Benjamin Vergara/Keefe Jackson/Jim Baker/Phil Sudderberg – “The Hallowed Plant” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

“The Hallowed Plant” is one of the newest releases of “Relative Pitch Records”, which will be released on 21, September. Album was recorded by four great jazz masters – Benjamin Vergara (trumpet), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet), Jim Baker (piano, synthesizer) and Phil Sudderberg (drums). The musicians are dedicated to create outsuanding, extraordinary and bright sound and get out of the traditional comfort zone of sound. Their improvisations are filled with roaring and extremely rapid solos, passionate and expressive melodies, original and specific ways of playing, bright, impressive and splendid musical decisions and innovative instrumentation. Each has original playing style, interesting, moody, dynamic and expressive playing manner and brilliant technique. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz basics – the newest tendencies of experimental jazz are connected together with the main elements and principes of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Musicians are improvising together and create extraordinary, energetic, bright and evocative sound. Sometimes their improvisations are similar to subtle, relaxing and peaceful pieces of experimental music, sometimes it’s a rea; bursts of energy, full of impressive explosions and roaring blow outs.

“The Hallowed Plant” is filled with bright, expressive and original sound. Four musicians – four absolutely different and individual improvising styles filled with moody and sudden changes of senses, emotions and styles, eclectic instrumental combinations and evocative musical language. Musicians are creating interesting and many-layed musical pattern and polyphonic facture. Their melodies are based on individual musical decisions and highly contrasting with each other. Effective and remarkable melodies, interesting musical decisions, bright and original harmony, sharp and aggressive dissonances, dynamic rhythmic and gorgeous musical pattern – that’s the main base of elements, which contain the musical pattern. Musicians not hesitate to make brave and provocative musical decisions or take on adventurous and vigurous turns, moody and dynamic stylisitcv changes or extended playing techniques. The music is created spontaneously, brightly and with expression. Musicians are improvising cordially, dynamically, passionately and spontaneously – all kinds of different expressions, experimental and innovative ways of playing, dynamic and variable rhythms and fusion of contrasting styles are used here. All these elements are naturally and organically connected in one place. Reeds and brasses melodies bring bright, remarkable and marvelous sound and solid melodic section. Keefe Jackson saxophones and bass clarinet improvisations are gently contrasting with each other. The music is based on bright and original musical decisions, astonishing sound experiments and the search of unusual, strange and evocative timbres. Improviser has unique sound and specific playing manner – luminous, sparkling, bright and vibrant solos are illustrated with gorgeous timbres, spontaneous musical decisions, sudden and drastic changes of styles and moods, virtuosic, extremely rapid and expressive passages and other musical language elements. Bass clarinet creates a solid, independent and firm bass line – deep, slow, monotonic and static tunes form stable harmonic background and are highly contrasting with expressive, moving, touching and amazing solos of saxophones. Trumpet melodies by Benjamin Vergara are especially bright, loud and luminous. Passionate and expressive melodies, vivid, vibrant and intense blow outs, roaring, dizzy and moving solos, spontaneous turbulent improvisations, which are mixed together with abstract, calm and silent excerpts – marvelous synthesis of all musical language elements makes an effort to effective, remarkable and impressive sound. Pianist Jim Baker bring vivacious and interesting piano melodies, colorfully blended together with synthesizer sounds. Like other musician’s solos, piano improvisations are free and vibrant, based on inventive musical decisions, synthesis between bebop, post bop, other modern jazz styles and basics of avant-garde jazz. Pianist is the master of adventurous, impressive and innovative improvising. Sharp, harsh and colorful chords, abstract musical pattern, open form, dynamic, complicated and difficult rhythmic, turbulent solos, terrific and furiously fast passages, aggressive and harsh excerpts and many other elements of musical language are frequently heard here. All of it is mixed in the most organic and natural way. Melodies are illustrated by colorful, subtle and interesting sounds, timbres and noises by synthesizer. Drums section is rich, moving, abstract and bright. Phil Sudderberg music is totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz elements. Turbulent, tremendous and intense free improvisations are filled with moving solos, touching, effective and affectional melodies, expressive and vivacious tremolo, roaring drum rolls and huge variety of different timbres and unusual sounds. Music of this album has fascinating, bright and marvelous sound – it’s a brilliant result  created by innovative, interesting and original jazz masters.


