressions, feelings, characters and moods make an effort to whole sound. Musicians give the highest priority to search of unusual timbres, special effects and creation of new, innovative, adventurous and interesting sound. Bordering dynamics, numerous of rhythms and chords, gorgeous timbres, expansion of technical abilities of instruments, giant variety of styles, scales and other elements – these and other elements are joined together by contrast. Musicians are playing with sound, playing technique, timbres, expressions and scales. These elements duo manages to fuse together in one place in organic, natural and innovative way. Both musicians are improvising just marvelous – each of them is showing up the best, most effective and impressive elements of playing style. Joe McPhee’s improvisations are hot, wild, dizzy and passionate. Musician, as usual, is improvising with pleasure, passion and expression. Many different elements are joint in one place here – warm, expressive and hot melodies, passionate, dizzy and glamorous passages, enchanting and impressive solos, vibrant blow outs, powerful, tremendous and frantic culminations, free and spontaneous improvisations or subtle, silent and relaxing improvisations, searches of weird and extraordinary timbres, experimental instrumentation and dozens of other elements bring effective, wild, thrilling and simply marvelous sound of saxophone and trumpet. Vivid, bright, luminous and terrific solos bring life, energy and drive to the compositions, give the main tune and mood of all compositions. Musician masterfully forms and keeps solid, gorgeous, expressive and independent melodic line – it rests through whole album and certainly is the most important element of improvisations. Hamid Drake’s drums section is filled with roaring rolls, vivid and enchanting passages, passionate solos, ambitious and bright arpeggios, colorful glissando, gorgeous timbres of percussion or subtle, slow and static episodes. Tha huge range of rhythms and sounds makes an effort to bright, firm, solid and enchanting rhythmic section. The compositions mostly are somewhere between avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz. Turbulent, terrific and passionate improvisations are played just marvelous, with passion, enormous expression and energy. Both musicians show their best and impressive compounds of their improvising style – that makes an effort to bright, colorful, driving and touching sound.

Peter Evans – “The Veil” (More Is More, 2018)

“The Veil” is another new release of “More Is More” records. Album was recorded by Peter Evans (piccolo trumpet and trumpet). Interesting, innovative and creative improviser certainly is known at wide international scene of avant-garde jazz. He had been collaborating with other famous jazz masters, concerting in various world countries and cities. Peter Evans has bright, new and original playing manner and brave point of view. His musical conception is based on fresh, adventurous and evocative ideas, new and modern point of view. Improviser is playing spontaneously and bright – his music is unpredictable, bright, intense and dynamic. The base of it all the time rests the same – avant-garde and experimental jazz and its basics makes the basics of most part of the compositions. Peter Evans joins these elements together with charming, dizzy and sharp solos, dissonance chords, complicated rhythmic and dybamic, expressive and evocative melodic line. All these elements relate the music with bebop, post bop, neo bop and other modern jazz styles. Peter Evans is music is bright, independent, passionate and intensive – he’s improvising with pleasure, drive and expression.

“The Veil” has remarkable and bright sound. The compositions are written for trumpet or piccolo trumpet solos. It’s a great opportunity to hear out wide range of unusual, colorful and weird timbres, crazy musical decisions and wild frantic improvisations. Peter Evans really shows his best on inventive improvising – he bravely takes on bright, evocative and inventive musical decisions, takes on adventurous and spontaneous experiments, sudden changes and dynamic turns. His music is all the time in change – it has dozens of different colors, tunes, moods and characters, who are gently joined together. Open form, free structure, abstract musical pattern, polyphonic and multi-layed facture, dynamic rhythmic and pulsating beat – all these elements are the main base of the compositions. Open form is synthesized from various free forms of avant-garde jazz and some compounds of classical constructions. By using dozens of expressions, moods and playing techniques, Peter Evans manages to create bright, indepedent, multi-colored and polyphonic pattern. It’s especially hears at instrumentation’s section. Engaging, innovative and expressive – that’s how its possible to call whole section of instrumentation. Musician is extracting new ways of playing, taking on risky, engaging and evocative musical experiments, special effects, weird sounds, strange timbres or wild, frantic and furious episodes. That makes an effort to formtation of passionate, driving, emotional, expressive and vivid instrumentation – musician is improvising with pleasure, hot thrills, brave and vigilante bursts of energy and passion. The music is bright and dynamic, colorful, effective and evocative – the contrasting and independent compounds contain the main base of musical pattern. The main aim of improvising isn’t just to play the music professionaly, traditionally and masterfully – Peter Evans creates impressive and marvelous sounds by emotional, cordial, warm and remarkable improvising, unique sound and suggestive playing manner. Intense and engaging solos, intense, vibrant and energetic mood, remarkable and passionate melodies, independent and short rhythmic series, separate melodic elements – all these elements make the main base of music. It never gets boring to listen to this music – even though the improvisations are played by one musician, it has especially huge variety of timbres, colors and special effects. Vivid solos, moving and touching melodies, passionate and dizzy passages, colorful and wild fast glissando, dramatic, turbulent and free culminations are contrasting with subtle, relaxing and peaceful episodes. Peter Evans extracts unusual timbres, produces innovative ways of playing, constructs rich, expressive and colorful musical pattern with enourmously huge variety of sound and timbres. That makes an effort to cordial, warm, suggestive, energetic, vibrant and innovative sound.


