Adam O’Farrill – “El Maquech” (Biophilia Records, 2018)

“El Maquech” is the newest release of “Biophilia Records”. Album was recorded by four jazz masters – it’s Adam O’Farrill (trumpet), Chad Lefkowitz-Brown (tenor saxophone), Walter Stinson (bass) and Zach O’Farrill (drums). The music of this ensemble is based on organic synthesis of various jazz styles and music elements. The musicians masterfully fuse together avant-garde jazz, modern and contemporary jazz, traditional jazz and various ethnic music elements of Europe and Asia countries. The musicians like to experiment – they are fusing and mixing together absolutely different elements and styles, which are the opposites to each other. The huge range of jazz styles and ethnical intonations is just a part of their music – dance, circus music, contemporary academical, experimental music and academic avant-garde also are heard very much in improvisations of these four jazz masters. Each musician is great and creative improviser – all of them had created and masterfully improved interesting, original and innovative playing style, manner and sound.

The music of “El Maquech” is very contrasting, expressive and moody. Different playing techniques, experimental ways of playing, drastic and sudden changes of musical language and mood, special effects, spontaneous and vivacious solos – all these elements are very important to whole sound. It makes an effort to suggestive, effective, expressive and impressive sound. The musicians are trying out new ways of playing and aren’t avoiding the eclectic combinations of styles, expressions, dynamics, rhythms and other musical language elements. Because of that, the musical language of whole album is especially bright, innovative and colorful. The msuical pattern is based on free improvisation, various open forms of avant-garde jazz, dynamic rhythmic and sharp harmony. A synthesis of creative and free jazz and various modern jazz form the basics of these compositions. Bebop, post bop, hard bop, free, creative, fusion, cool and various elements of traditional jazz are mixed together with dance and circus music, intonations of Asia and Europe music, Afroamerican music and other similar music styles. Remarkable and memorable melodies, bright and vibrant solos, dynamic rhythms are gently fused together in one place. Trumpet melodies are expressive and vivacious. Adam O’Farrill plays with passion, very expressively and emotionally – his improvisations has impressive and remarkable melodies, which make whole sound more effective and energetic. Musician uses huge range of extended playing techniques, expressions, his musical language is based on sharp and harsh chords, dynamic rhythms which are highly contrasting with slow and static rhythms, soft consocances and other elements. His music is filled with harsh and rigorous riffs, vibrant, powerful and loud blow outs, passionate and wild fast passages, emotional and spontaneous solos – all these elements are masterfully blended together and gently go along together with other instruments. Teor saxophone melodies by Chad Lefkowitz-Brown make a pleasant equation with trumpet. Vivid, moving, striking and touching melodies are filled with impressive solos, energetic, shrieky and turbulent blow outs, furiously fast passages, colorful timbres and unusual sounds. Improviser makes a remarkable and effective sound by using dozens of different expressions, playing techniques and chords. He masterfully switches between different moods and characters, base the improvisations on free and sponataneous solos. Walter Stinson bass melodies reveal the other side of the compositions – it’s based on lyrical, soft and subtle solos, abstract musical pattern, weird timbres, monotonic bass line, deep, dark, depressive and harsh chords and other similar things. Bass melodies make an effort to rhythmic section and also colorfully illustrate the melodic pattern. Already mentionned elements of bass imrpovisations are fused together with special effects, expressive, moving and touching solos, passionate melodies and marvelous passages. The improvisations also make an effort to background – bring more colors and tunes and turn it more brighter. The drums section is especially impressive, energetic and turbulent – it’s leaded by Zach O’Farrill. Experienced and creative drummmer masterfully mixes together various basic elements of bebop, hard bop, post bop, fusion, cool, swing, other traditional jazz styles, Afroamerican, Asian and Europe music elements. The marvelous synthesis between all these absolutely different and contrasting rhythmic forms makes a solid, independent and remarkable rhythmic section, which is highly contrasting with expressive, firm, colorful and interesting melodic section. The music of this album has impressive, original and expressive sound.


