Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet – “Re-Collect” (Not Two Records, 2019)


“Re-Collect” is out on “Not Two Records”. Album was recorded by “Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet”. The ensemble has a bright and innovative sound, all compositions are played in especially expressive and dynamic mood. Suggestion, driving playing manner, passionate and unique style, creativity, luminous and dramatic culminations which calm down to silent and relaxing pieces – these are the main elements of this quartet’s music. Four great jazz improvisers are playing together – it’s Jeb Bishop (trombone), Russ Johnson (trumpet), Jason Roebke (bass) and Frank Rosaly (drums). Each musician has his own and individual sound. They’re the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene for many years now – enchanting playing manner, inventive point of view and excellent virtuosity are the reasons why these musicians are so famous on avant-garde jazz scene. Musicians are making interesting projects, the collaborations with other jazz stars and the concert tours all over the world. All the music is completely based on avant-garde and experimental jazz and an organic combo of different experimental jazz’s streams.

“Re-Collect” is a real burst of energy, drive and expression. The compositions have a huge stylistic variety. Music is the mix of experimental jazz’s innovations, expressive, nervous and complicated modern jazz styles and experimental, contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. Innovations and modern ideas related to experimental jazz are mixed up together with return to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The musicians don’t stick up to the rules and conventions, but succesfully manage to integrate effective, very well-known, classical and expressive ways of playing to their own conceptions, inovative ideas and modern point of view. Sound experiments are used everywhere – it’s especially heard in instrumental section, melody line and background. The compositions are based on open form and free collective improvisations – that makes an effort t ospontaneous, surprising and driving sound. An interesting, multi-layed and polyphonic musical pattern is formed. It’s based on sharp, aggressive and bright harmony line, dynamic and explosing rhythmic section, gorgeous illustrative background and fantastic melody line. All the layers are highly contrasting, but still are gently brought all together. The musicians are using their wide musical knownledge, impressive virtuosity, excellent playing technique and inventive point of view to create bright, interesting and original sound. The melody section is based on trumpet and trombone tunes. Growling, hot, thrilling, passionate and frantic trumpet by Russ Johnson is the main source fo energy, brightness and drive which is brought in to the compositions. Flying transcendental passages, expressive remarkable and luminous melodies, dramatic frantic and wild culminations, roaring blow outs, breaking sessions, terrific and impressive riffs, animated glissando, special effects, sonoristic experiments and all kinds of playing techniques are joined together. That makes an effort to driving, wild and expressive melody line and dictates the main mood of the compositions. Cracking, heavy and solid trombone is highly contrasting to the trumpet and demonstrates the other side of the melody line. Jeb Bishop is the master of his art – his deep, solemn and relaxing pieces are meeting cracking, sparkling, thrilling, extremely loud riffs, wild blowing culminations and solid repetitive bass line which’s formed by using monotonic tunes and rhythms. Trombone’s improvisations are bright, heavy, driving and effective. Lyrical subtle bass by Jason Roebke also iss the source fo new colors and tunes. Deep, subtle, relaxing, calm and meditative pieces written in minimalistic mood, stable bass line are directly corresponding to dynamic, thrilling bursts, striking culminations, frantic and vibrant riffs, breaking sessions and sugegstive melodies. All these elements are gently joined together by illustrating them with special effects, coloristics and sonoristic experiments. That finally makes an effort to suggestive, hypnotising and inspiring sound. Drums section is universal and dynamic. Here Frank Rosaly joins together expressive bebop, aggressive hard bop, calm and relaxing cool, modern and extravagant contemporary jazz, stable beats, minimalistic repetitive series, sonoristic experiments which finally grow out to the culminations – frantic, breaking, stormy, extremely powerful and driving sessions and impressive free improvisations. The music of this album has an impressive melody line, effective and colorful instrumental section, great and independent rhythmic section and colorful background. All that makes a driving and expressive sound.