Eric Moe – “Uncanny Affable Machines” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

“Uncanny Affable Machines” is a new release of “New Focus Recordings”. Album compositions were recorded by Jessica Meyer (viola), Lindsey Goodman (flute), Paul Vaillancourt (percussion), Eric Moe (piano) and Yihan Chen (pipa). All performers have precise and splendid playing techniques, inspiring and engaging playing manner and unique sound. They are analysing whole musical pattern, theme, matter and are dedicated to create extraordinary, modern and interesting sound of contemporary music compositions. Their interpretations are filled with bright, vivacious and vivid solos, surprising and evocative stylistic waves, inventive instrumentation and original musical decisions. Each of them masterfully blends together bright, exclusive and interesting sound, extraordinary and creative interpretation, brilliant playing technique and inventive musical decisions. Composer Eric Moe composes innovative, bright and evocative contemporary academical music. Bright and rigorous moods, sudden stylistic changes, rich and modern musical language, experiments in all sections of musical language, synthesis of all kinds of rhythms, sounds, expressions and moods – all these elements contain the main basic of his composing style. Expressionism, post-expressionism, impressionism and other styles of modernism and 20th century music are twisted together in his music. Composer integrates together the elements of contemporary academical music, minimalism, serialism, puantilism, electronics, academic avant-garde, experimental music and some intonations of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Mechanic and acoustic instrument are used together with electronics. It makes a pleasant and modern equation. Eric Moe also is a pianist. He frequently plays his own compositions for piano. Marvelous playing style, gorgeous and remarkable playing, rich and intense musical language makes an effort to his compositions. Different composing techniques are masterfully connected together in original, inventive and bright way. That makes an effort to engaging, vivacious, innovative and expressive sound.

“Uncanny Affable Machines” has engaging and exclusive sound. The main elements of composer’s playing and composing style are showed here. Dramatic expressionism, dreamy and soft impressionism, contrasts between atonal and tonal music, the main elements of Asian countries music harmony and rhythmic, intonations of ethnical music of China, exravagant, schocking and bright musical decisions and hueg range of extended playing techniques make a remarkable, bright and interesting sound. All kinds of different ways of composing are gently blended together – puantilism, minimalism, serialism, dodecaphony, atonal and tonal music, microtones, some elements of spectral and concrete music meets together. Even though these composing techniques highly differ from each other, each element or intonation has is own and suitable place in common musical pattern. Composer demonstrates and reveals his new abilities of modern, suggestive and interesting composition. He has an engaging, bright, evocative and unique composing style, which is constructed by wide range of different ways of composing. The instrumentation is another one field of experiments, new and extraordinary msuical decisions, strange and eclectic combinations in Eric Moe music. All compositions of this album has splendid, inspiring and marvelous instrumentation. It’s based on wide range of playing techniques, which are gently twisted together or used silmunateously. Very well-known and traditional playing techniques meet with organic, specific and extraordinary musical decisions, exlectic instrumental combinations, contrasting and extended methods of playing and sound experiments. Eric Moe masterfully integrates especially huge variety of extraordinary, bright and splendid instrumentation decisions, which naturally and organically fuses together. Composer expresses various moods, senses, feelings and contrasting episodes, which are connected together by contrast. Vivacious, bright and expressive viola solos gently meet together with soft and relaxing, harsh and low, shrieky and especially loud flute’s solos, gorgeous and rich percussion section, rigorous, passionate and dynamic piano melodies and the intonations of traditional China music. All these elements form the polyphonic facture and many-layed, colorful and solid musical pattern. Acoustic instruments are used along with electronics in some part of the compositions. Natural, subtle and interesting combination of these two contrasting types of music instruments is created here. The newest tendencies of electronic music, drone, glitch, computer and electronics devices sounds, field and tape recordings, sonic system experiments, sound modifications and alterations – these and many other elements are used here with acoustic instruments. Search of unusual timbres, wide range of strange timbres, gorgeous sounds and specific noises, expansion of traditional technical abilities of the instruments – all these elements also are the main priorities of the music. The main aim of the compositions always is to create exclusive, original and suggestive sound. Eric Moe music is inspiring, rich, passionate, sensible and has remarkable, effective and innovative sound.