Stefano Leonardi|Marco Colonna|Antonio Bertoni|Fridolin Blumer|Heinz Geisser – “l’Eterno” (Leo Records, 2018)

CD LR 830

“l’Eterno” is the newest release of “Leo Records” label. Album was recorded by quintet – it’s Stefano Leonardi (flute, sulittu), Marco Colonna (clarinet, bass clarinet), Antonio Bertoni (cello), Fridolin Blumer (bass) and Heinz Geisser (percussion). The musicians are famous in experimental jazz scene for many years now – they had been playing along with others famous jazz masters. Their music is based on their own and original playing style. Unique sound, dynamic and innovative playing manner, original and inventive musical decisions, modern and colorful musical language – all these elements are the basics of their improvisations. The elements of avant-garde jazz are fused with contemporary and modern jazz, also there are some rhythmic and melodic intonations of contemporary academical music. The organic synthesis of all these elements makes an effort to remarkable and impressive sound. The musicians like to try out new ways of playing – their musical language is especially bright and colorful, filled with experimental ways of playing, wide range of musical expressions, unusual timbres, sounds and tones. The basics of the compositions all the time rest the same – it’s dynamic, turbulent and free improvisation, where different playing styles, contrasting episodes and individual melodies are blended together.

The music of this album has interesting sound. It’s based on free improvisation and polyphonic musical pattern. Inidividual melodies by each improviser are based on their own and unique sound, playing style and manner. Musicians not hesitate to experiment in all ways of musical language – they are trying out new forms, expressions, extended playing techniques and strange compilations of instruments and chords. The music is the based on very bright, evocative and innovative musical language. The main elements of avant-garde, experimental and free jazz are mixed together with bebop, post bop, hard bop, contemporary jazz and very low intonations of contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. The most effective element of flute solos is the solos – it has huge diversity of colors, sounds and timbres. Virtuosic and expressive passages, hollows and shrieky sounds, special effects and passionate melodies are blended together with free improvisation and sound experiments. The exotic instrument sulittu bring exotic and unusual sound to the composition. It’s gently fit together with flute melodies – soft, colorful, gentle and light melodies, special effects, extraordinary sounds and other colorictic elements colorfully illustrate the musical background. The clarinet and bass clarinet melodies are vibrant and bright. It keeps the main melodic section of whole compositions. Expressive, moving, striking and vivacious solos are put against the aggressive, rigorous and harsh or very silent, subtle and soft. The clarinet melodies are based on contrasting episodes, which are gently blended together – each of them has its own sound, style and mood. High variety of moods and expressions is used here- it brings many new colors and tones to the compositions, makes the sound more live and bright. Vibrant and effective blow outs, fascinating riffs aren’t very frequently used in these compositions – soft, expressive, vibrant, gentle and passionate sound is heard for the most of the time. Virtuosic and passionate solos, wild fast and furious passages, colorful glissando, huge diversity of various unusual sounds and strange timbres makes an effort to original and gorgeous sound. Bass clarinet has very deep and solid bass line, which is kept static for the most of the time. Monotonic, solid and firm bass line is made from the static rhythmic combinations, slow tempo and repetitive melodic and rhythmic elements. Cello and bass melodies gently fit together with all instruments. It makes a pleasant equation with flutes, clarinet and percussion. Both instruments have very variable, dynamic and expressive melodic pattern. Passionate, moving, vivacious and vivid melodies are filled with vibrant solos, subtle and colorful pizzicato, glissando, vibrato and other similar musical expressions and playing techniques. The harmony is modern and dynamic – sharp dissonances and soft, lyrical consonances are fused together in one place. Solid, deep and static bass line goes along very well together with bass clarinet melodies, it also full of changes and sudden turns – the subtle and firm bass line finally grows out to dramatic and turbulent culminations. Colorful, expressive and passionate cello melodies, vibrant and marvelous solos, dark, harsh and hard tones, deep bass line, dramatic culminations and huge variety of extended playing techniques – all these elements make a remarkable sound. Percussion melodies are very dynamic and variable. It’s based on expressive playing manner, free and spontaneous solos, rpeetitive rhythmic forms, which are used and changes silmunateously. Dynamic and vivid bebop rhythms are contrasting with static and slow traditional and contemporary jazz rhythms – it grows to free improvisations which are the most effective and important episodes of the compositions. The music of this album has impressive and marvelous sound, which is created by five great avant-garde jazz improvisers.