Ken Vandermark – “Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019” (Catalytic Sound, 2019)

“Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019” is a new release of “Catalytic Sound”. An album was recorded by a group of great jazz masters – Ken Vandermark (reeds), Paul Lytton (drums and percussion), Ikue Mori (laptop/electronics), Kris Davis (piano), William Parker (double bass) and Hamid Drake (drums and percussion). The musicians are dedicated to create new, exciting and innovative sound. Their creativity, innovative and experimental decisions, stunning experiments, excellent musical knownledge, fantastic virtuosity make the main effort to original, vivid and expressive sound. All musicians are featured improvisers – they’re the central figures of American avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. They’re playing and collaborating with other great jazz masters – dozens of albums, creative and original collaborations, impressive free improvisations and spontaneous surprises accompagnie all their compositions. All music is completely based on free improvisation, the basics and innovations of contemporary experimental jazz, as well as the synthesis of Norwegian, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz streams and roots of avant-garde jazz.

“Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019” has a bright, remarkable and expressive sound. The music is a mix of experimental jazz, free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, as well as noise, electronics and some tunes of minimalism. The musicians are mixing up together electronics and acoustics. These two individual and contrasting instrument’s groups are gently and organically combined together. Compositions have a difficult and multi-layed musical pattern, which consists of dozens of elements. Vibrant and excellent harmony line brings drive and energy to the compositions, stable perturbating rhythmic section is contrasting to bright, charming and expressive melody line. All these layers are accompagnied by gorgeous and colorful musical background filled with enchanting passages, gentle and light ornaments, special effects and all kinds of coloristics. A bright, colorful and innovative instrumental section is created – it’s a mix of acoustics and electronics, traditional and experimental ways of playing, expansion of technical abilities, sonoristic and timbral experiments. The melody line is basically created and kept by reeds and piano. Turbulence, vigilance, drive and explosing energy’s perturbations are the main elements of Ken Vandermark’s improvisations. Vibrant culminations, hot thrills, expressive remarkable melodies, luminous and wild riffs, impressive passages, flowing ornaments and special effects are corresponding to minimalistic samples, synth tunes or subtle pieces. Aggressive and expressive playing manner is the main element of Ken Vandermark’s music. It makes bright, impressive and original sound of his improvisations. Silent tunes grow out to luminous culminations, minimalistic lyrical pieces, research of strange tunes or original timbres are changed by enchanting, flowing and passionate melodies. It’s never boring to listen to Ken Vandermark’s improvisations. Remarkable, vivid and fascinating melodies, spontaneous solos and tremendous effective culminations are the basics of piano music. Kris Davis is demonstrating his own and original point of view – he gets on adventurous experiments, stunning free improvisations and manages to create original and expressive sound. The music is sparkling, alive and dynamic – sparkling riffs, remarkable melodies, wild perturbating sessions, driving solos and frantic hypnotysing rhythmic or chord’s series make the main effort to it. Silent tunes, deep and slow solos, heavy or solemn pieces, stable bass line who grows directly to trembling and passionate solos, tremendous, frantic, frustrating, wild and hollowing culminations, research of strange and gorgeous timbres, expansion of technical instrumental abilities and impressive virtuosity – all these elements are gently joined together by famous bassist William Parker. The electronics by Ikue Mori are used here – laptop tunes, synth sounds, computer devices noises, imitations and alterations, drone, glitch, ambient and loops is just a one little part of these improvisations. The newest tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music, noise, academic avant-garde, concrete and spectral music, minimalism and electronics are brought all together in open form. The music has modern, bright and evocative sound. The drums and percussion’s section is modern, dynamic and amazing. It’s a mix of complicated, nervous and furious rhythms, expressive riffs which meet tremendous, perturbating and breaking sessions, impressive free improvisations, colorful and inventive percussion’s timbres and sound experiments. Drums section is masterfully created by Paul Lytton and Hamid Drake.