“MARS WILLIAMS PRESENTS: AN AYLER XMAS VOL 2” is the newest release of “Soul What Records” and “ESP Disk”. Album was recorded by Mars Williams (saxes, toy instruments), Josh Berman (cornet), Fred Lonberg-holm (cello), Jim Baker (piano, arph synth, viola), Kent Kessler (bass), Brian Sandstrom (bass, guitar, trumpet), Steve Hunt (drums, percussion), Jeb Bishop (trombone at track 1), Thomas Berghammer (trumpet), Hermann Stangassinger (bass), Didi Kern (drums, percussion) and Christof Kurzmann (lloopp, vocals). An album is the second part of improvisations on the most famous themes of Christmas songs – the first part of this album was released on 2017 by Mars Williams. Group of famous, independent, original and creative jazz masters are improvising just marvelous. Drive, passion, free improvisation, fantastic imagination and creativity helps musicians to create brilliant, remarkable and marvelous sound. All jazz masters are famous in international jazz scene – they are the central figures of contemporary experimental, free and avant-garde jazz. Together they improvise with pleasure, passion and drive – that makes an effort to innovative, glamorous, interesting and original sound.

“MARS WILLIAMS PRESENTS: AN AYLER XMAS VOL 2” is a great mix of original Albert Ayler compositions, famous themes of Christmas songs and free, passionate and bright improvisations of Mars Williams and other improvisers, who are playing together. Mars Williams genuinely mix together all these elements and styles. This album has many functions – it brings funny and festive mood and gives an opportunity to hear absolutely different, original and innovative versions of very well-known Christmas songs. The main stylistic base is formed by basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz and free improvisation. Improvisers don’t forget and the roots of avant-garde jazz- they use the basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and the most famous themes of experimental jazz pioneer Albert Ayler. Traditions, newest innovations of avant-garde jazz, fascinating musical experiments, bright, fantastic and glamorous improvisations gently get in one place. Album compositions are based on free improvisation. It also has free structure, open form, polyphonic, multi-layed and colorful pattern, solid and heavy beat, pulsating and dynamic rhythmic and remarkable melodic section. Musicians also reveal wide abilities of their instruments – they are experimenting in timbral and instrumental sections, making exotic combos, add extravagant and innovative ways of playing or strange special effects. That makes an effort to marvelous, impressive and bright instrumentation, warm and passionate sound and original playing manner, who is related to each musician. The aim of free improvisation is to connect many different pieces in one place and create extraordinary, live, dynamic, attractive and innovative sound. Musicians manage to do it genuinely – their improvisations are bright, intense and turbulent bursts of energy. The melodies are ornamented with gorgeous excerpts or citations of such famous Christmas songs like “Carol of the Drum”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, “O Tannenbaum” and etc. The citations of Christmas carols create festive and holiday mood in the compositions – it makes hilarious, funny, humorous and exotic combinations with various jazz styles. Soft, cozy and warm sound is accompagnied by slow tempo, stable and firm rhythmic, hard beat and subtle mood. These excerpts are filled with romantic, dreamy and relaxing mood. Silent pauses, sudden abbruptions and gorgeous ornaments lead the music to the powerful, bright and luminous free improvisations. It’s certainly are the most effective, attractive and beautiful places of whole album. This is the place where each musician is demonstrating the best sides of his playing and improvising style – all of them are improvising, cereatively, adding innovative, wild and crazy musical decisions. They make hilarious combos, comic, exotic or simply gorgeous stylistic combos, adventurous turns, spontaneous changes and fascinating musical experiments. Very well-known Christmas carols are mixed with Afroamerican music rhythms, soft intonations of rock styles, national American music, free, experimental, modern, contemporary and traditional jazz styles, blues, the most famous excerpts of Albert Ayler music and dozens of other elements and styles. There’s some space for each episode, style or mood – roaring and turbulent culmiantions, passionate solos, dizzy, glimpsy and sparkling melodies, romantic and soft excerpts, dance rhythms, heavy and hard core, vibrant blow outs, marvelous bursts of energy, impressive passages,special effects, vocal elements… These elements are just a small part of this original, impressive and touching album. It has innovative, bright, intense and passionate sound.

