Ed Bennett / Decibel – “Togetherness” (Diatribe Records, 2018)

“Togetherness”was released this month by “Ireland record label “Diatribe Records”. Album was recorded by Eb Bennet and “Decibel” – it’s Ed Bennett (compositions, electronics), Barbara Lueneburg (violin in 2,3), Mira Benjamin (violin in 1, 4, 5), Neil McGovern (saxophones), Michelle Holloway (recorders), Jack McNeil (clarinets in 1 – 4), Heather Roche (clarinets in 5), Martyn Sanderson (trombone), Paul Norman (electric guitar), Sebastiano Dessanay (double bass, bass guitar), Eliza McCarthy (piano), Damien Harron (percussion) and Daniele Rosina (conductor). The music of this huge ensemble has attractive, expressive, emotional and passionate sound. Musicians are experimenting in all fields of musical language – they are trying new playing techniques, search for unusual timbres, original playing manners, inventive musical language decisions and other things. They are trying to create original and energetic sound by fusing various music styles in one place. Gorgeous, energetic and vivid compositions are formed by the synthesis of avant-garde jazz, avant-rock and other rock styles, bebop and hard-bop intonations and rhythms. The music by this ensemble is full of sudden and unpredictable surprises, stylistic waves and has interesting and vibrant sound.

The compositions of this album are based on avant-garde jazz and rock synthesis. Free and vivid improvisations are connected together with powerful and harsh electric guitar solos and monotonic rhythmic in bass section. The compositions have variable, colorful and rich musical language. Reeds improvisations effect whole sound of the album – it form and keep the basics of avant-garde jazz. Expressive and vivid clarinet, deep and harsh trombone and vivacious saxophones – these three instruments have their own and individual musical language. Reeds melodies are based on attractive and wild fast solos, expressive and passionate melodies, spontaneous and free blow outs, vibrant and powerful reefs and unusual timbres. Piano melodies are somewhere between avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. Along with violins and double bass, piano bring the unclear and soft intonations of contemporary academical music to these compositions. Repetitive rhythmic, electronics sounds and unusual timbres, computer devices, recorders timbres and sounds, soft and subtle violins, monotonic piano melodies have many elements which are common to the electronic and experimental music. Shrieky solos of electric guitar have all the main elements of rock styles – it has powerful and vibrant sound, fascinating and deep riffs and form a bright contrast with other instruments sections. Percussion section also is very variable and dynamic. Is full of many different playing styles, main rhythmic formulas of various music styles and interesting percussion timbres. Repetivie and minimalistic rhythmic, vibrant and powerful rock rhythms, vivacious, expressive and free avant-garde jazz improvisations, gorgeous percussion solos – all these elements are combined together. This music is interesting because of masterful synthesis between absolutely different music styles and astonishing playing by each musician. Dramatic, active, dynamic and effective sounds of violins, deep and vibrant double bass, subtle bass guitar, shrieky and powerful solos of electric guitar, vivacious piano melodies and passionate reeds and brasses, special effects and electronic music sounds – all these instruments have its own and independent melodies and sound. The synthesis between avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical music, experimental and electronic music, the intonations of various modern jazz styles make special and interesting sound of this album.


Schiaffini|Prati|Gemmo|Armaroli – “Luc Ferrari Exercises d’Improvisation” (Dodicilune, 2018)

“Luc Ferrari Exercises d’Improvisation” was released this month by Italian record label “Dodicilune”. The compositions by French composer Luc Ferrari was played by four jazz masters – Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone), Walter Prati (cello), Francesca Gemmo (piano) and Sergio Armaroli (vibraphone). These four musicians are interesting musicians. Their playing style is based on free improvisation, electroacoustic music, experimental music, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz synthesis. Luc Ferrari is famous and interesting 20th century composer. The main field of his music style – electroacoustic music and academic avant-garde. Through long years of creative activity, Luc Ferrari formed and masterfully improved his own composing style. Electronics, acoustic instruments, magnetic tape records, field recordings, basic elements of dodecaphony and serialism, spectral music, concrete music, experimental playing techniques of contemporary academical music, free improvisation and not-stricly based form – all these elements contain the main part of his compositions. Luc Ferrari composing style was based on many different music elements and effected by other famous 20th century composers. Olivier Messiaen, Edgar Varese, Arthur Honegger music had made big influence to Luc Ferrari playing style. Luc Ferrari is one of the creators of concrete and electroacoustic music. His music has original ,specific and interesting sound. The elements of concrete and electroacoustic music are gently synthesized together with free improvisation, which also is very important to these improvisations. Luc Ferrari compositions have free form, interesting structure, are based on contrasts and shocking musical experiments. Spontaneous, vibrant and expressive solos, free collective improvisations take very important place of Luc Ferrari improvisations and make them always to switch between academic avant-garde and free improvisation.

