Yarn/Wire – “Images of Duration” (Northern Spy, 2018)

Images of Duration

“Images of Duration” is the newest release of “Northern Spy”. Album was recorded by percussion and piano quartet “Yarn/Wire”. The compositions for this collective were written by Alex Mincek in hommage to Ellsworth Kelly. “Yarn/Wire’ quartet is evocative and innovative contemporary music ensemble, which mostly interpretes the music written by contemporary academical and modern music composers. Ensemble also frequently plays the engaging, original and modern interpretations of various classical music compositions. Their music are based on sound experiments, rich, variable and abstract musical language and always have effective and remarkable sound. Musicians are the masters of touching, experimental and innovative playing – they are trying out new and eclectic instrumental combinations, expressing wide range of moods and mixing up together new ways of playing, different characters, playing manners and expressions.  Alex Mincek is a famous contemporary academical music composer. His musical language is hgihly effected by various contemporary academical music and 20th century music styles. The basic is formed from the main elements of minimalism and post-minimalism. Repetitive rhythmic and melodic structures, simple and minimalistic form, ordinary harmony are fused together with the intonations of experimental, electronic, concrete and spectral music. Compositions also have relations with academic avant-garde and other contemporary academical music styles. Music by Alex Mincek is based on eclectic rhythmic, stylistic and melodic combinations, mixes of various playing and composing techniques, original and evocative instrumentation and bright musical decisions. All these elements make an effort to interesting, evocative, extraordinary and engaging sound.

“Images of Duration” is based on effective sound, innovative musical decisions and synthesis of various music styles. Composer bases his music on minimalism – all main elements of it are charmingly fused together. Various rhythmic combinations, dissonance and consonance chords, short and simple melodic elements contain the main base of the compositions. The musical language is extraordinary and interesting – it’s highly differs from the compositions of other composers. Simple, ordinary and traditional form is mixed with rhythmic, melodic and harmonic elements, which are repeated silmunateously by using the method of repetition. That makes an effort to eclectic, weird and natural sound of the album. These compositions are started with absolutely abstract form and ascetic, austere, solemn and subtle sound. Silent and separate sounds, various rhythms and weird timbres contain the main base of the music. The beginning of the album is totally based on minimalism and post-minimalism elements. Music gets much more moving, touching and variable in the middle of the album. Silent and subtle melodies, ordinary rhythmic structures and static chords are straightly fused together with weird timbres, specific playing techniques, the elements of concrete, spectral, electronic and experimental music. Independent and charming melodies are made from the short melodic elements and separate sounds, which were continuously repeated in the beginning of the album. Cols, subtle, calm and solemn sound turns out to moving, attractive, passionate and remarkable solos, enchanting and extraordinary sounds, effective and innovative musical decisions and fascinating musical experiments. The musical facture modifies several times in various compositions – from simple and ascetic it turns to difficult, complicated and polyphonic. Composer not hesitate to combine together absolutely different musical language elements and expressions. All kinds of different timbres, osunds, expressions, chords, shapes, playing techniques and factures are mixed together. This music is easy to modify – its simple structure is open to sudden and unpredictable stylisitc changes, musical experiments in all sections and producing of eclectic, engaging, weird and strange sounds. The basic of the album is kept the same through all the compositions – main elements of minimalism and post-minimalism are combined together with other contemporary academical music styles or used authentically as a pure element. Four musicians of “Yarn/Wire” are creating effective, remarkable, modern and innovative sound. Theit playing is touching, bright, passionate and expressive. Musical experiments, special effects, innovative instrumentation, modifications of various elements of musical language, authentic and natural synthesis of various composing techniques and innovative musical decisions – all these elements make remarkable, bright and original sound of this album.