Sloth Racket – “A Glorious Monster” (Luminous, 2018)

“A Glorious Monster”is the newest release of “Luminous Label”. Album was recorded by jazz ensemble “Sloth Racket” – its members are Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone), Anton Hunter (guitar), Sam Andreae (alto saxophone), Seth Bennett (bass) and Johnny Hunter (drums). All five musicians are interesting and original improvisers. Their music is always full of inventive musical decisions, sudden and colorful stylistic waves and bright sound. Musicians are using dozens of extended playing techniques, expressions, dynamics and other musical language elements. Loud and bright solos, vibrant and turbulent blow outs, rigorous, harsh and shrieky tones are connected together with soft, lyrical and calm episodes. Music of this ensemble is based on contrasts – colorful episodes which have absolutely different sound, are gently combined together. Five musicians had been improvising together many times. Their inventive playing, original playing manner, extended playing techniques, unusual sounds and timbres and unique sound make an effort to interesting and remarkable sound.

“A Glorious Monster” has interesting and original sound. The music is based on avant-garde jazz, but also has many relations with modern jazz. The musical pattern and facture is very rich and bright – it’s formed by numerous of modern playing techniques, experimental ways of playing, modern and colorful expressions and dynamic harmony. All these elements are joined together in one place. Musicians are exploring the sound and technical abilities of their instruments. Experimental ways of playing are connected together with traditional playing techniques, such as glissando, arpeggio, tremolo, pizzicato, frulato and many others. Marvelous synthesis of all musical language elements makes an effort to original, vivacious and innovative sound. Baritone saxophone melodies by Cath Roberts are contrasting and dynamic. Deep, static and solid bass line form the rhythmic and harmonic pattern of the compositions. It’s highly contrasting with expressive, moving, touching and passionate solos, which are the most effective elements of saxophone improvisations. Vivacious, solos, striking and wild fast passages, glamorous and passionate melodies, rigorous, roaring and turbulent blow outs, aggressive and dramatic pieces, spontaneous and free improvisations – all these elements are masterfully joined together in Cath Roberts improvisations. Alto saxophone improvisations by Sam Andreae are even more rapid, energetic and passionate than baritone saxophone. The music is totally based on splendid, gorgeous and extremely fast passages, effective and impressive riffs, aggressive, harsh and vibrant blow outs. The improviser masterfully switches between different sounds, expressions, uses dozens of different playing techniques, special effects, sound experiments and other elements of musical language. Anton Hunter guitar melodies are based on synthesis between various rock and jazz styles. Avant-garde jazz and free improvisation are the basics of his improvisations. The main elements of bebop, hard-bop, post-bop, various contemporary jazz styles are fused together with very mild and soft intonations of rock music. The music gets similar to modern jazz or rock just in rhythmical or melodic section – Anton Hunter mix together hard and sharp rock rhythms with expressive, dynamic and rapid bebop rhythmic forms. Even though, the music has stylistic relations with other music styles, the main element is kept the same – avant-garde and experimental jazz. Seth Bennett bass melodies are very dynamic and vivacious. Vibrant and energetic solos, expressive and passionate passages, original and inventive musical decisions, fascinating and impressive experiments, weird timbres, unusual sounds and many other similar elements form the main basic of his improvisations. Improviser masterfully mixes together many different sounds, manners, styles, playing techniques, rhythms and chords in one place. Vivacious and glamorous solos are blended together with rigorous, sharp and dark tones, static and firm bass line or turbulent free improvisations. Bass melodies bring more colors to the compositions and keep firm and solid rhythmic and bass section. Johnny Hunter drums improvisations are real bursts of energy, where many different rhythms and styles are mixed. The most effective and interesting episodes are frantic, harsh and turbulent solos. It’s based on free improvisations and musical experiments – drums compositions have powerful, harsh, turbulent and colorful sound. The music of this album has energetic, expressive and innovative sound.