The compositions of this album were played by four Italian jazz masters. Each of them has his own playing style. All the musicians like to experiment in all fields of musical language – especially in specific timbres and sound effects section. Passionate and touching sound of this album compositions is based on many different music elements. Deep, vibrant and depressive trombone sounds, soft, vivacious and expressive vibraphones, vivid piano melodies and contrasting cello melodies – all these elements help the musicians to create different and specific sound of Luc Ferrari compositions. Trombone melodies form and extract very deep and depressive sound – its full of repetitive and monotonic tones, static rhythms and harsh timbres. Walter Prati cello melodies are based on free and spontaneous improvisations, which have many contrasts. Subtle and soft melodies, unusual timbres, dynamic rhythmic and vibrant sound are highly contrasting with expressive and vivacious melodies. Piano melodies by Francesca Gemmo are moody and contrasting – vivacious melodies are fused with repetitive rhythmic and melodic elements. Interesting harmony, repetitive or very dynamic rhythmic, huge range of different musical expressions and free improvisations are highly effecting whole sound of the compositions. Piano, trombone and cello melodies are illustrated by soft and repetitive vibraphones. Soft, subtle, colorful and gorgeous sound of vibraphones is the opposite to the loud, expressive and active melodies. The music of this album has contrasting and expressive sound and huge variety of moods. Harch, depressive and dark episodes are gently twisted together with dramatic and loud free improvisations, energetic solos, dissonance and interesting harmony, expressive, lengthy and vivacious melodies or subtle and soft pieces. The basic elements of Luc Ferrari compositions are succesfully and masterfully revealed – four interesting and creative improvisers create passionate, interesting and extraordinary sound of this album compositions.

Laura Schuler|Lisa Grotherus|Anatole Buccella|Silvan Jeger|Lukas Rutzen – “Laura Schuler Kronikor” (2018)

“Laura Schuler Kronikor” was released this year. The album was recorded by a group of interesting jazz musicians – Laura Schuler (violin, compositions), Lisa Grotherus (clarinet and bassclarinet), Anatole Buccella (guitar), Silvan Jeger (doublebass) and Lukas Rutzen (drums). Unique sounds, own and independent playing style, original playing techniques and rich musical language – all these elements are the most important part of these musicians improvisations. Various elements of Scandinavian music elements, free improvisations, avant-garde jazz, the intonations of Switzerland and other Europe countries ethnic music are connected in one place in this ensemble improvisations. The simple structure is highly contrasting with bright and evocative musical language, spontaneous solos, engaging and expressive melodies and many other things. Musicians combine together different playing techniques, expressions and styles – after active, rapid and expressive improvisations there come calm, relaxing and peaceful episodes. Attractive, interesting and free improvising is gently synthesized together with contemporary academical music, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries folk music, basic elements of classical music language form and other elements.

The compositions of this album reveal the main and the most important elements of Laura Schuler composing style. All the compositions were written by Laura Schuler – strict form, traditional musical expressions and playing techniques of contemporary academical music are masterfully combined together with experimental ways of playing, free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, expressive and active collective improvisations and other things. This music also has very good sound quality and were played with masterful virtuosity – each musician plays masterfully, expressive, creatively and inventively. Lisa Grotherns clarinet and bass clarinet melodies bring specific and interesting timbres to the compositions. Vivacious, joyful, expressive and playful clarinet melodies are illustrated with unusual timbres, special sound effects and various playing expressions. Sudden and colorful glissando, wild fast arpeggios, the intonations of Scandinavian countries folk music, powerful blow outs and spontaneous solos – all these elements are mixed in one place. Expressive and live clarinet is highly contrasting with deep, bright, monotonic and repetitive bass clarinet solos. Anatole Buccella guitar melodies colorfully illustrate the dramatic and evocative violin solos. Bright and loud violin solos are accompanied by guitar chords, soft and expressive sound, extraordinary timbres and special sound effects of guitar. Anatole Buccella masterfully switches between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academical music elements. His playing style is eclectic, based on strange and interesting contrasts and evocative musical language. Laura Schuler violin melodies is the basic element of melodic pattern. Dramatic, contrasting, expressive and interesting violin solos make an effort to whole sound of the compositions. Violinist has her own and individual playing style, which is absed on many different music elements. The melodic and rhythmic intonations of Scandinavian music, elements of Switzerland ethnical music, huge range of different scales, chords and playing techniques are twisted with free improvisation. Silvan jeger double bass gently fit together along with violin. It form and keep firm rhythmic section, also is filled with vibrant and passionate solos. Expressive melodies colorfully illustrated with vibrato, glissando, pizzicato, staccato and many other playing techniques, form contrasting and expressive sound. Drums section by Lukas Rutzen is free and independent. Various experimental ways of playing are combined together with basic rhythms of contemporary academical music, unusual timbres, avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop and other jazz styles elements. This album music has touching, attractive and interesting sound.