David Byrd-Marrow/Peter Evans – “Eye of the Mind” (More Is More, 2018)

“Eye of the Mind” is the newest release of “More Is More”. Album was recorded by duo – David Byrd-Marrow (french horn) and Peter Evans (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn). Both jazz masters are great and inventive improvisers. They always have new, fresh, evocative and innovative ideas, interesting point of view and original conception of avant-garde jazz. Their musical experiments are fascinating – it constructed from concepts and contrasts, who are gently combined together. Attractive, remarkable and expressive sound is made with love, passion, energy and drive. Thrilling solos, wild improvisations, passionate and remarkable melodies, turbulent and dramatic culminations, dozens of gorgeous and strange timbres – these compounds contain main part of their music. The compositions are always somewhere between avant-garde jazz, experimental music and various intonations of modern jazz elements. Musicians pay the highest attention to construction of new forms, exotic instrumental combos, strange and original sounds, extraction of new and innovative playing techniques and other elements of musical language.

“Eye of the Mind” is filled with passionate, live, intense and vibrant improvisations. Musicians are making the effort to create exceptional, remarkable and bright sound. Both improvisers manage to do it splendidly – they construct rich, difficult and multi-colorful musical pattern with gorgeous background and pulsating, dynamic and energetic rhythmic. Musicians don’t get out of their basics – they demonstrate the best sides of their improvising style and make bright and tremendous stylistic combos. The sound experiments still is the most important element. That makes an effort to all the sections of musical pattern – musicians are able to fuse together uncompairable compounds, contrasting pieces, reveal their own and unique sound, take on risky and adventurous musical experiments. That’s how they make rich, eclectic, powerful and intense musical pattern. Active mood is mostly everywhere – improvisers gently fuse it together with relaxing, peaceful and silent, light and gentle or moving, sparkling and touching solos. The music is all the time in change – from bright, luminous and loud solos it gets silent, cozy, warm and soft, joyful and passionate, dramatic, aggressive, provocative or turbulent and roaring culminations. Musicians are using wide range of expressions and universal kit of playing techniques, special effects and unusual sounds. They also don’t hesitate to add funny and hilarious excerpts – eclectic, uncompairable and exotic compounds are gently fused together. In stylistic way, musicians don’t get too far from their usual style and sound. Furious, thrilling and wild free improvisations, effective and moody solos, spontaneous musical decisions and fascinating musical experiments contain the main base of avant-garde jazz styles. Pulsating rhythmic, dynamic and rapid rhythmic series, bordering dynamics, lots of emotions and moods, sharp harmony,, moving solos and dizzy passages relate the music with bebop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. The music is written for interesting and unusual instrumental combo – french horn, trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn. All these instruments belong to brass section and have wide range of technical abilities and musical experiments. These types of instrumental combos are rarely used – it’s more like experimental and innovative way of improvising. Remarkable, solid and soft sound of french horn is contrasting with bright, luminous and passionate trumpet, gentle and light piccolo trumpet or solid, deep and calm flugelhorn. The melodic section certainly is leaded by trumpet and piccolo trumpet. Dizzy, trembling, vibrant and wild fast solos, virtuosic and sparkling passages, roaring blow outs form effective, attractive and passionate melodic line. French horn and flugelhorn more or less form solid, independent and firm rhythmic section, but also bring many additional colors to melodic section. Both musicians create impressive piece of improvisations – their music is filled with fantastic passages, dizzy and glimpsy solos, hot passion, drive and powerful bursts of energy. That makes an effort to expressive and innovative sound.