XOL – “XOL plays X​.​EN” (Chant Records, 2018)

“XOL plays X​.​EN” is the newest release of “Chant Records”. The album was recorded by Guy Bettini (cornet, trumpet, fluegelhorn), Harri Sjöström (soprano sax), Luca Pissavini (double bass) and Francesco Miccolis (drums, percussion). Four musicians are famous, taleneted, creative and experienced avant-garde jazz masters. They are the veterans of Europen experimental jazz scene. Musicians have their own and original playing style, expressive, vivid, vivacious and bright playing manner and unique sound. They always like to make spontaneous musical decisions, surprising and sudden changes and extract unusual and eclectic timbres. Jazz masters for more than 20 years are the central figures of European avant-garde jazz scene – they had been playing and collaborated with dozens of other famous and innovative improvisers. Their music is based on spontanity and emotion – it’s filled with powerful energy explosions, bright, vibrant and noisy solos, rigorous, intensive and especially loud blow outs, effective and expressive collective improvisations or turbulent, energetic and luminous duos or trios. The music always has remarkable and passionate sound.

“XOL plays X​.​EN” is filled with playful and light solos, vivacious and bright improvisations and spontaneous musical decisions. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz elements and free improvisation. Musicians are mixung together all kinds of rhythms and timbres, chords, expressions and other elements of musical language. Together they create organic, bright and rich musical pattern and demonstrating their abilities of creative and innovative improvising. All four pioneers of avant-garde jazz scene also have masterful, brilliant, engaging and passionate playing technique – it gives suggestive, bright and original sound of the album. The music based on free improvisations, open form and dynamic harmony, rhythmic and harmonic sections. Rich, sparkling and bright musical pattern is contained by many lays and colors. It has independent, suggestive and gorgeous melodic section, bright, powerful and turbulent rhythmic base and colorful, modern and innovative background. Big attention is paid to the quality of the sound and extraction of new colors, shapes, forms and timbres. Musicians are trying to create their own and specific playing techniques to make wide range of colorful, extraordinary, strange and bright timbres. By using experimental, traditional, innovative and original ways of playing, improvisers produce an enormous variety of strange and weird timbres and sounds. That makes an exceptional sound – all compositions have marvelous instrumentation, bright and sharp harmony and dynamic rhythmic. The music is created by using spontaneous musical decisions and bright playing manners – that’s why is filled with pleasant surprises, provocative and sudden changes, unpredictable stylistic turns and dynamic moves to another mood, character or playing manner. Music is changing all the time – from pleasant, light, gentle and playful it suddenly gets to heavy, aggressive, sharp, harsh, turbulent and provocative. From the tiny, gentle and soft solos improvisers jump straight to the turbulent, intensive, vibrant and tremendous collective improvisation. The basic sof avant-garde jazz and free improvisation have relation with other jazz styles, such as bebop, post bop, neo bop and similar modern jazz styles. Sharp and dissonance harmony, complicated rhythmic, furiously fast and rapid passages, dizzy, sparkling and passionate solos are the most important elements, which make a relation with various modern jazz styles. Moving and touching saxophone solos, bright, loud and powerful brasses improvisations, soft, subtle and dynamic double bass and passionate, inventive and free rhythmic section – though the improvisations by all four musicians are absolutely different from each other, it’s still marvelously and effectively gets together in one musical pattern. Aggressive, sharp and luminous cornet gently goes along with harsh and heavy flugelhorn, which makes solid, deep, dark and firm bass line. Static and heavy brasses make a huge contrast with bright, light, touching, passionate, moving and attractive soprano saxophone solos. Duos and trios between brasses and reeds are the most effective, remarkable and interesting episodes of whole album – it gives the expressive, passionate, bright and luminous mood to whole album and effects whole sound. Double bass gently goes along with brasses and reeds and also recovers the other side of the album. Subtle, abstract and short melodic elements, separate timbres and sounds gently go along with dynamic rhythmic, gorgeous and colorful percussion and turbulent, moving and bright collective improvisations. Double bass frequently dives into terrific, furiously fast and rapid solos, passionate and expressive melodies or dizzy passages – these episodes have vibrant and intensive sound. Rhythmic section is based on fusion of all kinds of rhythms and sounds. Drummer tries out new and interesting playing techniques – he plays with passion and expression. The most oart of the drums base is made spontaneously – improviser masterfully fuses together bright, roaring and loud solos, frantic, harsh and tremendous drum rolls, turbulent, bright and luminous free improvisations and gorgeous percussion. The music of this album has marvelous and remarkable sound.