Satoko Fujii|Joe Fonda|Gianni Mimmo – “Triad” (Long Song Records, 2018)

“Triad” is a new release of “Long Song Records”. Album was recorded by three jazz masters – Satoko Fuji (piano), Joe Fonda (double bass, flute) and Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone). These creative and talented avant-garde jazz improvisers had been improvising together many times. Each of them has their own and original playing style, unique sounds and interesting playing manner. The music is based on avant-garde jazz. The elemenets of free, creative, experimental and other avant-garde jazz styles are gently combined together in their improvisations. There’s also heard many relations with modern jazz – bebop, post bop, hard bop and other styles. The music is full of contrasts – free improvisations have energetic and turbulent sound, bright and vibrant musical pattern and wide range of musical expressions, playing techniques and timbres. The musicians are deciated to search for new and unusual ways of playing and create remarkable and impressive sound. Contrasts between various musical language elements, drastic and sudden changes of moods, characters and expressions make the music of this trio colorful, expressive and contrasting.

“Triad” is based on free improvisations. The musical pattern has many different layers, sounds, tones, melodies and expressions. Open form, free and spontaneous improvisation, vivacius and expressive solos or abstract, silent and separate sounds – these elements is a little part of whole musical pattern. The musicians trying out new and experimental ways of playing – their music is always changing, is full of twists and stylistic turns. Music of this album has wide range of music styles – avant-garde, modern and contemporary jazz are fused together in one place. Along with free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, this music has mild relations with contemporary academical music, experimental music, sound experiments and academic avant-garde. The intonations of these, already mentioned, music styles are very soft and mild. It’s not used as a pure stylistic element. The sounds of academic avant-garde, contemporary academical music are mostly used in instrumentation – the musicians are using new and original ways of playing. The intonations of experimental music is heard  in timbres section – the search and extraction of new and unusual sounds, timbres and tones is one of the most important element of these compositions. All these elements of contemporary academical music, experimental music and acadmeic avant-garde make a organic and natural synthesis with avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Piano melodies are very contrasting and dynamic. It’s full of expressive solos, vivid, impressive and vivacious melodies, wide range of chords and scales and special effects. All these elements are highly contrasting with soft, subtle, silent and abstract episodes. Remarkable, impressive and virtuosic passages, marvelous and vibrant solos, colorful harmony and dynamic rhythmic make an effort to whole sound of the album. Double bass melodies form the rhythmic and harmonic basement. Various stylistic waves, experimental playing techniques, wide range of colorful and modern expressions, rhythms and unusual timbres make a bright, innovative and modern musical language. Vibrant and energetic solos, vivacious and expressive melodies and special effects are contrasting with deep, static and dark bass line. Flute melodies are soft and dynamic. Harsh, aggressive and shrieky solos, emotional and passionate melodies, virtuosic and marvelous passages are joined together with lyrical, subtle, peaceful and slow episodes. These episodes bring contrasting, colorful and interesting sound. Soft and interesting flute melodies gently fit together with soprano saxophone. Free and spontaneous solos, effective, vibrant and powerful blow outs, wild fast and furious passages – all these elements are the most remarkable and interesting things of soprano saxophone solos. Each musican is improvising creatively and expressively. All three of them numerous of different extended playing techniques, experimental and unusual ways of playing, which gently go aling together with traditional playing techniques of contemporary academical music. The album has impressive and interesting sound.