Peter Kuhn|Dave Sewelson|Dan Clucas|Scott Walton|Alex Cline – “Dependent Origination” (FMR, 2018)

“Dependent Origination” was released by “FMR Records” this year. Album was recorded by interesting and creative jazz masters – Peter Kuhn (Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone), Dave Sewelson (Baritone Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone), Dan Clucas (Cornet), Scott Walton (bass) and Alex Cline (drums). These five musicians are experimenting together and create evocative and energetic sound. Their music is bright, has rich and colorful musical language, is full of unpredictable stylistic waves and spontaneous solos. Musicians are improvising free, creatively, innovatively and expressively. They produce and extract unusual timbres, create and try out new and innovative ways of playing. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz elements and collective improvisations. For the most of the time, improvisations are rapid, active, have sharp, expressive and evocative sound. Special effects, unusual sounds and timbres, wide range of different playing styles and expressions are organically combined together with unique playing style. Each musician is experienced and famous member of avant-garde jazz scene – each of them has its own and individual playing style, which is based on innovative and expressive improvising.

This album compositions are based on contrasts and have masterful quality of sound. The musicians create interesting, engaging and evocative sound by using many different playing techniques and musical expressions. Each of them is improvising differently from the others. The musicians have a tendency to use inventive and modern musical decisions, experiment in all ways of musical language. All these elements they combine with the basic and the most important elements of their playing style. Free and spontaneous reeds improvisations by Dave Sewelson, Peter Kuhn and Dan Clucas form bright and energetic sound of the album. Bright, expressive, passionate and active solos are filled with many different timbres and musical expressions. Free and vibrant blow outs, sharp and aggressive solos, expressive and vivacious melodies, wide range of unusual timbres and sounds are the main elements of these improvisations. Shrieky, vibrant and loud saxophones, expressive, evocative and bright clarinet, deep and active cornet – these three instruments have their own and independent melodies, which gently and organically are connected together. Their improvisations are based on wild and furious blow outs, sharp and provocative stylistic waves, powerful bursts of energy which are masterfully fused together with soft and calm episodes. The contrasts of different timbres, characters, moods, melodies and other elements of musical language effect whole sound of the album. Scott Walton bass melodies form bright and solid bass section, are highly contrasting with reeds and colorfully illustrates their melodies. Bass improvisations are always somewhere between calm, monotonic and repetitive tones and vibrant, energetic and passionate solos. Sudden turns, modofications of timbres and sounds make the sound more contrastic, interesting and variable. Drums section is leaded by Alex Cline. His furiouos drum rolls, energetic, engaging, aggressive and provocative solos, furious and rapid passages, various types of rhythms and unusual percussion sounds bring especially energetic and expressive sound and interesting rhythmic basic. All five musicians are improvising spontaneously, creatively and free. The improvisations of this album has evocative, bright, rich and innovative musical language and expressive sound.