Paul Rogers/Olaf Rupp/Frank Paul Schubert – “Three Stories about Rain, Sunlight & The Hidden Soil” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

“Three Stories about Rain, Sunlight & The Hidden Soil” is another one new release of “Relative Pitch Records” – it will be released on 28, September. The album was recorded by Paul Rogers (double bass), Olaf Rupp (electric guitar, compositions) and Frank Paul Schubert (tenor saxophone). The music by these three great jazz masters is based on synthesis between the basics of avant-garde jazz, experimental music and free improvisations. Their music usually has suggestive and remarkable sound. All kinds of rhythms, sounds, expressions and timbres are used here to create exceptional and original sound. Each musician has rich, engaging, evocative and original musical language, specific and effective playing manner, talent to improvise with passion, expression and vitality. They always like to make brave, noisy, extravagant and strange musical decisions – their music is out of the bord of traditional sound of avant-garde jazz. It’s somewhere between academic avant-garde and free improvisation, which is based on the main tendencies of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz. Independent and individual melodies, different rhythmic elements and colorful chords are masterfully fused together and make remarkable and extraordinary sound.

“Three Stories about Rain, Sunlight & The Hidden Soil” is filled with original and unique sound, bright, expressive and evocative episodes and has a rich musical language. The music is based on synthesis of main elements of avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisations and academic avant-garde. Musicians masterfully fuse together innovative and modern playing techniques, extended and specific methods of instrumentation. Various scales, microtones, all kinds of rhythms, dozens of unusual timbres, strange noises and sharp chords, innovative and evocative instrumentation – all these elements contain the main base of musical langauge. It also makes a strong relation with academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. The newest tendencies of academic avant-garde, ambient and experimental music, concrete and spectral music are gently blended together with the bright, splendid, remarkable and moving free improvisation. The music has difficult structure and abstract musical pattern. Its form is synthesized from many different forms of academical music and avant-garde jazz. Free and open forms are mixed with quadratic and strict structures, traditional forms of contemporary academical music and other elements. Even though the music is based on marvelous and astonishing synthesis between avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music, the main base of compositions is formed by the basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Avant-garde and experimental jazz moixed with soft relations of academical music – the synthesis of this type rests the same through all album and is heard in all compositions. Musicians are marvelous improvisers – they are playing and improvising passionately, expressively and evocatively. They are dedicated to create extraordinary, strange, weird and evocative sound. Frank Paul Schubert saxophone melodies give the main tune to the sound. Engaging, evocative and bright solos are mixed with depressive, aggressive, sharp and harsh timbres, short melodic elements, repetitive rhythmic and melodic intonations, minimalistic and abstract episodes, silent pauses or sudden abruptions. These elements are just a small part of his improvisations. Saxophonist creates colorful, effective and remarkable sound by using dozens of experimental, specific and extended playing techniques, expressions and other elements of musical language. Olaf Rupp guitar melodies are based on huge variety of unusual timbres, organic and suggestive sound modifications and alterations, sharp and eclectic chords and fascinating free improvisations. Guitarist experiments in various sections of musical language – he tries out exclusive and remarkable expressions, specific playing techniques, extravagant and provocative musical decisions and sounds. Special effects, electronic music elements, gorgeous and weird timbres and other coloristic elements form solid and illustrative background. Simetimes it has depressive, harsh, abandoned and rough sound – suddenly it gets to light and smooth excerpts, roaring and rigorous energy explosions and bright, passionate and expressive solos. Paul Rogers souble bass improvisations also are based on remarkable and inventive musical decisions and experiments. Wide range of colors, timbres, sounds, expressions and other elements of musical language is created here. Dozens of extravagant, weird, strange and bright timbres, unusual sounds, special effects and other elements of background are expressed by using original and innovative instrumentation decisions. Bassist is fusing together all kinds of different musical language elements and expressions by using free improvisation as a main base, which combines together all elements of musical pattern. All the episodes and elements are fused together in the organic, bright and original way. That makes an effort to enchanting, charming, dynamic, moving and extravagant sound. The music of this album is an interesting and bright result, which joins together the basics of free improvisations, avant-garde and experimental jazz and the newest tendencies of acamic avant-garde. It makes remarkable, exclusive and expressive sound.

