Devin Drobka’s Bell Dance Songs – “Amaranth” (Shifting Paradigm Records, 2018)

“Amaranth” is a new release of “Shifting Paradigm Records”. Album was recorded by “Devin Drobka’s Bell Dance Songs” – it’s Daniel Blake (tenor and soprano saxophones), Patrick Breiner (tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet), Chris Weller (tenor saxophone and effects pedals), Aaron Darrell (acoustic bass) and Devin Drobka (drums and cymbals and compositions). The quintet is filled with passionate, bright and evocative ideas. Each musician has much experience in international jazz scene – unique sound, original playing manner and spontaneous improvising are connected in one fusion. The music has rich and multi-colorful pattern, expressive and modern musical language and innovative instrumentation. Wide stylistic variety, gorgeous ornaments, charming and dizzy passages, special effects, electronics and colorful expressions contain important part of musical pattern. Basics of avant-garde jazz, turbulent free improvisations are mixed with nervous, aggressive, stormy, angry and especially expressive bebop solos. All musicians are experimenting in various cases of musical language – they produce numerous of wierd and outrageous timbres, noisy and harsh tunes, innovative musical decisions and make dynamic stylistic changes. Their creativity and passion to improvise free, brightly and with drive makes an effort to original and remarkable sound.

“Amaranth” is created with expression and passion. Album is filled with turbulent free improvisations, basics of avant-garde jazz and modern jazz styles. Musicians don’t hesitate to make their own and original playing techniques, produce weird sounds or make eclectic, provocative or exotic combos. The music is totally based on various styles of avant-garde and modern jazz. All of them have abstract musical pattern, open form, colorful and modern harmony and experimental instrumentation. The newest and modern tendencies of avant-garde jazz are used together with modern jazz styles and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and his main legends. The musicians keep active and firm mode – their playing manner is aggressive, sharp and expressive, filled with surprises and sudden turns. Twists and marvelous passings between different moods, expressions and characters brings passionate, touching and charming sound. The musical pattern is constructed from many different layers, pieces and polyphonic facture. Independent melodies have their own mood and character, are based on difficult and complicated musical language. Tenor saxophones, clarinets, bass clarinets and soprano saxophone improvisations make the basic of musical pattern. Daniel Blake, Patrick Breiner and Chris Weller are improvising just marvelous. Their music is filled with surprises and fascinating musical experiments. All of them has variable musical language, colorful and expressive playing manner and bright sound. Their music is based on moving and rapid solos, vigilent, stormy and aggressive culminations, passionate and charming passages, vibrant blow outs and astonishing riffs. The music has active and rapid mood for the most of the time. The musicians don’t hesitate to add special effects, modified timbres, alterations, wide range of scales and styles, bordering dynamics and all kinds of variations. The melodies have difficult and polyphonic structure, open form and abstract pattern. Charming and moving solos are fused together with subtle and relaxing pieces, vivid and gentle improvisations or simply beautiful, passionate and driving excerpts. Reeds contain the main base of music – these instruments gently go along with bass and drums, bring live and energy and maintain solid, independent and bright melodic section. Acoustic bass by Aaron Darrell’s is subtle and dynamic at the same time. Bassist masterfully fuses together wide range of styles, expressions, manners and sounds. From subtle, relaxing and peaceful excerpts music goes straightly to moving and charming passages, bright and electric riffs, vivacious and furiously loud solos, turbulent culminations or calms down with repetitive, stable and firm bass line. The bass has many functions here – at first, it form bright and firm bass line, who is harmonic pattern at the same time. It also makes an effort to melodic section – add dynamic, a little bit lyrical, a little expressive melodies, who are highly different from the reeds. That’s how is created another side of album.  The contrasts between the instruments especially hears at collective improvisations – wide range of colors, moods, manners and expressions bring the colors, passion and harsh bursts of energy. The percussion and drums section is leaded by Devin Drobka. Gorgeous and light sound of cymbals, combined with other percussion instruments, combined with special effects and electronics – that’s the main way of improvising, who Devin Drobka is using. Talented drummer fuses together free and turbulent improvisations, expressive, hot and thrilling culminations, subtle and abstract solos, passionate and light excerpts, and many other things. All that makes solid, independent and colorful rhythmic base. The album has gorgeous, innovative and expressive sound – all compositions are made with passion, thrill and drive.