Kidd Jordan, Alvin Fielder, Joel Futterman & Steve Swell – “Masters of Improvisation” (Valid Records, 2018)

“Masters of Improvisation” was released on March 7 by “Valid Records”. Album was recorded by four interesting jazz masters – Kidd Jordan (tenor saxophone), Alvin Fielder (drums), Joel Futterman (piano) and Seve Swell (trombone). The music by these four improvisers is very energetic and expressive. It’s always full of unpredictable and sudden stylistic waves, turns and unusual timbres. Dynamic rhythmic, shrieky, powerful and furious blow outs organically fit together with unusual timbres, percussion sounds and various musical experiments. These musicians have passionate, engaging, touching and original playing style. The main elements of avant-garde jazz contain the basics of their improvisations. The intonations of bebop and other similar modern jazz styles also are heard, especially in rhythmic section. Musicians are always trying to create extraordinary and interesting sound. They are using experimental and innovative ways of playing to extract new and unusual timbres and special effects. Musicians had been improvising together many times in various projects and collaborated with other famous avant-garde jazz masters. Their music always is passionate, energetic, active and interesting.

This album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. Collective improvisations by four jazz masters have dynamic, active and contrasting sound. Each musician is improvising individualy, create independent and passionate melodies. Load, powerful and energetic bursts of energy are the most important and effective episodes of this album. Kidd Jordan tenor saxophone bring bright, evocative and expressive sound. Vivacious, striking, evocative and stunning solos, powerful blow outs, shrieky and vibrant riffs, passionate, expressive and extremely rapid arpeggios and passages – all these elements are connected in one place. Musician also try out many different playing techniques and ways of playing – with huge amount of different playing techniques and expressions he extract unusual and strange timbres. His improvisations form the main basic of the compositions melody section – makes it bright, evocative, live and innovative. Deep, solid and vibrant trombone improvisations by Seve Swell are highly contrasting with tenor saxophone. Repetitive, solid, deep and firm tunes, bright and loud melodies make the melodic pattern more colorful and form the solid rhythmic and harmonic section. Solid, slow and lyric trombone melodies are the opposite to the active, energetic and expressive saxophone. With these two instruments, musicians create contrasting and polyphonic sound. Piano improvisations by Joel Futterman organically get along with saxophone and trombone improvisations. The melodies have many similar intonations and stylistic manners with saxophone – active, engaging, passionate and expressive playing style goes along fine with saxophone solos. Virtuosic, expressive, vivid and active piano melodies, wild fast passages and arpeggios, original and interesting playing create colorful and bright sound of these improvisations. Alvin Fielder drums section is full of different rhythms and timbres. Improviser masterful demonstrates his abilities to express and connect together absolutely different rhythmic formulas, expressions, playing techniques and gorgeous percussion sounds. This album is based on spontaneous, energetic and vivacious collective improvisations, which have original and interesting sound.

Nate Wooley|Jozef Dumoulin|Ingebrigt Håker Flaten|Teun Verbruggen – “kaPSalon” (ratrecords, 2018)

“kaPSalon” was released this year by Belgium records company “ratrecords”. Album was recorded by four outstanding avant-garde jazz masters – Nate Wooley (trumpet), Jozef Dumoulin (piano), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (double bass) and Teun Verbruggen (drums, objects). The music, played by these four improvisers, is always full of sudden and unpredictable stylistic waves, contrasts, has especially energetic and expressive sound. Musicians are always searching for new and unusual ways of playing, experimenting in all ways of musical language, especially – strange timbres, innovative playing techniques and variable rhythms sections. By using all these elements, musicians create touching, passionate, expressive and vivid sound. Their music is totally based on avant-garde jazz elements. There some intonations of bebop and other modern jazz styles, but they aren’t heard very clearly – all these intonations are organically fused together with avant-garde jazz elements. Each jazz master is experienced, talented, creative and famous in avant-garde jazz scene. They all have original and unique sound, innovative playing manner and always like to experiment in  all ways of musical language.