Dave Sewelson – “Music for a Free World” (FMR, 2018)

“Music for a Free World” is the newest release of “FMR Records”. Album was recorded by Dave Sewelson (baritone and sopranino saxophone), Steve Swell (trombone), William Parker (bass) and Marvin Bugalu Smith (drums). These four great jazz masters are the monumental figures of American and European avant-garde jazz scene. Exclusive playing style, expressive and inventive improvising, spontaneous, bright, energetic, frenzy and charming improvisations and unique sound – that’s the main reason, why these musicians are famous and active in avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is inspired by extravagant musical decisions, astonishing sound experiments, experimental and specific playing techniques and other the newest tendencies of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians not hesitate to experiment in all sections and layers of musical language – they are creating their own forms, express wide range of emotions and senses, searching for a new, innovative and extended playing techniques and new, fresh and engaging sound of avant-garde jazz. Their music has impressive and energetic sound, is based on fresh, noisy, extravagant and interesting musical decisions.

“Music for a Free World” has marveloous, enchating and charming sound. It’s totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Collective improvisations contain the main and the biggest part of whole album. It’s also the most effective and attractive episodes – each musician is showing his best abilities of improvising. All musicians are always trying to express strange sounds and create remarkable, energetic and vibrant sound. Their solos are based on eclectic combinations, free form, dynamic rhythmic, fresh and evocative sound and bright musical language. Impressive, sensible, cordial and expressive improvising is the main and the most important reason, which effects the most the sound and main mood. Rich and evocative musical pattern, engaging and colorful musical lamguage, modern and innovative instrumentation, variable rhythmic and solid melodic section contain the basic of the compositions. Experimental, traditional, specific and extravagant playing techniques are mixed together in one place. The rhythmic is based on wide range of different rhtyhmic forms – Western and South Africa rhythms, Afroamerican music elements, main rhythmic forms of avant-garde and experimental jazz styles are mixed together with expressive, rapid, complicated and difficult rhythms of bebop, post-bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. This huge and organic synthesis of various rhythms creates an organic, polyphonic, polyrhythmic and exclusive sound and independnet rhythmic section. The melodic section is based on effective and suggestive musical decisions. Tenor and sopranino saxophones by Dave Sewelson and trumpet melodies by Steve Swell contain firm, bright and remarkable base of melodic section. Dizzy, sparkling and passionate solos, light, smooth and gentle melodies, joyful, playful and furiously rapid passages are the most frequently heard in saxophones solos. Improviser tries out new and innovative playing techniques, he has an inspiring and suggestive playing manner. Hot, roaring, aggressive, franky and dramatic culminations have remarkable and tremendous sound – these episodes are the most effective episodes of the album. It makes a huge contrast to heavy, slow and monotonic trombone. Harsh, clair, remarkable, trembling and vibrant trombone also has wide palette of colors, expressions and timbres. It’s made by contrast – heavy, harsh, powerful and loud episodes are contrasting with furiously fast and dynamic saxophone. It also creates bright, remarkable and energetic sound, solid, vibrant and independent bass line. William Parker bass melodies are splendid, dynamic and contrasting as usual. Musician tries out dozens of different expressions, experiments in form, harmony, rhythmic and instrumentation section. His improvisations are organic, masterful and remarkable set of senses, emotions and various elements of musical langauge. He dives through various moods – from silent, subtle and relaxing he goes straight to dizzy, sparkling, extremely fast, passionate, dramatic or light, gentle and joyful solos. Music is based on concepts and changes, is played with passion and expression. William Parker mixes together sharp, harsh, aggressive and moving neo bop, bebop and hard bop solos with turbulent, vibrant, trembling and bright free jazz improvisations. Marvin Bugalu Smith leads the drum section. It’s based on wide range of different rhythms and forms. Musician creates his own form, uses dozens of specific playing techniques, experimental ways of playing and bright expressions. His music is a creative, natural and organic sample of marvelous playing technique, original improvising and inspiring improvising. Charming and furiously rapid solos, virtuosic ascending and descending passages, sudden jumps to the borders of registres, all wide scale of dynamics, gorgeous and bright timbres, moving, touching and attractive melodies or roaring tremolo, drum rolls or arpeggio – all these elements contain the main part of drum section. It also effects whole rhythmic and melodic pattern – creates bright, firm, solid and independent rhythmic basement. Music of this album is based on innovatie instrumentation, creative and extravagant musical decisions, original musical language and great, touching and impressive improvising – all these things are put together and make a remarkable, bright and passionate sound.



Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly – “ICOCI” (Aerophonic Records, 2018)

“ICOCI” is another one new release of “Aerophonic Records”. Album was recorded by three jazz masters – Dave Rempis (alto/tenor saxophone), Jasper Stadhouders (guitar/electric bass) and Frank Rosaly (drums). These three musicians are famous, talented and innovative avant-garde jazz masters. They certainly are the main figures of American avant-garde jazz – musicians are frequently concerting in various American cities, Chicago and New York jazz scenes, other world countries and collaborating with other original and celebrate jazz improvisers. Their music has individual and interesting sound – it’s made by organic and natural fusion of avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, spontaneous solos and intonations of modern, progressive and contemporary jazz styles. Turbulent, rapid, bright, dizzy and especially expressive solos are the most fascinating and clair accent of their improvisations. Musicians are open to new and innovative methods of playing, expressions, unusual timbres and strange noises – they are always trying to get out from the zone of sound’s comfort, traditional instrumentation and simple musical language. Their music has evocative, bright and sparkling sound.

“ICOCI” is filled with energetic and bright sound. Two long compositions were recorded here – it’s filled with sparkling, dizzy and remarkable melodies, engaging and vivid solos, vibrant, powerful, turbulent and terrific blow outs, dozens of unusual and strange timbres and marvelous instrumentation. Free improvisation is the main basic of the music – it joins together enormous variety of styles, expressions, rhythms and chords. Most part of these elements are the opposites to each other – musicians masterfully fuse and blend them in one musical pattern. Different episodes fused by method of contrast effectively get together – uncompairable, contrasting and interesting improvisations are put one againt the other. That makes an effort to colorful, bright, innovative and passionate sound. The basic of musician’s playing and improvising is kept the same – it’s filled with effective and marvelous solos, unpredictable and provocative musical decisions, sound experiments, fascinating and innovative instrumentatio and suggestive, tremendous and turbulent sound. Dave Rempis saxophones improvisations are filled with specific and inventive methods of playing, sparkling and evocative solos, sharp, bright, harsh and tremendous soound. His improvisations are totally based on avant-garde jazz, but also has some relations with modern and progressive jazz styles. It’s not used as a pur element – sharp, expressive and dramatic solos, energetic and difficult rhythmic and complicated structure and rhythmic section bring the main intonations of bebop, hard bop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. Turbulent, harsh, frantic and aggressive blow outs, sepressive and sorrowful episodes, tremendous and passionate solos are used along with soft, relaxing, abstract and light s\excerpts or dizzy, aggressive, roaring and furiously fast solos. All these elements aremasterfully connected together spontaneously and naturally. Dave Rempis improvising is suggestive, remarkable and effective – it makes an strong effort to whole musical pattern and sound of the album. Guitar and electric bass improvisations by Jasper Stadhouders are based on synthesis between avant-garde, experimental, modern and contemporary jazz and also have strong relations with rock styles. Musician base his imrpovisations on free structure, he pays much of attention to the search of unusual and weird timbres, inventive playing techniques and expressions. His improvisations are expressive, based on spontaneous solos, free form, abstract structure and bright sound. All kinds of rhythms and melodic elements are joined here. Tremendous and energetic improvisations, silent and lyrical pieces, stunning and effective riffs, sparkling, dizzy and remarkable solos, hard-core rhythms and abstract, bright and free improvisations – all kinds of moods, senses, timbres, expressions and sounds are effectively fused here. Guitar melodies colorfully illustrate the main sound and bring energetic, powerful and specific intonations to the main musical pattern. Frank Rosaly drums section is filled with bright and frantic solos. Talented and experienced drummer has especially evocative, engaging and intensive playing manner. Harsh, frantic, frenzy and turbulent solos, vibrant and roaring drum rolls, fanfars or tremolo, colorful and gorgeous timbres, all kinds of different rhythmic forms contain the main base of Frank Rosaly rhythmic section. It’s solid, independent, bright, tremendous and sparkling. Free, spontaneous, furiously fast and extremely energetic solos bring exceptional and interesting sound of the album. The music of this album has evocative, bright and remarkable sound, which was cordially, passionately and expressively created and improvised by three great jazz masters.