Kasper Tranberg – “Strawboss” (ILK Music, 2018)

Kasper Tranberg: Strawboss

“Strawboss” is the newest release of “ILK Music” records. Album was recorded by great and famous avant-garde jazz improvisers – it’s Kasper Tranberg (trumpet, cornet), Tony Malaby (saxophone), Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Nils Davidson (bass), Adam Pultz Melbye (electronics, bass) and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (drums, percussion). The music improvised by these interesting and creative jazz masters is filled with gorgeous sounds, weird and eclectic stylistic combinations, bright and provocative musical decisions and innovative musical experiments. Japan improvisational music, the melodic and rhtyhmic elements of Asian countries ethnical music, free improvisation and the newest tendencies of avant-garde and experimental jazz – this huge variety of different music styles contain the base of musical pattern of collective improvisations. Each musician is individual and unique – he has its own and original playing style, bright and innovative playing manner and is open for new, fresh, brave, provocative and interesting musical decisions. The organic and effective synthesis between various jazz styles and cultures makes an effort to innovative, marvelous and inspiring sound.

“Strawboss” is filled with original musical decisions and bright experiments. Free improvisations contain the main base of this album compositions. The music is based on open structure, abstract musical pattern, free and spontaneous improvising, innovative and marvelous instrumentation and rich musical language. Each musician has hhis own and specific way of playing – all improvisers demonstrate their innovative and unique sound and original way of improvising. They are improvising with passion, thrill and expression. That makes an effort to effective, thrilling, hot, remarkable and emotional sound. Huge variety of senses, emotions, expressions and elements of musical language are fused in the most effective and inventive way. The music has especially intense and vibrant sound – bright, evocative and roaring imrpovisations, turbulent and spontaneous solos, specific and self-created playing techniques and tremendous musical experiments make a huge effect to that. All kinds of different scales, sounds, rhythms and melodic intonations are conected in one pattern. Polyphony, polyrhythmy, polyharmony, microtones, Asian music harmony and ethnic music elements of Japan, Asian and Africa countries music – musicians are blending together all different intonations and elements of various music styles. This masterful synthesis is very important element of whole compositions. Inspiring, marvelosu, sparkling and dizzing solos, vibrant and bright melodies, spontaneous, tremendous and remarkable improvisations, powerful, extremely loud and roaring blow outs – all these elements are heard very frequently in marvelous, inspiring, engaging and innovative improvising of all musicians. That’s the most important reason, why the music of this album is gorgeous, suggestive and expressive. Saxophone solos by Tony Malaby are based on active and vital mood. Improviser masterfully combined together bright, light and vivid solos, remarkable and expressive melodies, original and innovative musical decisions and fascinating musical experiments. Rapid, shapr and complicated rhythms of modern jazz styles and free improvisations are fused with unusual timbres, dizzy, thrilling and sparkling solos and roaring bursts of energy. Silent, slow and light episodes are also heard here – it contrastingly meets together with bright and tremendous collective improvisations. Bass melodies by Nils Davidson and Adam Pultz Melbye are filled with weird and colorful sounds, unusual timbres and noises. Gentle, tight and silent pieces, solid, deep and monotonic bass line make a bright contrast with roaring and tremendous solos, aggressive, harsh, moving and attractive improvisations and other similar elements. Especially loud, clair and powerful sound is brought in by Kasper Tranberg. His trumpet and cornet improvisations are filled with dizzy, furiously rapid and virtuosic passages, speldid riffs, vibrant and energetic blow outs and light, playful, joyful and gentle episodes. Huge contrast between various elements of musical language makes unique, interesting and original sound of the compositions. Piano improvisations also are moving and touching – Pandelis Karayorgis has especially expressive, sensible and emotional playing manner and unique sound. Just like the other improvisers, he’s the master of fusing together contrasting musical language elements, wide range of different timbres, sounds and noises, switch through wide and colorful variety of moods and expressions. Roaring roulades, virtuosic and furiously fast passages, bright solos, turbulent and passionate culminations, which gently meet silent,relaxing and peaceful episodes. His improvisations have remarkable, formidable and suggestive sound. Drums and percussion section is leaded by Yasuhiro Yoshigaki. The rhythms of traditioal Japan music, rapid and monotonic rhythmic forms of Africa and afro-american music, free improvisation, provocative and complicated bebop rhythms, soft intonations of soul, world music, various rock styles and experimental music are blended in one place. Extremely huge and wide range of styles, expressions, rhythms and other elements of musical language make an effort to bright, remarkable, colorful and vital sound and form solid, independent and firm rhythmic section and gorgeous background. All musicians are improvising marvelously and with passion. Precise and wonderful playing technique is gently and masterfully integrated with inspiring, touching, sensible and expressive improvising – pleasant meeting between these two aspects makes an effort to remarkable, unpredictable, dynamic and thrilling sound of the album.