Roland Dahinden ‎– “Talking With Charlie – An Imaginary Talk With Charlie Parker” (Hat Hut, 2018)

“Talking With Charlie – An Imaginary Talk With Charlie Parker” is a new release of “Hat Hut Records” label. Album was recorded by Gareth Davis (bass clarinet), Dario Calderone (double bass), Koen Kaptijn (trombone), Peppe Garcia (percussion) and Roland Dahinden (compositions). The music by these great jazz masters has exceptional, bright and innovative sound. All five musicians are the stars of avant-garde jazz scene – during the long years of musical career they became famous, passionate and central figures of international scene. Collaborations and projects with other famous jazz masters also are the main part of their career – they had been improvising together with dozens of other original and talented jazz musicians. Unique sound, basics of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, organic and soft twists of different moods, dynamics and other elements of musical language – all thse and many other elements contain the main part of all jazz masters music. The music is created and arranged, but also has much space for outstanding solos, fascinating musical experiments, bright and luminous culminations and spontaneous surprises.

“Talking With Charlie – An Imaginary Talk With Charlie Parker” is filled with charming, dynamic and passionate sound. The music is based on basics of avant-garde jazz and intonations of modern jazz. Bebop, free jazz, creative jazz and other styles of experimental jazz contain the main pattern of stylistic pattern. The stylistic variety is wide and colorful. The fusion of bebop, post bop and avant-garde jazz is heard the most brightly, but there’s still is many other stylistic includes and allusions to some music styles or genres. Music has soft, subtle and calm sound in some episodes – where’s a strong relation with cool, progressive, contemporary, traditional and some early jazz styles. There’s also heard the intonations of experimental music, contemporary academical music and other styles of modern academical music. All these things are used in one big fusion – marvelous synthesis is made because of genuine connection of absolutely different musical language elements. Relaxing and peaceful episodes are combined together with spontaneous, vivid, luminous and evocative pieces, who certainly are the most important and beautiful places of whole album. Here the composer makes a tribute to modern jazz legend Charlie Parker – the most famous themes, excerpts from his original compositions are connected with Roland Dahinden music. Roland Dahinden is a creative and talented improviser, trombonist and composer. His music always has wide stylistic variety, rich and colorful musical language, bright and multi-layed musical pattern, it’s gorgeously illustrated with numerous of charming passages, moving solos and turbulent culminations. He masterfully arranges all the compositions of this album – by using weirdtimbres, strange noises, dozens of characters and moods, composer manages to create fascinating sound. Illustrative and innovative instrumentation is filled with experimental and traditional ways of playing, inventions, variations, modified timbres, alterated tunes, colorful and innovative expressions and other elements. That makes an effort to solid, independent and simply marvelous instrumentation, who is the most important elements of musical pattern. Composer doesn’t hesitate to go through new and extraordinary way. He likes to break the ordinary rules, common forms, traditional methods of improvising and change it to experimental, bright and modern improvising. Even though he likes the innovations, he also pays the highest attention to the roots of avant-garde jazz and main elements of modern jazz styles. Roland Dahinden really manages to create fascinating, remarkable and dynamic sound of this album. Bass clarinet and trombone solos form charming and bright melodic line. Luminous, moving, charming and tremendous solos of bass clarinet, vibrant and vigilent blow outs, furiously fast, wild and thrilling passages, hot and passionate melodies, sharp harmony and sound experiments is highly contrasting with firm, solid, slow and monotonic trombone or energetic, dynamic and touching double bass. The percussion section is filled with drive, passion and expression. Dozens of timbres, sounds and rhythms are used here. Fusion has gorgeous result – it’s connected from impressive passages, roaring and turbulent drum rolls, energetic and furiously fast solos, unheard timbres and colorful percussion. All musicians are improvising with pleasure, passion, drive and expression. They create bright, intense and luminous sound.

Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret – “The Other Side of Air” (Firehouse 12, 2018)

“The Other Side of Air” is a new release of “Firehouse 12” label. Album was recorded by “Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret” – it’s Ron Miles (cornet), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums). The music is engaging, charming and dynamic. It’s always filled with silent, gentle and light episodes, moving solos, vibrant blow outs, turbulent and violent culminations or any other elements, who are gently connected together in one place. All musicians of this ensemble are famous improvisers of experimental jazz scene. Their creativity, admiring and marvelous improvising, inventive musical decisions, colorful musical pattern and rich musical language create passionate, bright and engaging sound of music. Musicians also have their own playing techniques, inventive and original way of improvising and unique sound. They don’t hesitate to refuse traditional and very well-known elements of musical language and replace them with innovations and modern compounds. Unconventional musical language, experimental musical decisions, unique sound and passionate improvising makes an effort to bright, eclectic and innovative sound.