Malin Bang/Curious Chamber Players/UmeDuo/Karin Helqvist – “Structures of Light and Spruce” (Neos, 2018)

Structures of Light & Spruce

“Structures of Light and Spruce” is the newest release of “NEOS” records. Album was recorded by “Curious Chamber Players”, UmeDuo (electronics) and Karin Hellqvist (violin). Album compositions were composed by Norwegian composer Malin Bang. All musicians are interesting and innovative contemporary academical music players. Their interpretations mostly are based on innovative and fresh instrumentation ideas, evocative and drastic combos, exotic and eclectic stylistic combinations and modern musical language. Malin Bang has exciting and innovative composing style. His music is somewhere between modernism, post-modernism, Scandinavian minimalism and post-minimalism, electronic, concrete, spectral and experimental music elements. He also uses other methods of composing – puantilism, serialism, dodecaphony and etc. All these elements are combined together with the newest tendencies and innovations of academic avant-garde and other similar styles of modern classical music. Composer genuinely fuses together contemp-orary academical music, ethnic Scandinavian and Norwegian music elements, free improvisation and academic avant-garde. This organic and interesting synthesis is masterfully made by all musicians of ensemble.

“Structures of Light and Spruce” is filled with fresh, brave, innovative and modern sound. The msuicians are doing their best in all sections of musical language – they extract new timbres, create innovative and experimental ways of playing, make eclectic, exotic or simply weird stylistic combos. They also use dozens of colorful, innovative and brilliant expressions, ornaments, passages and other virtuosic and ornamental musical elements. All these elements make an efffort to bright and creative sound. The music is based on main elements of Malin Bang composing style. Composer creatively, dynamically and with passion joins together contemporary academical music, conventional rules and traditions of it, standart forms and innovative, free and bright musical experiments. Innovations, unconventional, creative, schocking and expressive musical decisions accompagnie the listener all through the album. Composer gives an opportunity to each musician to make spontaneous musical decisions, sudden changes, bright and eclectic combinartions, free improvisations or astonishing musical experiments. Polyphonic and multi-layed musical pattern is based on dozens of different pieces. Each lay has its own structure, form, melodic line and independent rhythmic section. Sometimes it’s – loud, extravagant, shrieky and passionate, sometimes – light, relaxing and soft. Aggressive, provocative and scandalous episodes are fused together with ascetic and subtle excerpts. The changes of moods create the wide variety of concepts and constrasts. Expressive musical language, dozens of different types, styles, factures, forms and expressions are mixed here in one place. Composer manages to create innovative and impressive instrumentation – it’s filled with charming, bright, experimental and passionate playing techniques and astonishing musical decisions. Malin Bang gently plays with wide range of playing techniques and expressions – he marvelously fuses together ascetic, simple and repetitive structure of minimalism, difficult, moving and polyphonic pieces, dizzy, charming, wild and thrilling solos or abstract, subtle, simple and silent pieces. The elements of ethnic Scandinavian countries music are fused together with other elements and gorgeously illustrate whole melodic line. The music is somewhere between stormy, aggressive and powerful culminations, passionate, light and dizzy solos, tremendous and rigorous solos, exciting, remarkable and expressive melodies or subtle, repetitive and abstract pieces. The elements of minimslim and especially Norwegian national music intonations are joint together with puantilism, serialism, dodecaphony, tonal and atonal music, different kinds of dissoance and conssonance harmony and the newest innovations of contemporary classical music and academic avant-garde. Acoustic instruments have warm, charming, dynamic and energetic sound. Composer masterfully twosts together natural, warm and expressive timbres of acoustics with synthetic and electric sounds of computer devices and electronics. Sonic system’s experiments, alterated tunes, modified timbres, synthesized sounds, imitations of various nature sounds, spoken elements, field recordings, sounds of computer devices and electronics, soft intonations of drone and glitch – all these elements are subtly and organically used along with rich, expressive and colorful instrumentation of acoustics. The music of this album is bright, evocative, expressive and dynamic – it has impressive and innovative sound.