Ingrid Laubrock/Tom Rainey – “Utter” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

“Utter” is one of the newest releases by “Relative Pitch” records, which will be released on September. The album was recorded by two outstanding musicians – Ingrid Laubrock (tenor, alto and soprano saxophones) and Tom Rainey (drums). These two musicians are very well-known in avant-garde jazz scene – they are full of innovative and bright ideas. fresh and brave musical decisions and dedicated to create new sound. They both have interesting, evocative and bright playing style – expressive playing manner, bright and passionate improvising, the fusion of different rhythms, scales, melodic and stylistic intonations are the most important elements of whole album. Vigurous, gorgeous, weird and colorful timbres, strange sounds, eclectic combinations, fascinating sound experiments – all these elements are the main priorities of the musicians. They are fusing together various main elements and traditions of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Compositions is a great place to connect together uncomapirable styles, eclectic and schocking instrumental combinations, turbulent and rigorous free improvisations, silent, subtle and relaxing pieces or other musical language elements. Inventive and creative synthesis of various elements and styles brings passionate, expressive and dynamic sound to the improvisations of these two musicians.

“Utter” has expressive and remarkable sound. The album is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. The main elements of avant-garde jazz are frequently used and solidly heard in whole album. That’s especially hears in free improvisations, which are orientated to extraction of new and fresh sounds, expression and fusion of various moods and contrasting pieces and spontaneous, thrilling, bright and sparkling solos. Both musicians are paying the highest attention to create remarkable, passionate, expressive and tremendous sound. Musicians make it with rich and evocative musical language, dozens of different playing techniques, expressions, scales, rhythms and other elements of musical language. The music is based on free improvisation, variable and dynamic mood. organic and natural synthesis of various jazz styles and forms. Open structure and free form is constructed from many different elements of other forms – the solos don’t have an exact or strict duration, it’s filled with spontaneous, impressive and unpredictable musical decisions, surprises and expressions. The music is filled with bright, original and evocative sound, exotic and provocative experiments and innovative instrumentation. Rich musical language, gorgeous background, colorful and dissonance harmony, free and spontaneous improvisation, dynamic rhythmic – all these elements form the main musical pattern. Solid melodic section and dynamic, loud and expressive rhythmic basement are based on individual musical decisions and make a strong contrast with each other. Ingrid Laubrock is improvising is effective, unpredictable, surprising and impressive. Her saxophones express especially huge variety of extended playing techniques, innovative ways of playing and colorful, modern and interesting musical expressions. This is the place, where’s gently fit together sparkling, remarkable and expressive melodies, rapid and emotional solos, thrilling, hot, harsh and tremendous blow outs, powerful, intensive and vibrant bursts of energy, subtle, silent and abstract pieces. All these elements are connected together in contrasting and unusual way – absolutely different ways of playing, expressions and moods are organically fused together. Light, soft and subtle pieces are based on slow or medium slow tempo, monotonic and static rhythms, abstract musical pattern and separate melodic and rhythmic intonations, which are repeated and changed silmunateously. The strong contrast is heard, when musician suddenly jumps to loud, bright, luminous, turbulent and passionate free improvisation with bordering dynamics, sharp chords, rapid and hot solos and other similar musical langauge elements. The talent to get together contrasting and absolutely different musical elements and fuse them in organical, natural and bright way makes an effort to effective, remarkable and unique sound of melodic section. The drums section is variable and dynamic, masterfully leaded by Tom Rainey. Both musicians have similar playing manners, which are based on expressive, hot, passionate and bright playing style. Aggressive, moving and sharp rhythms of moder njazz styles, monotonic and static excerpts of cool and progressive jazz are gently fused together with bright, turbulent, intense and thrilling free improvisations. Musician not hesitate to make innovative, spontaneous and shocking musical decisions – his music is based on bright contrasts between various rhythms, expressions and other elements of musical langauge. Experimental ways of playing are connected together with specific, own created and traditional playing techniques, sound experiments, special effects and other astonishing musical experiments. That creates a huge variety of unusual timbres, fresh and new sounds and noises. The music of this album is based on marvelous synthesis and impressive, suggestive and remarkable improvising – it makes splendid, original and unique sound.