“The Other Side of Air” is filled with interesting musical decisions and astonishing experiments. All the compositions are mostly based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Free improvisation and the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz give energetic and active mood and also effects all musical language. Experimental jazz is mixed and used together with other jazz styles. This album has especially huge stylistic variety – the intonations of bebop, post bop, neobop, hard bop, progressive, modal, cool and contemporary jazz are used here along with some elements of swing, traditional jazz and other early jazz styles. All these elements are masterfully and organically mixed together. That makes an effort to colorful, bright and polyphonic musical pattern – it’s illustrated with dynamic and pulsating rhythmic, solid and intense melodic section, gorgeous timbres, weird sounds and special effects. Bordering dynamics, outrageous and extraordinary chords, dizzy, charming and glimpsy passages, expansion of new technical abilities of instruments, polyrhythmy, polyphony and dozens of other  elements are mixed in one musical pattern along with special effects and modified timbres. All these elements make an effort to remarkable, passionate and charming sound of the album. Musicians are improvisng differently from the others. Each of them is experimenting in various cases of musical language, especially in instrumentation section. Bright, loud and expressive cornet by Ron Miles keeps the basic melodic line. Dizzy, furiously fast, wild and passionate solos, charming and impressive passages, soft, lyric and slow episodes or luminous and terrific culminations improviser manages to make contrasting and colorful pattern from all kinds of compounds. He switches between joyful and light melodies to sorrowful and sad tragedies, lyrical pieces, romantic and dreamy excerpts or any other mood. Two guitars gently go along with cornet, but create absolutely different sound. Liberty Ellman and Stomu Takeishi are improvising with passion and expression – their improvisations are created with wild imagination and fantasy. Soft and light episodes, relaxing pauses, subtle and abstract pieces go straight to wild, passionate, impressive and charming solos, remarkable melodies and enchanting passages. The guitars bring firm bass line, colorful harmonic pattern and illustrate the melodic line. The drums section is moving, attracting and turbulent. Tyshawn Sorey tries out innovative ways of playing, specific playing techniques, weird sounds and outrageous timbres. The drummer is the master of twisting together numerous of different rhythmes, sounds and timbres. The rhythms gently fit together with rapid and passionate reeds, energetic and vibrant blow outs, intense and enchanting riffs of guitars and dozens of other elements. Musicians are improvising just marvelous – their music is made with pleasure, without any strict rules or frames. Each of them can experiment in all cases of musical language and create his own and unique sound. Musicians create all musical language and pattern together – the collective improvisations show their original point of view, creativity and the desire to search, produce and create fascinating, bright, passionate and terrific sound.

Gianni Mimmo/Vinny Golia – “Explicit” (Amirami Records, 2018)

“Explicit” is a new release of “Amirami Records”. Album was recorded by great duo – Vinny Golia (Sopranino Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Alto Flute, Piccolo Flute) and Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone). Both musicians are famous in international jazz scene. They are the central figures of American and European jazz scene. Their creativity, talent and inventive musical decisions made an effort to original, passionate and interesting playing style. Musicians had formed and improved their own sound and unique playing style during the long years of musical career. The style is based on the basics of avant-garde jazz, there’s also an influeze of other jazz masters – various themes, sounds and expressions, used by famous jazz stars, are connected together with unique and innovative sounds of Vinny Golia and Gianni Mimmo. The music is always based on the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz, as well as connected with illustrative and bright intonations of bebop, neobop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. That makes an effort to intense, vibrant, energetic and passionate sound.

