Dominic Lash Quartet – “Extremophile“ (Iluso Records, 2017)

The album “Extremophile” had been released this month by “Dominic Lash Quartet“. “Dominic Lash Quartet” is Dominic Lash (contrabass), Javier Carmona (drums, percussion), Ricardo Tejero (alto saxophone, clarinet) and Alex Ward (electric guitar, clarinet). These four musicians are very famous in experimental jazz scene. During the years of creative activity, musicians many times improvised with legendary experimental jazz figures such as Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Tony Conrad and many others. “Dominic Lash Quartet” compositions has exclusive and original sound, musicians try out many playing techniques and other musical experiments. Album “Extremophile” had been released by “Iluso Records”.

Albumas is made of 7 compositions. All of theme are combined by high variety of various stilistics and musical expressions. Here many styles of music are combined – new academic music, various rock styles, modern and traditional jazz, experimental jazz, ancient music elements and music intonations of Asia countries. Expressive saxophone and clarinet duos, dynamic and evocative persuccion, subtle contrabass melodies, electric guitar solos bringing the rock music elements to the improvisations. These elements are the basics of all compositions. Although musicians improvisations are very different from each other, all these elements organically combine in exclusive and expressive sound composition. Unusual sound timbres, expressive melodies, sound effects and novatoric musical experiments creates original and exclusive sound of all compositions of this album.