Katherine Young|Chris Mercer|Charmaine Lee|Sam Pluta|Aaron Cassidy – “Phantom Images” (Huddersfield Contemporary Records, 2018)

Phantom Images

“Phantom Images” is the newest release of “Huddersfield Contemporary Records”. Album is formed from four compositions by four different contemporary academical music composers – it’s Katherine Young, Chris Mercey, Charmaine Lee and Aaron Cassidy. All these composers have original composing style and modern playing manner. Their composing style is more or less based on synthesis between acoustics and electronics. Innovative and colorful ways of playing, experimental playing techniques, special effects and other similar instrumentation elements of acoustic instruments form the main part of their compositions. All these elements are fused together with electronics – glitch, modified sounds, timbres, computer devices music, glitch, drone, recording machines and other electronic music elements are used here. The music reflects the main tendencies of contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde – it reveals the synthesis between acoustics and electronics, which is getting more and more popular, free form, special effects, the search of innovative playing techniques and experimental ways of playing. The form of compositions is free and not strictly based – it’s formed by various elements of classical forms and free improvisations. Dynamic rhythmic, stylistic turns between post-romantism, expressionism, post-impressionism, modernism and post-modernism, minimalism, experimental music, sonoristic and concrete music, academic avant-garde and electronics – all these elements aare organically joined together in music of these four talented composers. Their music has interesting, expressive, modern and original sound.

“Phantom Images” has remarkable and expressive sound. The first composition by Katherine Young “For Daphne and Delia II” is full of interesting msuical decisions and has colorful and modern musical language. Polyphonic pattern is based on individual melodies by each instrument. Composer tries out to expand the main and traditional technical abilities of each instrument. The search of unusual and strange timbres is the most important in her compositions. This compositions is filled with expressive and vivacious solos which composer puts against drmatic, sharp, aggressive, turbulent and dark episodes. Slow and silent, lyric and sorrow or very bright, vivid, joyful and playful – all the different moods, expressions and episodes are fused together in one place. Katherine Young masterfully switches between different musical expressions, playing techniques, rhythms, chords, scales and other musical language elements. The sudden stylistic twists are based on synthesis between modernism, repetitive melodic and rhtyhic intonations, academic avant-garde, experimental music, sonoristic experiments and poast-expressionism. The music is especially expressive, has bright, colorful and contrasting sound. Chris Mercey “Phantom Images” is written for 48 instruments, which are modified by computer. Composer by himself controles all the instruments and creates remarkable and impressive sound. The sound modifications, strange timbres, unusual alterations, different scales, harmonies and chords – all these elements and special effects are used together in one place. The simple acoustic instruments are modified by using innovative computer programs and sounds. Composer likes to experiment in all sections of musical language – he searches for new and unusual timbres, original sounds, doesn’t avoid to use sonoristic and concrete music elements and integrate them in musical pattern. Marvelous synthesis between acoustics and electronics, computer devices and special effects helps composer to create impressive, innovative and interesting sound. Music is filled with extravagant musical decisions, special effects, contrasts and differnet moods. Vivacious and expressive episodes are joined together with harsh, dark, lyric or peaceful episodes. This compositions is one of the most interesting composition of whole album. The third composition “quarks” by Charmaine Lee has many relations with free improvisation. This compositions was played and recorded along with famous improviser Sam Pluta. The synthesis between electronics. voice and acoustics creates organic, expressive and unusual sound. The music has subtle, silent, peaceful and soft sound, which is highly contrasting with vibrant and turbulent episodes. Organic synthesis between minimalism, concrete music, sonoristic music, sonic system experiments, various elements of electronic music and free improvisations make an interesting and original sound of this composition. The final composition “I, for example,…” is the first pure electronic music composition created by Aaron Cassidy. This music is totally based on electronics – composer masterfully tries out new and interesting ways of playing. Glitch, sound alterations, timbres modifications, drone, sonic system experiments, sonoristic and concrete music elements, field recordings, computer devices sounds, innovative musical experiments, special effects, colorful and strange timbres – all these elements contain the main part of this composition. The sound of this compsition is totaly based on synthesis between electronic and experimental music, but also has many relations with sonoristic and concrete music. Organic and masterful synthesis between different electronic elements, stlyistic waves, wide range of expressions, rhythms and playing techniques make effective and impressive sound. The compositions of this album are very different from each other – it has its pown style, character, playing techniques, pattern and musical language. All these compositions have effective, innovative and remarkable sound.