Nicola Hein/Rudi Fischerlehner/Kriton Beyer – “digressions” (The Procrustean Bed, 2018)

“digressions” is the newest release of “The Procrustean Bed”. Album was recorded by Nicola Hein (guitar), Rudi Fischerlehner (drums) and Kriton Beyer (harmonium, objects). The music by these three musicians is bright, inspiring and interesting. Musicians fuse together many different music styles, expressions, shapes, forms and other elements of musical language. Their improvising style is based on hot and dynamic playing manner, fresh and evocative sound, brave and innovative musical experiments and spontaneous improvisations. Musicians are basing their improvisations on the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz styles, free improvisation, experimental music and modern jazz intonations. The msuicians are open for bright, new and interesting musical decisions, fresh musical experiments and fascinating sound experiments. Each musician is interesting and creative improviser, which has evocative, innovative and bright playing style, unique sound and hot, thrilling and expressive playing manner. They are concerting in various countries and collaborating with other famous jazz masters – because of their creativity, talent and extraordinary improvising, musicians are famous, interesting and innovative improvisers.

“digressions” is filled with bright, expressive and remarkable sound. The musicians are improvising free, creatively and expressively – they masterfully and effectively fuse together contrasting, extraordinary, colorful and bright episodes, which are highly contrasting with each other. The music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz basics, but also has many relations with other jazz styles. The fused rhythms of modern and progressive jazz are highly effecting whole musical pattern and sound. The main elements of bebop are heard in this album ery frequently – that hears the most effectively in collective improvisations and solos of various musicians. Sharp, dynamic, furiously rapid, bright and thrilling solos, expressive and complicated rhythmic, harsh and dissonance harmony, aggressive and hard pieces, free structure and open form – all these elements contain the main part of musical pattern. Turbulent and vibrant collective improvisations are the most beautiful places of whole album – musicians show their wide abilities and talent to improvise masterfully, splendidly and making innovative musical decisions. Huge variety of bright, luminous and interesting musical decisions, styles, timbres, sounds and expressions are effecting whole musical pattern – each episode brings new and fresh color to the sound. All that makes an effort to bright, dynamic, rich and expressive musical language. The improvisations are based on free improvisation – musicians are improvising with passion, expression and eespecially emotionally and brightly. They don’t hesitate to make original, extraordinary and glamorous musical decisions, fuse different jazz styles and experimental music and make eclectic and bright stylistic combinations. Each of them is improvising differently from the others – their melodies are individual, bright, splendid and filled with marvelous passages, weird sounds, noises and timbres. Innovative and extended playing techniques are fused together with traditional playing techniques – that forms bright, colorful, modern and innovative instrumentation, which form the main mood, character and sound of these improvisations. Bright, loud, passionate, expressive and dynamic guitar solos, rapid and thrilling rhythmic section, dozens of different expressions and playing techniques – all these things are gently connected together with silent, subtle, relaxing and peaceful episodes. The highest attention is paid for search of unusual timbres, production of weird sounds and noises. Interesting and gentle harmonium melodies, various specific and untraditional musical instruments and objects also make a musical pattern even more colorful. The music of this album is based on contrasts – from the silent, relaxing and peaceful pieces musicians go straight to thrilling, furious loud and fast solos, expressive, remarkable and vivacious melodies, light, gentle and tight episodes or turbulent, bright and vobrant culminations, bursts of energy and free improvisations. The music of this album has dynamic, brght and inspiring sound.