“Explicit” has a vigilent energy, is filled with pleasant surprises, unpredictable changes and dynamic turns. The variety of styles, manners and sounds is used here – both musicians demonstrate their own style, unique sound and colorful musical language. They are experimenting in various fields of musical language. That especially feels in instrumentation’s section. Exotic timbres, unusual instrumental combos, bright and intense sounds, experimental ways of playing who are fused with traditional playing techniques – the fusion of all these elements makes a huge effort to whole sound. Traditions and innovations, ordinary rules and unconventional, shocking, maybe even crazy musical decisions meets here. Musicians are the masters of creative, modern and vital improvising. Hot, driving, noisy, nervous or even aggressive playing manner is one of the most important elements of all. It creates the main mood, active, intense and sharp sound and gives the main tune to melodic line. Open form is choosed for all compositions. It’s synthesized from various forms of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. Musicians are taking on wild, thrilling and driving solos, making adventurous and passionate experiments or dive in huge range of colorful, gorgeous or simpy weird and strange timbres. Vinny Gollia is improvising with passion and expression. His solos are filled with contrasts, colors and expressions. Gentle, low and light solos of piccolo and alto flutes bring peaceful, warm and subtle mood. It creates a colorful and illustrative background, who is filled with engaging timbres, dizzy and impressive passages, ornaments and abbreviations. The most effective and beautiful places are the solos of saxophone or clarinet. That’s the instruments who reveal the best all wide range of playing techniques, manners, moods and characters, which Vinny Gollia marvelously fuses together in one place. Evocative and vital, furiously rapid and aggressive, sharp, shrieky and vigilent, or soft, passionate, dizzy, bright and engaging – many different moods are expressed here. Vibrant and powerful blow outs, bright and vivacious melodies are gently ornamented with gorgeous expressions, inventive musical decisions, innovative experiments and weird timbres. Vinny Golia’s improvisations meet the solos of another great saxophonsist Gianni Mimmo. Saxophonist has aggressive, sharp, modern and passionate playing style. He’s also open to fresh ideas, innovative ways of playing and fascinating musical experiments. The music is filled with enchanting solos, impressive and wild fast passages, colorful ornaments, engaging and remarkable melodies, terrific and powerful blow outs, shrieky and harsh tunes or soft, subtle and relaxing excerpts. All these elements are collected in one place in both musicians improvisations. Their duos and collective free improvisations certainly are the most beautiful, colorful, modern and bright places of whole album. Both musicians are improvising with pleasure – their playing is enchanting, admirable and innovative. Drive, imagination, hot passion, creativity and talent makes an effort to intense, spontaneous and innovative sound.

Edward Lucas & Daniel Thompson – “Six By Two Three By One” (Earshots Recordings, 2018)

“Six By Two Three By One” is the newest release of “Earshots Recordings’. Album was recorded by Edward Lucas (trombone) and Daniel Thompson (acoustic guitar). The musicians are creative and innovative jazz masters. They are famous at experimental avant-garde jazz scene. Improvisers are also collaborating with other central figures of American and international jazz scene. Both musicians have emotional and suggestive playing style, inventive instrumentation and innovative improvising. Their music is live and energetic – musicians fuse together many different styles, manners, moods and characters in one place. That makes a colorful, bright and rich musical pattern. Suggestive and expressive musical language contains dozens of different styles and elements – it’s a place where together meets free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, sound experiments, special effects, the main basics of modern and contemporary jazz or academic avant-garde intonations. All these things are connected together with passion, drive and creativity.

“Six By Two Three By One” is filled with bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Music is based on emotions, moods and characters – all these elements are combined and changed silmunateously. Both musicians making the highest priority to search of unusual timbres, special effects and production of innovative ways of playing. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Free improvisation, wild, tremendous and terrific solos, inventive musical decisions, creative, colorful and innovative instrumentation, rich musical language, harsh and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic – these and many other things make a strong relation with avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians don’t avoid to use the newest innovations, shocking and crazy musical decisions or evocative expressions. They are dedicated to create bright, fresh and vital sound. Though they are using the newest and modern ways of playing, other frequently used innovations, musicians also don’t forget the basics of avant-garde jazz. Both of them are using the same manners, playing styles and ways of improvising, who were popular in 1960’s or 1970’s avant-garde jazz. Musicians are improvising with drive and expression. The aim of music isn’t just to repeat and play it precisely and at the highest quality. Both musicians are improvising with pleasure – it’s free, wild, crazy, driving and hot. Exotic combos, weird timbres, unusual chords, dynamic rhythms, silmunateously repeated series, monotonic rhythms or melodic elements also are frequently heard in these compositions. The melodic section is formed by both musicias. They create and varie beautiful, suggestive and individual melodies, who are independent, but still gently get along in contrasting and dynamic musical pattern. The duo of trombone and acoustic guitar combo is a rarely used instrumental combination. Here there’s a great opportunity to hear wide range of interesting, innovative, expressive and shocking timbres, musical decisions or sounds. Harsh, shrieky, loud and turbulent trombone’s solos bring intensive, vibrant and passionate sound. Loud, heavy, monotonic and static tunes are colored by gorgeous ornaments and dozens of unusual timbres. Trombone makes a solid bass line and forms firm, vibrant, bright and impressive melodic line. It gently fits together with acoustic guitar, who creates contrasting compound. Trembling, vibrant and extremely loud trombone solos’s are filled with passion, drive, hot thrills, touching melodies and special effects. Soft, warm and gentle guitar recovers the other side of this album. It’s soft, light and expressive at the same time. Subtle, silent and peaceful excerpts are combined together with passionate and engaging melodies, dynamic rhythms, enchanting and just impressive passages, wild thrills or moving, turbulent and terrific culminations. Both musicians are exploring the technical abilities of their instruments – that’s why their music is so engaging, wild and evocative. They break the conventional forms and change them to new ones. Open form is the main form of all compositions. That gives an opportunity for the musicians to improvise in other way. Musicians are improvising with wild energy, passion, thrill and expression – all these elements are connected with precise and the best playing technique and high quality of sound. But the most important of all – it’s their talent to invent, search and create marvelous, impressive and interesting sound.