Jorge Nuno Connection – “Sao Paulo Connection” (Creative Sources, 2019)

“Sao Paulo Connection” is out on “Creative Sources” label. Album was recorded by “Jorge Nuno Connection” – it’s a quartet which music is based on the main elements of avant-garde jazz. Here four featured jazz masters play together – it’s Jorge Nuno (guitar), Romulo Alexis (trumpet and electronics), Victor Vieira Branco (vibraphone) and Rafael Cab (drums). The basics of avant-garde jazz, experimental jazz, free improvisational and sonoristic experiments contain the main stylistic base of these musicians compositions. The improvisers like to get on adventurous wild free culminations, striking, furiosu and blowing riffs, spontaneous solos and stunning sound experiments. New ideas, fresh sound, original and inventive conceptions, bright and moving stylistic allusions also are very important elements of the musical pattern. The musicians find the suitable way how to fuse together special effects, experimental and traditional ways of playing, integrate the innovations without forgetting the roots and main principes of avant-garde jazz – all that makes an effort to astonishing and expressive sound.

“Sao Paulo Connection” is an example or great and organic collaboration between four great jazz masters. All together jazz masters are getting on adventurous culminations, corresponding to each other’s playing, dive in stunning sound experiments, meditative minimalistic samples or relaxing pauses. The music is a mix of the newest innovations of avant-garde and experimental jazz, gently blended up with the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The tunes related to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles, bring energy, drive and contrasts to the compositions. The traditional sounds, rhythms and melodic intonations of ethnic Southern American countries music, make an exotic, bright and innovative sound. The melody line is strong, bright, emotional and passionate. Dynamic, effective and perturbating rhythmic section is gently corresponding to the melody line. These two sections contain the base of whole musical pattern in each composition. Gorgeous and colorful background is created by using all kinds of ornaments, timbres, fascinating sonoristic and timbral experiments, passages, rolls, blow outs, glissando and other coloristic elements. The instrumental section is just impressive – it’s an artsy and organic mix of experimental, innovative, awakening, home-made, exotic, rare, weird, natural aand classical ways of playing. Expressive virageous solos, remarkable emotional melodies, Brasilian music rhythms, free improvisations and spontaneous experiments contain the main base of guitarist’s Jorge Nuno music. Here silent pauses meet dramatic culminations, bright and expressive melodies go straight down to relaxing or minimalistic samples, sophisticated, deep and slow episodes are changed by extremely furious, loud, perturbating and luminous riffs. Change of emotions, sudden turns, bright and evocative playing mannerm drive, expression and vividness make an effort to original and luminous sound. Jorge Nuno keeps the base of the melody line, brings energy and drive to the music and creates an impressive melody line on all the compositions. Dynamic, furious, growling, waining, roaring and vibrant trumpet accompagnied by special effects and noisy, peculiar and modern electronics has an evocative sound. It’s played and improvised by Romulo Alexis. Improviser has an innovative point of view – he doesn’t hesitate to make provocative or radical musical decisions to get an exciting, evocative and fresh sound. Exotic tunes, expansion of technical abilities, research of peculiar and strange timbres, special effects, luminous flowing melodies, passionate transcendental passages and roaring driving blow outs – Romulo Alexis manages to combine all these elements to one place. Synth tunes, special effects, modifications and alterations, loops, ambient, glitch are used here, as well as the other electronics. That makes an effort to driving, surprising and interesting melody line, as well as hypnotysing and effective sound. Rhythmic section is bright and contrasting – it’s kept by drummer Rafael Cab and vibraphone player Victor Vieira Branco. Every little piece and element has its own place here – it’s an organic mosaic of nervous bebop, aggressive hard bop, complicated and modern post bop rhythms who grow out to radical culminations, roaring and perturbating riffs, vibrant culminations, driving sessions and impressive free improvisations. Energetic and effective drums improvisations are gently illustrated by gorgeous vibraphone’s tunes. It’s used as a coloristic and brings soft, vivid, light and remarkable tunes. The music of this album has a fresh, hypnotising and expressive sound.