Anstey/Gibbs/Helson/Langford – “Fringe Activity” (FreeTone Records, 2018)

“Fringe Activity” is the newest release of “FreeTone Records”. Album was recorded by Mark Langford (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone), Paul Anstey (double bass), Phil Gibbs (guitar) and Bob Helson (drums, percussion). The musicians like to make brave, innovative and original musical decisions. Their collective improvisations are like real bursts of energy, shocking contrasts, sudden stylistic changes, eclectic combinations and spontaneous waves. The music has inspiring, bright and engaging sound – it’s created by using huge variety of different playing techniques, expressions, timbres and sounds. Each improviser is great, creative and interesting – all of them have unique sound, evocative and bright playing manner, rich musical language and the talent to reveal wide range of different playing techniques, moods, senses and expressions. They do all that by using a masterful and organic fusion of sounds, unusual noises, strange timbres and other elements of musical language. All the pieces are connected together in the most effective, bright, evocative and organic way.

“Fringe Activity” is filled with bright musical decisions, passionate and expressive playing manner and innovative musical decisions. The compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Various styles of experimental jazz certainly contain the main base of the compositions – it’s also effect whole musical pattern, mood and gives a main tune for the improvisations. Jazz masters are fusing together huge variety of innovative ways of playing, contemporary and experimental jazz styles and expressions. Various traditions of avant-garde jazz rest the main basic of the album – it hears the most brightly in the collective improvisations. That’s the most interesting place of the album. Individual melodies, unusual and colorful timbres, thrilling, roaring, intensive and vibrant solos, intensive and furiously loud blow outs, gentle, light and joyful pieces or silent, slow and relaxing excerpts – all these elements form whole musical pattern and make a huge effort to rich, extravagant and evocative musical language. Free and spontaneous improvisations, traditions of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental improvising are gently connected together with other jazz styles. Musicians make dozens of fascinating musical experiments and fuse together thrilling and sharp solos, expressive, difficult and complicated rhythmic of bebop, hard bop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. Free structure, open form, all kinds of scales and chords and bright, dynamic and rapid rhythms of modern jazz styles are heard very frequently in this album. That’s just a little part of the styles, which are used by musicians – compositions also have another one side of the album. Relaxing, peaceful, silent and abstract solos pleasantly meet with rigorous solos and turbulent, free and spontaneous improvisations. That gives us an opportunity to hear whole wide palette of musicians abilities of improvising. Even though, each piece is contrasting to another, it’s gently suit in musical pattern and bring a new tune to the melodies. Splendid, sparkling, vivacious and bright solos of reeds, expressive and dynamic rhythmic section, solid, independent and free melodic basement, colorful, gorgeous and modern background, huge variety of unusual timbres and sounds – all these elements are gently integrated together in one place. Collective improvisations are not the only one place, where musicians have an occassion to demonstrate their talent of improvising. This album has many effective, gorgeous and interesting duos, solos or trios. Roaring, passionate and dynamic reeds solos gently fit together with subtle, variable and bright double bass solos, unusual timbres or original, energetic and intensive guitar solos. Inspiring variety of styles, sounds, expressions, timbres and chords makes an effort to remarkable, luminous and tremendous sound of this album.