Westlin Tontin ‎– “Westlin Tontin” (Grodor & Fåglar, 2018)

“Westlin Tontin” is the newest release of Sweden label “Grodor & Fåglar”. Album was recorded by Pelle Westlin (tenor saxophone), Gustav Davidsson (trombone), Boel Mogensen (double bass) and Anton Jonsson (drums). It’s a great example of collaboration between four impressive and creative jazz masters. Scandinavian avant-garde jazz is filled with innovative, modern and original tendencies – it has unique and creative sound. The compositions of these musicians are based on main elements of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, who is mixed together with intonations of European and American experimental jazz, also with the roots of 1960’s and 1970’s jazz. The music is filled with passionate solos, dizzy and glimpsy passages, tremendous and remarkable melodies. bright and terrific culminations, gorgeous sounds and unusual timbres. Musicians are open to wild and crazy ideas, original musical decisions, construction of new forms and bright sounds. All of them have their own and unique sound, vivid and vibrant playing manner and manage to create rich, expressive and vivacious musical language.

“Westlin Tontin” compositions are active, dynamci and energetic. Dozens of different playing techniques, expressions and sounds are used here to create innovative and luminous sound. Musicians manage to do all that very well – they mix together impressive and remarkable improvising, experimental musical decisions, innovative instrumentation, creativity, wild imagination and fresh point of view of avant-garde jazz. Their music is an organic fusion of various jazz styles. Though it’s based on Scandinavian avant-garde jazz and newest tendencies of experimental jazz, it also has many allusions to other jazz styles. Sharp, active, wild and aggressive solos, nervous and complicated rhythmic, rapid and moving series, free structure relates the sound to bebop and other modern jazz styles. There’s also is heard many intonations of contemporary, progressive, modal or traditional and early jazz styles. These intonations are gently and naturally integrated in common musical pattern. The music is bright, dynamic, filled with sudden changes and bordering dynamics. It also has an innovative and superb instrumentation – experimental ways of playing, special effects, weird sounds, outrageous timbres are combined with traditional and very-well known playing techniques. Musicians are experimenting in search of unusual timbres and expansion of technical abilities of their instruments – that makes an effort to splendid, surprising and just impressive instrumentation, who also effects passionate, expressive and driving sound. The compositions also have some conventional things, who also are mixed with fresh ideas, new playing techniques and innovations. Free structure is ornamented with rich and gorgeous background, exotic instrumental combos, eclectic stylistic pairs or other similar musical decisions. Free form, abstract pattern, polyphony, free improvisation, rich, multi-colorful and many-layed structure also are important compounds of musical pattern. The harmony is synthesized from conventional chords and aggressive, sharp and angry dissonances. Wide range of chords and tunes is used here. The music is attractive and moving – it’s arranged splendidly and extraordinary. Free improvisation remains the most importnat element of whole album. It gives an opportunity to each musician to improvise originally and innovatively and add something new, fresh and evocative. Each musician is dedicated to create something wild, free and interesting. Tenor saxophone melodies are dynamic and energetic. It’s changing all the time. From gentle, light, sincere and warm solos with tremblong and touching vibrato, romantic solos, mid-slow or lyrical melodies it gets to rapid, roaring, touching and wild fast solos, tremendous culminations, vibrant blow outs or subtle and relaxing pieces. Dynamic, spontaneous and vivid saxophone meets with bright and luminous trombone. Deep, dark and stable tunes form firm bass line and get the rhythmic section even more stronger. It’s gently contrasting together with colorful solos, sparkling melodies, moving and bright culminations or meditative, calm and attractive episodes. Double bass is heard very softly for the most of the time – it brings more colors to common musical pattern and duos of saxophone and trombone. Double bass is silent, relaxing, subtle and peaceful – sometimes it gets sad, angry, expressive or moving. Numerous of different ways of playing helps musicians to create bright, luminous and impressive sound. Drums section is energetic, rich and gorgeous. It’s filled with roaring drum rolls, vibrant and terrific culminations, frantic solos, gentle, light and peaceful pieces or rapid, expressive, driving and active bursts of energy. Musicians are improvising collectively – that’s the way how they are combining together contrasting pieces and find the most suitable way of synthesizing all that together. Their creativity, original and unique sound, specific playing manner and precise playing technique makes an effort to sensible, moving, ambitious and adventurous sound.