Ghost Ensemble – “We Who Walk Again” (Indexical, 2018)

“We Who Walk Again” was recently released by “Indexical”. Album music was recorded by contemporary music collective “Ghost Ensemble”. The ensemble music is based on free improvisation and synthesis of various modern music styles. All the members of ensemble are creative and remarkable musicians – each of them has its own and original playing style, modern manner and unique sound. The ensemble had been formed in 2012. Since then, ensemble became famous for interesting, evocative and original compositions, which are filled with various styles of contemporary academical music and free improvisation. Post-expressionism, post-romantism, modernism, experimental music, academic avant-garde, electronic music and many other similar styles are organically connected together. Musicians are trying new ways of playing – their music is full of interesting and colorful timbres, sounds and tones. The academical music elements are fused together with free improvisation. The most part of their compositions has free spots for creative and spontaneous solos, inventive musical decisions and many other elements. That brings moody, contrasting and evocative sound. The “Ghost Ensemble” performs the compositions written by modern, interesting and evocative contemporary music composers or members of the ensemble.

“We Who Walk Again” has three compositions which were written by different composers, which are members of the orchestra. It’s “60 Degrees Mirrors” by Sky Macklay, “Angels and Demons” by Paulina Oliveros and Ben’s Richter’s composition “Wind People”. Three compositions are absolutely different from each other. Each composition has its own sound, interesting and evocative musical language, colorful and suggestive orchestration and wide range of different musical expressions, sounds, timbres and tones. All the compositions are based on dynamic rhythmic and synthesized form. The form is fused by elements of various classical forms and open forms of avant-garde jazz. All three compositions have free and open forms, which are constantly changing all the time. All kinds of different rhythms are used here – dynamic and speedy, slow and monotonic, very rapid and joyful, or heavy and vibrant – various types of rhythmic formulas are used here. These elements are gently combined together with free improvisation, intonations of various Europe contries ethnical music and other similar things. The musicians are playing especially expressively, have remarkable and impressive playing style and are full of evocative, creative and astonishing ideas. “60 Degrees Mirrors” is very expressive and passionate. Colorful and inventive instrumentation, experimental ways of playing, sharp and aggressive harmony, dynamic rhythmic and other similar things help the composer to create effective, original, rich and colorful musical language. Virtuosic and rapid passages, impressive and furiously fast solos, dark and heavy tremolos and drum rolls, turbulent and dramatic culminations, aggressive, sharp and harsh solos are gently fused together. This composition is based on contrasting episodes, which are used silmunateously – that makes an effort to colorful, unpredictable and modern sound of this composition. “Angels and Demons” has similar mood, but different musical language. This composition, as same as the fist one, is especially expressive, striking and moving. Virtuosic, memorable and emotional melodies, vivid and gorgeous solos, colorful and extraordinary sounds, strange timbres, sharp harmony and wide range of different musical expressions and inventive playing techniques make an effort to evocative, vivid and vivacious sound. Along with contemporary music elements, the intonations of ethnical Spain music are used. The marvelous and organic synthesis between traditional and contemporary Spain music and modern academical music styles is one of the most important element of Paulina Oliveros composing style. Free improvisation also are heard very much in this composition. Free, expressive and turbulent solos, musical experiments, searches of extraordinary sounds and inventive musical decisions make the sound more colorful, emotional and contrasting. The final composition “Wind People” is the opposite to the others. Calm and silent mood, abstract musical pattern, soft and peaceful chords or separate tones create quiet and subtle sound. Slow tempo, unusual sounds, eclectic instruments combinations, experimental ways of playing, static and dark tones and other similar things make effective and meditative sound. This composition is totally based on abstract musical pattern and separate tones which are constatly continued and changed with others. There’s no separate and bright melodic or rhythmic pattern – melodic and rhythmic intonations are organically nd effectively fused together in one place. Repetitive and monotonic chords, soft harmony, simple musical pattern bring many relations of minimalism and post-minimalism. The music of this sound is based on synthesis between minimalism, post-minimalism, experimental music, academic avant-garde and free improvisation. It has effective, extraordinary and meditative sound. The album is a great set of three compositions, written by talented composers – each of them has its own and modern musical language, original composing style and likes to experiment in all sections of musical language.