Markus Krispel / Matija Schellander / Szilveszter Miklós – “Put” (Inexhaustible Editions, 2018)

“Put” is a new release of “Inexhaustible Editions” label. Album was recorded by a trio – it’s Markus Krispel (alto, baritone saxophone), Matija Schellander (double bass) and Szilveszter Miklós (drums). All three musicians like to make inventive and creative musical decisions, put contrasting and absolutely different styles, chords, expressions and other elements of musical language. Their music is fresh, evocative and filled with bright and provocative musical decisions, brave  sound experiments and astonishing special effects. Musicians are analysing whole musical pattern and its lays – each time they are trying to create new, extraordinary and bright sound. They also pay the highest attention to the extraction of unusual timbres – by using huge and wide arsenal of extended playing techniques, they produce dozens of strange, weird and interesting sounds, which colorfully illustrate whole musical pattern. The musicians have their own playing techniques, unique sound and interesitng playing manner. It’s always interesting to listen, how masterfully they fuse together uncompairable and contrasting musical language elements – marvelous synthesis of all these elements is made organically, naturally and effectively. That makes an effort to expressive, remarkable and bright sound.

“Put” is based on free improvisation and basics of avant-garde jazz. One ling composition is recorded in this album. It has fascinating, bright, expressive and dynamic sound, huge variety of playing techniques, expressions, sounds, rhythms and other elements of musical language. The improvising of musicians is inspiring, evocative and interesting – they are playing especially expressive, emotionally, sensibly and bright. Hot and expressive playing manner, dynamic, furiously rapid and wild fast rhythmic create an energetic, aggressive, moving and touching mood of the composition. Open form, free strcuture, abstract, difficult and polyphonic musical pattern are the main elements, which contain the base of this composition. Musicians are trying out new and experimental ways of playing – it’s mixed together with traditional playing techniques, special effects, own and specific methods of instrumenting and inventive musical decisions. That effects whole sound of the album – it colorfully illustrates all musical pattern, background and melodic section, give an opportunity to each improviser to experiment in all fields of musical language. Colorful, bright and dynamic harmony is consisted by many different chords and pitches, which have interesting and unusual structure. Free, turbulent and bright rhythmic improvisations are fused together with the main rhythmic forms of other jazz styles. Provocative, sharp,  hot, emotional and difficult rhythms of bebop, aggressive and harsh hard bop solos, hard, bright and dynamic explosions of energy are twisted together with calm ,static and monotonic rhythms of traditional, cool and other styles of contemporary and modern jazz. The improvisations of the saxophones are filled with bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Flowing and sparkling solos, turbulent, vibrant and luminous free improvisations, bright, expressive, touching and moving melodies, remarkable and spontaneous musical experiments, tremendous and powerful blow outs, rigorous, aggressive and provocative riffs – all these elements are gently connected together in one place. That gives the main mood and tune to the composition – dynamic ,effective, bright and dynamic sound. Double bass imrpovisations are filled with astonishing musical experiments, gorgeous timbres, bright and hasrsh solos, dramatic culminations, wild fast, thrilling and free improvisations and turbulent melodies. These elements are contrasting with silent, calm, slow and light excerpts with monotonic and strong bass line, hard and solid harmonic pattern and dozens of unusual sounds and strange timbres. The drums section is a real burst of energy. All kinds of different rhythms and ways of playing are used here – monotonic,solid, calm and harsh rhythms meet with turbulently rapid and thrilling solos, extremely fast passages, colorful tremolo, tremendous, roaring and vibrant culminations and other similar elements of musical language. Album is based on rapid and dynamic mood, but there’s also is the other side of the compositions – calm, relaxing and light saxophones solos, deep and static tunes, monotonic and solid bass line, dozens of different playing techniques, sounds, timbres and expressions are gently fused together in one musical pattern. The change between various moods and expressions reveals wide and fascinating ability of improvisers to improvise creatively, brightly and passionately. The improvisations have especiqally wide range of sounds, styles and colors – effective and organis synthesis between all these musical language elements and inspiring improvising makes an effort to bright, remarkable, intensive and passionate sound.