Ken Vandermark / Klaus Kugel / Mark Tokar – “No​-​Exit Corn” (Catalytic Sound, 2018)

“No​-​Exit Corn” is the newest release of “Catalytic Sound”. Album was recorded by Ken Vandermark (saxophone, clarinet), Klaus Kugel (drums) and Mark Tokar (bass). Three musicians are famous and innovative improvisers of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. They have their own and original playing style, hot, attractive and expressive playing manner and unique sound. There are some main elements of their playing and improvising style, which are typically heard in each album and create effective, unique and evocative sound. Through the years of creative activity, the musicians had impressively and masterfully improved their own and specific playing techniques, own and experimental ways of playing and created fascinating and modern instrumentation of their improvisations. The collective improvisations are based on turbulent, bright and energetic solos, vivacious and expressive melodies, effective, vibrant and passionate duos or trios and other similar elements of musical langauge. Dozens of different playing techniques, manners, styles and expressions make an effort to expressive, remarkable and original sound.

“No​-​Exit Corn” has vibrant and bright sound, is filled with hot and astonishing solos, dizzy melodies, sharp, rigorous, aggressive and roaring blow outs and dramatic culminations. Musicians are improvising masterfully and expressively – their improvisations are played with passion, hot, attractive and astonishing playing manner and have unique, remarkable and bright sound. Rich, wide and expressive musical language formes bright, many-layed, many-colored and modern musical pattern and polyphonic facture. Abstract structure, open and free form, sharp, distinctive and colorful harmony, dynamic and variable rhythmic make an effort to bright, evocative and innovative sound and construct the main basic of the musical pattern. It’s also has gorgeous ornamentation – all kinds of virtuosic passages, dizzy and charming roulades, trembling and effective tremolos, glissando and various special effects and unusual timbres are used here. That’s how gorgeous, solid and firm ornamentation and backgorund is created. Ken Vandermark’s improvisations are filled with turbulent, terrific, powerful and rigorous blow outs, gentle and light excerpts, subtle and lyrical pieces, spontaneous and sudden changes and surprising turns to the other mood or style. His playing manner is very expressive, sharp, rigorous and dramatic. Improviser tries out many specific, his own created playing techniques, takes on adventurous musical decisions or experimental methods of instrumentation. He’s the master of fusing together wide range of styles, manners, sounds and timbres. Sometimes his improvisations have hot, sparkling, passionate and expressive sound, sometimes it gets to tremendous solos, rigorous, roaring and aggressive bursts of energy, dizzy, charming and extremely rapid passages or sorrowful, sad and depressive pieces. All kinds of moods are expressed and fused here. His music has effective, gorgeous and impressive sound. The most effective elements are roaring, terrific and extremely powerful blow outs or passionate, dynamic and suggestive duos with bass or drums – these episodes also makes an effort to main sound of the album. Mark Tokar bass melodies are based on wide range of timbres, sounds and manners. Musician as usual tries out new and innovative ways of playing, blends together many contrasting music styles, expressions and moods. By using his creativity and inventive improvising, musician masterfully dives through different moods and musical language elements – from the silent and subtle pieces, abstract and suggestive sound experiments, deep, dark and solid bass line to the bright, especially loud, frantic, terrific, francy and passionate solos. These improvisations always have sparkling and remarkable sound, it also makes an effort to whole musical pattern and sound of the album. Klaus Kugel drums section is based on free improvisation, abstract musical pattern and innovative experiments. The rhythms of modern and avant-garde jazz styles are inventively fused here. Sharp, attractive and rigorous solos, passionate and virtuosic passages, trembling and extremely loud fanfars, gorgeous timbres, provocative and eclectic combinations and turbulent, energetic and terrific culminations – all these elements contain solid, independent and firm rhythmic base. This album music is based on avant-garde jazz and experimental jazz. The main elements of these styles are combined together with bebop, hard bop, post bop, cool, progressive and other similar intonations of modern jazz styles. Marvelous and organic fusion of various styles, manners, expressions and sounds makes an effort to remarkable, bright, vivacious and energetic sound of this album.