Daniel Carter / William Parker / Matthew Shipp – “Seraphic Light” (AUM Fidelity, 2018)

“Seraphic Light” is the newest release of “AUM Fidelity”. Album was recorded by great and famous jazz masters – Daniel Carter (flute, trumpet, tenor, alto & soprano saxophones, clarinet), William Parker (bass) and Matthew Shipp (piano). All three musicians are original, creative and innovative avant-garde jazz masters. They also are active members of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene – they are collaborating all the time with other famous improvisers. Their music is expressive, vivacious, striking and vivid. It’s also filled with interesting, extravagant and modern musical decisions, astonishing musical experiments and innovative ways of playing. All these elements are fused together in one place and contain modern and rich musical language. Musicians improvisations are based on avant-garde jazz, but also have many relations with bebop, post bop and hardbop. Their music is full of energetic, expressive and dynamic solos, aggressive, sharp harmony,  turbulent and spontaneous solos, and many other similar elements. The synthesis between all these different musical language elements make extraordinary and interesting sound. Collective improvisations by all three musicians always are based on innovative musical experiments, expressive and colorful playing manner and inventive musical decisions.

“Seraphic Light” is totally based on avant-garde jazz elements. Free improvisation, spontaneous and expressive solos, musical experiments, search of unusual and strange timbres, open forms and many other similar elements contain the main element of all improvisations. The highest attention is paid for creation of colorful and expressive sound, expansion of traditional technical abilities of acoustic instruments and usage of innovative playing techniques. Musicians are experimenting in all ways and sections of musical language. Expressive and passionate playing manner, dynamic rhythmic, sharp, aggressive and modern harmony, different scales, eclectic and strange combinations – all these elements make rich and colorful musical pattern. Along with basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation, the compositions have many relations with bebop, hard bop and other similar modern jazz styles. Lyrical and peaceful episodes of the compositions are based on abstract musical pattern. It has subtle and calm sound, lyrical and soft mood and is based on separate unusual timbres, sounds and short melodic elements. Repetitive melodic and rhythmic intonations also are used in these pieces. It makes monotonic and meditative sound. Many different moods, expressions, characters and sounds are organically fused together in these compositions. Each musician is improvising differently from the others. Daniel Carter flute, saxophones and clarinet improvisations are especially expressive and moody. It’s filled with dynamic and passionate solos, which contain many different musical expressions, rhythms and chords. Virtuosic and wild fast solos, passionate and expressive melodies, vivid and spontaneous improvisations, marvelous passages and vibrant, energetic, powerful and intense blow outs are just the part of his improvisations. Musician masterfully fuses together all these different musical language elements and connects them with lyrical and soft flutes melodies, slow and monotonic solos or franky, harsh and turbulent solos. His music is filled with interesting and dynamic improvisations, which are made on-the-spot and based on sudden and eclectic stylistic turns. William Parker bass melodies can appear very subtle and soft from the first tone, but it’s fused together with furiously fast solos, rapid and vivid passages, colorful, expressive and striking melodies, turbulent and vibrant tones, repetitive, deep and dark chords and many other elements. His music gets many different moods and expressions – from very silent and soft it gets to joyful, playful and vivid, especially fast and active, expressive and passionate or harsh, aggressive and dark. His improvisations are full of unusual and strange sounds, which are extracted by using dozens of different playing techniques. Matthew Shipp piano solos are especially passionate, vivid, striking and expressive. Pianist usic is based on frantic solos, harsh and sharp chords, rapid and dynamic rhythmic and spontaneous solos. His music is full of splendid and impressive solos, virtosic and wild fast passages, extremely loud and powerful repetitive chords and tones, inventive musical decisions and experimental ways of playing. The music of this album has remarkable and impressive sound, which is created by great and innovative jazz masters.