This album compositions based on avant-garde jazz and have especially energetic and expressive sound. Collective improvisations are full of many different playing manners, sounds, unusual timbres and variable rhythms. Improvisations by each musician differ from the others – it has its own character, style, playing manner and sound. All the independent melodies are organically fused together in one place. Nate Wooley trumpet is bright, evocative, active anf expressive. Touching, expressive and vivacious improvisations are played with passion and are filled with huge range of different playing techniques. Nate Wooley masterfully fuses here his own playing style and manner with traditional and experimental ways of playing. His improvisations are full of bright, loud and vibrant solos, vivacious, wild fast passages, furious and powerful nlow outs, provocative, brave and innovative musical experiments and unusual sounds. All these elements are fused together and make an effort to whole sound of the album. It brings more live and energy to the compositions.  Jozef Dumoulin piano melodies are as much unpredictable and expressive as trumpet solos. These two instruments make a bright, evocative and innovative sound. Piano improvisations have colorful and sharp harmony for the most of the time, is filled with virtuosic and vivacious passages, extremely speedy and fast glissando, sharp and active sounds and timbres and many other things. The improvisations have especially energetic and vivacious sound. Ingebrigt Håker Flaten double bass form and keep firm and solid rhythmic section and also colorfully illustrates the melodies. Dynamic rhythmic, various unusual and strange timbres are mixed together with vibrant, deep and solid repetitive tones, passionate and bright melodies, energetic and vivid arpeggios and many other things. Teun Verbruggen masterfully leads the drum section. Energetic, solid, vibrant, contrasting and interesting sound is created by using huge range of different playing techniques. The improviser mixes together various kinds and types of rhythms, active and loud drum rolls, fast arpeggios, dynamic and active solos and huge amount of colorful and gorgeous percussion and various objects sounds. This album music has colorful, expressive and interesting sound.

Jozef Dumoulin & Orca Noise Unit – “A Beginner’s Guide to Diving and Flying” (Yolk Records, 2018)


“A Beginner’s Guide to Diving and Flying” was released this year by “Yolk Records”. Album was recorded by Jozef Dumoulin “Orca Noise Unit” which members are Jozef Dumoulin (piano), Bruno Chevillon (contrebass), Toma Gouband (percussion), Sylvaine Helary (flutes) and Antonin Tri Hoang (saxophone). Five musicians have their own and different playing style. It’s based on unique methods of playing, original and interesting musical decisions, free and expressive improvising and many other elements. Huge range of musical expressions, synthesis between free jazz and contemporary academical music and free imrpovisations – all these elements are the basics of these five musicians improvisations. Musicians succesfully manage to switch between contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde, experimental music, avant-garde jazz, modern jazz and even various styles of contemporary or traditional jazz. Their music is always turning and twisting in various unpredictable changes, moods, characters and other musical language elements – musicians are free and innovative masters, which connect in one place different playing manners, styles and playing techniques.

This album compositions are based on various jazz styles and intonations of contemporary academical music. The melodies of each instruments are independent, have unique and extraordinary sound. The music is based on free and polyphonic musical pattern. It’s formed by many different music styles – its basics are the main elements of avant-garde jazz, which is synthesized with bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, contemporary academical music and experimental music. The compositions don’t have a strict structure and form – it’s based on free, spontaneous and energetic improvisations. Five experienced and talented jazz masters are improvising interesting and expressive. Together they create dynamic, especially expressive, energetic and active sound. Piano melodies by Jozef Dumoulin are moody, colorful and expressive. Huge range of different playing manners and innovative methods of playing help the improviser to create dynamic and evocative sound. He tries out many different ways of playing, extract various contrasting moods, use huge amount of evocative musical expressions. Vivacious, expressive, glamorous, energetic and dynamic solos are connected together with soft, subtle, deep and silent episodes. Piano improvisations are constantly changing, have interesting melodic section, firm rhythmic basement and colorful harmony. Various flutes melodies by Sylvaine Helary bring vivacious, soft, joyful and passionate sound. Virtuosic and touching passages, wild fast and rapid solos, huge amount of musical expressions, expressive and passionate improvising make an effort to whole sound and bring more colors to its pattern. Contrebass improvisations by Bruno Chevillon are based on deep, vibrant and contrasting improvising. Silent, deep and calm solos are connected together with emotional, passionate and virtuosic solos, expressive and active melodies, unusual timbres and sound. Improviser extract various extraordianry timbres and sound by using innovative ways of playing. Dynamic and active saxophone improvisations by Antonin Tri Hoang bring live and many contrasts to whole sound. H emasterfully swtiches between free, turbulent and active collective improvisations, vivacious, playful and joyful solos, expressive and dramatic culminations and silent, effective and organic episodes. All these elements are fused together masterfully in his improvisations. These instruments form the solid, firm, effective and active melodic section which is colorfully illustrated by percussion. Toma Gouband marvelously manages the percussion section – improviser use many different playing techniques, experimental ways of playing and extract unusual and colorful timbres and sounds, All these elements colorfully illustrate the melodic pattern and form strong rhythmic basement. The most effective episodes of this album are the collective improvisations – this is the place, there all five musicians are improvising inventively, free and expressive. This album has dynamic, effective and interesting sound.