Michael Formanek Elusion Quartet – “Time Like This” (Intakt, 2018)

“Time Like This” is new release of “Intakt Records”. Album was recorded by “Michael Formanek Elusion Quartet”. It’s a quartet, formed from innovative and great jazz masters – Tony Malaby (saxophone), Kris Davis (piano), Michael Formanek (bass, compositions) and Ches Smith (drums). The quartet has interesting and unique sound, which is collectively created by all members. Each musician is the master of improvising – all of them have their own sound, unique playing manner, suggestive and modern playing style and precise playing technique. Most part of the compositions is written by Michael Formanek. The compositions by this improviser have exceptional sound and modern musical language. Dozens of layers, colors, moods, expressions and independent melodies are mixed together. Difficult and complicated musical language contains bright, colorful, modern and innovative combos of styles and instruments. Each musician can experiment without any restrictions in all fields of musical language – that makes an effort to free, expressive, polyphonic, multi-colorful and innovative sound. The music is always somewhere between avant-garde and modern jazz styles – it’s based on spontaneous and inventive musical decisions.

“Time Like This” has dynamic sound, firm and pulsating rhythmic section, rich musical language and bright melodic section. The compositions are based on free improvisation, open form and mixed compounds of avant-garde and experimental jazz, bebop, post bop, other contemporary and modern jazz styles. Musicians are improvising creatively and free – they are using wide range of instruments, expressing different moods and combining together contrasting musical language elements. The sound of compositions is dynamic – it’s changing all the time. Musicians are expanding the abilities of their instruments and exploring new abilities, fresh ideas and new forms. That makes an effort to interesting, new, adventurous and bright sound. The main compound of all compositions is free improvisation. It joins together all four members of the quartet, mix contrasting and absolutely different elements of their music. Though most part of compositions are already arranged, each musician can easily change musical material, edit it and add something new in his own and original way. That makes an effort to free, open and astonishing space for musical experiments, brave and ambitious ideas, evocative and weird timbres and innovative musical decisions. The music is full of bright, expressive and turbulent culminations, who get across the soft, relaxing, peaceful and silent excerpts. The main elements of avant-garde jazz are mixed with expressive and moving solos, complicated rhythmic, sharp chords and difficult rhythmic forms, who relates straightly to bebop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. Static, groovy and subtle mood, solid and stable rhythmic section, slow or mid-slow tempo, relaxing mood, soft sound recovers the other side of album. It makes a strong relation with cool, progressive, modal and various styles of contemporary, traditional or other early jazz styles. The mix of all kinds of jazz styles and tributes is made here. It makes an effort to colorful, bright and dynamic sound. Music never stays the same for too long time – it’s changing all the time. Musicians are changing playing manner, style, mood, rhythms and other elements of musical language. Multi-colorful, polyphonic and bright pattern with ornamented and illustrative background is created. Piano melodies are dynamic and gorgeous. From subtle, soft and relaxing solos it can suddenly get straight to moving solos, harsh, turbulent and vivid culminations or shrieky and repetitive tunes. Remarkable melodies, colorful and wild fast passages, moving, scandalous and rigorous solos, gorgeous timbres and sounds contain the main part of piano improvisations. Real burst of energy, wild thrills and expression is saxophone. Its imrpovisations are moving, bright and rapid for the most of the time, but there’s also many episodes, there saxophone is gentle, light and tender, slow and relaxing, vivid, moving and touching, aggressive and strict or simply beautiful and subtle. Vibrant and bright blow outs, thrilling bursts of energy, dizzy passages and dozens of innovative ways of playing make an effort to whole sound. It also gives the main tune and mood – brings life, drive and passion for the most of the time. Bass improvisations keep firm bass line, tight and solid harmonic pattern and colorfully illustrate the melodic section. It’s pulsating, dynamic and constantly changing. From subtle and silent solos it gets extremely rapid, moving and dizzy, passionate and bright, soft, vivid and gentle or dramatic and turbulent. All kinds of moods, expressions and playing techniques are used here. Drums section is vibrant, intense and pulsating. It gets across with stable and slow rhythms from time to time. Roaring drum rolls, touching passages, vibrant and loud fanfars, wild fast and effective arpeggios, repetitive series and numerous of other elements help musician to make universal, dynamic and solid rhythmic section, who makes a strong effort to all sections and sound of compositions. The music is gorgeous and bright – it has expressive, dynamic and colorful sound.