Rempis/Reid/Abrams – “Ithra” (Aerophonic, 2018)

“Ithra” is a new release of “Aerophonic Records”. Album was recorded by Dave Rempis (alto, tenor saxophone), Tomeka Reid (cello) and Joshua Abrams (bass). Three famous, talented and innovative musicians certainly are the central figures of Chicago and New York avant-garde jazz scene. Original playing manner, specific and expressive playing manner, extended playing techniques and dozens of evocative, fascinating and passionate musical decisions – musicians really know how to blend together huge amount of musical language elements in one composition. Their music is based on free improvisaiton, the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians are connecting together the traditions of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and its the most famous improvisers music with their own sound, creative and innovative musical decisions and the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz. Their collective improvisations are like real bursts of energy – exclusive solos, remarkable and expressive melodies, passionate, aggressive and rigorous sounds, provocative and shocking musical decisions are the main elements of the compositions. That makes an effort to bright, enchanting, effective and expressive sound.

“Ithra” is based on extravagant musical decisions, open form ,free structure and adventurous collective improvisations. The music is based on avant-garde jazz elements and free improvisations. It also has some intonations of bebop, hard bop, post bop, and other similar modern jazz styles. Musicians are manipulating with huge variety of expressions, styles, timbres, sounds, noises and rhythms. They are dedicated to express various moods, fuse them together and extract new, unusual and strange timbres by using extraordinary ways of playing. All their improvising is based on senses, rich and impressive expression of emotions, wide palette of sounds, timbres and noises, which are produced by musicians. That makes an effort to bright, luminous and interesting sound of this album. Sharp, colorful, aggressive and harsh harmony is  formed by dissonances and consonances. Wide range of different types of rhythms and rhythmic forms is used here – monotonic, static and stable bass line is blended together with rapid, dynamic, bright and passionate rhythms, provocative and complicated bebop, hard bop and post bop rhythms and turbulent, dramatic, terrific and extremely powerful bursts of energy. The compositions have solid and independent melodic section, firm structure, free and abstract form, gorgeous and colorful background, dynamic, bright and passionate rhythmic section. All these elements form the main basement of the compositions and help musicians to put each element in suitable place of the pattern. The musical pattern is aspiring and rich – it’s ornamented by vigorous and brilliant solos, virtuosic and extremely rapid passages, other virtuosic elements, gentle pizzicatto, effective glissando and many other methods of instrumentation. Each musician is improvising interesting and inventively – each of them dooes their best to create original, remarkable and unique sound of the album. Dave Rempis saxophones improvisations are bright, intense, dynamic and especially vivid. Expression and passion, impressive and bright improvising, spontaneous and innpvative musical decisions – all these elements make an effort to original and effective sound of his improvisations. This is the place where meets roaring solos and silent pauses, sudden abruptions and dizzy, glimpsy and rapid passages, glamorous and passionate melodies or rigorous, aggressive and sharp culminations. Wide range of emotions and senses is expressed here by using alll kinds of playing techniques. Tomeka Reid cello is based on experimental musical decisions. Improviser travels through the various moods and styles – she switches between sharp, rapid and aggressive bebop solos, free and terrific improvisations, silent and subtle solos, relaxing pieces or deep, monotonous and dark bass line. Cello improvisations is an interesting, gentle and original example of spotaneous, bright and creative improvising. the best quality of sound and precise playing technique. Bass improvisations by Joshua Abrams also are terrific and brilliant. The improvisations are filled with wide range of extended playing techniques, expressions and rhythms. Improviser fuses together experimental and traditional ways of playing, special effectsm and produces dozens of evocative, strange and unusual timbres. Deep, dark and vibrant bass line also is kept firm through all compositions. All three musicians are improvising brilliantly and impressively – their music is a masterful result of remarkable improvising and organic synthesis of various styles, moods, timbres, rhythms and other elements of musical language.