Rob Mazurek – “Desert Encrypts Vol. 1” (Astral Spirits, 2019)

“Desert Encrypts Vol. 1” is this year edition of “Atral Spirits” label. Album was recorded by Rob Mazurek (Piccolo Trumpet, Electronics), Kris Davis (Piano), Chad Taylor (Drums), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Bass) and Lynn Xu (voice on “The Blue Haze”). Featured jazz masters are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They’re colaborating with dozens of other jazz masters and playing on the festivals on world-wide jazz scene. The music is bright, luminous and innovative. Improvisers integrate their own and unique ideas, modern expressions, radical, provocative and original decisions and different styles, traditions and innovations to one place. All their music is completely based on avant-garde jazz basics. Free jazz, creative jazz, free collective improvisations, experimental jazz and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are the basics of their music. Musicians manage to find a great lien between new, stunning and shocking experiments, evocative innovations and traditional ways of playing. That’s how they make new, original and passionate sound.

Excellent musical knownledge, fantastic playing technique, impressive virtuosity gently fit together with innovative ideas, interesting stylistic allusions and sound experiments in “Desert Encrypts Vol. 1”. All four musicians are dedicated to create something new and express their own and unique sound. The music is filled with dozens of emotions, expressions, individual characters, strange tunes, impressive sounds and all wide palette of colors. An innovative instrumentation is created by fusing together sonoristic and timbral experiments, experimental, home-made, specific and extended ways of playing and traditional playing techniques of contemporary academical music. It’s accompagnied by noises, strange timbres, special effects, interesting, rare or exotic combos, effective coloristics and gorgeous ornaments. An organic and excellent synthesis of all these elements makes an effort to expressive, driving and sparkling instrumental section. Wide, breaking and dynamic rhythmic section correspond to independent and driving melody line, gorgeous background and sharp wild harmonic pattern. All the sections are made individually – each of them has a bright, innovative and unique sound. Musicians succesfully manage to fuse all the sections together in original and natural way. All music is based on avant-garde jazz and its basics. Free improvisation, immediate reponses, spontaneous solos, sparkling riffs, sound experiments, evocative, radical, provocative or simply weird decisions, innovative instrumental section are the main basics of this album. The sounds of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles bring expressive, complicatedm, contrasting and dynamic sound. Noises and tunes related to experimental music, electronics and contemporary academical music also are heard in the compositions. Piccolo trumpet and electronics by Rob Mazurek is the source of awakenign and fresh sound. Hot growls, shrieky, waining, furious and hysteric riffs, expressive remarkable melodies, flowing dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, striking thrills, impressive wild culminations which meet relaxing, calm and meditative pieces or minimalistic samples filled with noises and strange timbres – that’s the base of Rob Mazurek’s trumpet tunes. Natural, warm and emotional tunes are accompagnied by electronics – computer and electronic devices sounds, strange timbres, sound’s modifications and alterations, synth tunes make a base of it. Piano tunes by Kris Davis bring energy and drive to the music. It akes a great combo with Rob Mazurek’s trumpet – both improvisers get on fantastic culminations, impressive spontaneous solos and sound experiments. Driving sessions, expression, frantic chord’s sequences, perturbating wild rhythmic series, remarkable, tremendous and vivid melodies, impressive riffs and dramatic culminations contain the base of piano improvisations. It’s made absolutely spontaneously and makes an effort to independent, bright and innovative melody line. Deep, solemn and dynamic at the same time – it’s the bass line created by Ingebrigt Håker Flaten. Improviser gently connects all kinds of playing, emotions and chords – deep, stable and meditative mood is changed by striking riffs, expressive culminations, vibrant and wild solos and all wide range of special effects, modern expressions and coloristics. Bass melodies are interesting, dynamic and contrasting – it’s the source of strange timbres, special effects and innovative ideas. Drums section by Chad Taylor is emotional, moving and explosing. It’s a real burst of energy – frustrating breaking sessions, driving riffs, wild perturbating culminations, aggressive and complicated beat who meet stable, calm and monotonic drum line. Drummer creates a bright, driving and independent rhythmic section. Declamations by Lynn Xu in “The Blue Haze” create an interesting meditative mood and are used as a nice coloristic element. The music of this album has an expressive, innovative and remarkable sound.