Transient Canvas – “Wired” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

“Wired” is the newest release of “New Focus Recordings”. Album was recorded by “Transient Canvas” – it’s a duo of Amy Advocat (bass clarinet) and Matt Sharrock (marimba). It’s a second edition dedicated to rare and exotic instrumental combination of bass clarinet and marimba. The compositions were written by various contemporary academical music composers – it’s Kirsten Volness, Peter Van Zandt Lane, David Ibbett, Lainie Fefferman, Rudolf Rojahn, Mischa Salkind-Pearl, and Dan VanHassel. All composers have individual and modern composing style – each of them has innovative point of view, is dedicated to find new, fresh and evocative playing techniques, ideas and expressions. Composers have a tendencie to head somewhere between the newest tendencies of academic avant-garde and the basics of XXth century music and traditions. The roots of modernism gently go along together with experimental music, academic avant-garde and the basics of contemporary academical music. The compositions are frequently written for rare, exotic or simply unusual instrumental combinations – composers search for new sounds, expand the volume of technical abilities and are dedicated to create rich, vital and innovative musical language. Both musicians who recording this album, already had been playing together many times. Their music is based on modern musical decisions, spontaneously created new and innovative conceptions, experimental ways of playing and unique sound. They had already recorded one edition of compositions, who are also dedicated for bass clarinet and marimba. Second album, just like the first one, is filled with fresh sounds, engaging ideas and fascinating musical experiments.

“Wired” is filled with remarkable and charming sound. The music is based on various strcutures, synthesized forms and different kinds of instrumentation. Each composition is different from the others. It has its own type of instrumentation, individual form, mood and character. Though, there are many differences between all the compositions, who were written by different composers, there’s also are the elements in common. Polyphony, polyrhythmy, multi-colorful and multi-layed musical pattern, rich and ornamented facture, free form, abstract and open structure, numerous of different types of rhythms, enchanting background, sharp harmony and huge range of expressions, abbreviations and special effects – this huge amount of elements contain the main part of the compositions. Each composer is dedicated to create something new and original – that’s why they are fusing together modern composing techniques, sound experiments, wild and crazy ideas or inventive and evocative musical decisions. Most part of the compositions has free form – it has many points who are related to free improvisation or even avant-garde and experimental jazz. All compositions discover wide range of technical abilities of bass clarinet and marimba. Each composer really shows his best abilities to create, discover and find something fresh, new and evocative. The music is varieying through dozens of different moods, types, characters, playing manners and styles. There are many elements who are related to romantism, post-romantism, impressionism, modernism, minimalism, post-modernism, experimental music and other styles of contemporary academical music. The citations of classical compositions of the most famous composers classicism, romantism and other centuries are used here. Precise excerpts are fused together with free improvisations, variations, timbres and sounds alterations, special effects and sound experiments in some places. The music is vivid and dynamic – it’s always in change. Vivid, passionate and light solos meet roaring and turbulent culminations, silent and relaxing pauses, abstract excerpts, moving and touching solos or charming passages. Pulsating and dynamic rhythmic is straight against hard beat, disco rhythms, free improvisations, sharp, agile and wild fast solos, monotonic tunes or gorgeous, enchanting and colorful timbres. Sad, angry and sorrow pieces gently go along with light, joyful, hilarious, humorous, scandalous, provocative or luminous culminations, dreamy, romantic and lyric excerpts or silent, meditative and peaceful episodes. Composers demonstrate their own, wide and impressive ability of fuse together contrasting and individual concepts – each of them has original and innovative composing style and rich musical language. The musicians are playing just marvelous – their interpretations are impressive and innovative. It’s a original and interesting example of emotional, driving and passionate playing, charming, remarkable and unique sound and precise, masterful and the best playing technique.