RYAN CARTER – “Chamber Works” (Kairos, 2019)

“Chamber Works” is a new edition of “Kairos Music”. Album was recorded by featured quartets and musicians of contemporary academical music scene – it’s JACK Quartet, Yarn/Wire, Calder Quartet, Emanuele Torquati (piano), Duo Dillon-Torquati and Keith Kirchoff (piano). “JACK Quartet”, “Yarn/Wire” and “Calder Quartet” are the central figures of contemporary academical music scene. Their innovative, expressive, inspiring and awakening sound is a great result of collaboration, vcreativity and original ideas. The musicians take a new point of view and create original and evocative interpretations of contemporary academical and classical music composers. All musicians are the masters of their art – they all have bright, enchanting and inspiring playing style, unique sound, innovative point of view, fantastic playing technique, masterful virtuosity and new conception of contemporary academical music. The works by Ryan Carter are recorded in this album. Ryan Carter is an innovative and original composer. His music is based on the main tendencies and innovations of contemporary academical music – serialism, puantilism, dodecaphony, minimalism, specific and radical ways of composing are just one little part which contain the central base of Ryan Carter music. Composer gently combines together absolutely uncompairable composing techniques, new, exciting and experimental ways of playing, special effects, electronics and acoustics and huge range of other musical language’s elements. That finally makes an effort to expressive, moving, enchanting and inspiring sound.

“Chamber Works” is filled with fresh ideas, original decisions and expressive sound. The music is completely based on contemporary academical music, the newest tendencies of academic avant-garde, sonoristic experiments, experimental music, noise and the some elements of free improvisational music. The music is recorded by featured musicians and played with lots of pleasure, drive and expression. That makes an effort to interesting, wild and dynamic sound. The compositions are dedicated to demonstrate inventive point of view, creativity and new conception of Ryan Carter’s composing style. The compositions written on different periods are recorded here. It’s like a retrospective of Ryan Carter’s music, which gives an opportunity to the listener to get know and compare the music of this composer. Each composition has a difficult multi-layed musical pattern with rich musical language, modern innovations, synthetic form, impressive and colorful instrumental section, vivid expressions and fantastic melody line. Sonoristic experiments, modern, extravagant, radical, provocative, inventive, experimental, innovative and classical ways of playing, special effects and research of strange timbres contain the main base of instrumental section. It’s intensive, bright and dynamic. A gorgeous background is created – all kinds of colorful ornaments, rhythms, sounds, timbres and abbreviations are brought together. The musicians have a free spece to experiment – they get on wild, original, inspiring and spontaneous solos, original interpretations, research of interesting timbres, integration of evocative decisions and new conceptions. The melody line is kept by strings or piano in different compositions. Shrieky, moving, striking and hysteric repetitive strings tunes gently correspond to soft pizzicatto, sharp staccato, glimpsing and elegant glissando and grow out to expressive, light, moving and thrilling melodies. Compositions for strings quartet are played and interpretated differently by “JACK Quartet” and “Calder Quartet” – the members of these ensembles are getting on fascinating experiments, fusing together modern innovations and traditions, get on adventurous culminations or subtle minimalistic samples. The music by these is simply amazing, bright and innovative. There are many compositions for percussion and piano.It’s a real burst of energy – breaking sessions, driving riffs, passionate spills of energy, frantic chord’s sequences, perturbating culminations, transcendenal passages, expressive remarkable melodies and other piano tunes meet dynamic, gorgeous, exotic, explosing and intense percussion filled with evocative ideas, interesting decisions and expression. The music of this album connects the modern ideas and traditions of contemporary academical music – it has fresh, awakening and innovative sound.


“II III IIII” was recently released on 2019. All music was recorded by Alex Dias (acoustic bass), Amilcar Rodrigues (trumpet), André Bordinhon (guitar), Flavio Lazzarin (drums and electronics), Luís Felipe Lucena (cello), Luiz Eduardo Galvão (guitar), Pedro Macedo (acoustic bass), Rafael Cab (drums), Rodrigo Olivério (woods, woodwinds and percussions), Thiago Salas Gomes (prepared guitar and electronics), Tiago Marques (oboe) and Victor Vieira-Branco (vibraphone). All musicians of this ensemble are the masters of their art. They like to get on adventurous musical experiments, integrate strange, original, inspiring and evocative ideas. All the music is based on experimental jazz innovations, free improvisation and the synthesis with South American countries ethnic music, as well as the tunes of contemporary academical music of Western Europe. The musicians have a masterful virtuosity, splendid playing technique and the will to create new, bright and innovative avant-garde jazz.

“II III IIII” is filled with exciting, bright and innovative sound. All music is based on experimental jazz and free improvisation. There are some elements related to other music styles – contemporary academical, modern classical and experimental music, academic avant-garde, electronics, noise, as well as ethnic music of Brasilian and other Southern America countries, modern and contemporary jazz styles such as bebop, post bopp, cool, neo bop, hard bop and etc. This huge and multi-colorful range of styles makes an effort to whole sound. It’s attractive, dynamic, remarkable and full of crazy, inspiring and evocative ideas. By using fantastic virtuosity, splendid playing technique, innovative point of view, wild imagination and creativity, musicians dive in impressive free improvisations with huge range of motions, moods, characters and musical language’s elements. The musical pattern consists of individual contrasting layers, modern expressions, dynamic rhythmic figures, tempos and motions. Gorgeous background, ornamental textures, polyphonic and independent melody line, dynamic rhythmic section and expressive harmony base contain the central basic of the compositions. Here acoustics and electronics go along just fine together. Open form is basically used on each composition. That gives an opportunity to improvise without any frames, integrate innovative decisions and get on brave and exciting experiments. A fantastic instrumental section is created. It’s formed by fusing together experimental, inventive, specific, home-made, extended and classical ways of playing, special effects, strange tunes, gorgeous timbres, ornaments and abbreviations. Each instrumental section is bright and inspiring. Vivid, expressive and moving woodwinds section is filled with drive, joy and passion. Remarkable melodies, flowing passages, vivid and expressive riffs, roaring terrific blow outs, dramatic perturbating culminations and special effects – all these elements are gently combined together in one place. Some dramatic and awakening tunes are brought in by strings and guitars – deep and heavy tunes of bass, vivid, elegant, light and expressive guitar’s melodies, striking violin, stranghe tunes of prepared guitar, minimalistic samples, stable bass line, thrilling, hysteric and shrieky tunes – all these elements are gently combined together in strings section and bring the academical music’s intonations to the musical pattern. Trumpet is a source of energy, vividness and drive. Shrieky, moving and bursting spills, hot thrills, growls, wah-wah, expressive and remarkable melodies, luminous culminations, frantic hollowing riffs, special effects and fantastic transcendental passages – trumpet’s improvisations are played in especially bright, vivid and passionate mood. Drums, percussion and vibraphone’s tunes keep the base of rhythmic section. Stormy terryfying drum rolls, colorful and exotic percussion, soft and virageous vibraphones, expressive, exciting and wild riffs, frantic breaking sessions or soft lyrical contemplations are combined all together to one place. That makes an effort to original and impressive rhythmic section. Glitch, drone, ambient, loops, sound machine’s sounds, sonoristic experiments, synth tunes, special effects, computer devices sounds, field recordings, alterated and modified timbres – that’s just a little part of electronics who are used along with acoustics. All music of this album is made with love, passion and expression – it has innovative and inspiring sound.

Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker – “Apsis” (Aerophonic Records, 2019)

“Apsis” is out on “Aerophonic Records”. All music was recorded by four featured jazz masters – it’s Dave Rempis (alto/tenor/bari saxophone), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Joshua Abrams (bass) and Avreeayl Ra (drums/percussion) who’re improvising together. Individual playing style, effective and expressive playing manner, inventive decisions, creativity, modern expressions and experimental instrumental section – these are the central elements of improvisers music. The musicians are improvising with charm, pleasure, drive and expression – their music always has enchanting, innovative and dynamic sound, is full of virages, colorful expressions, gorgeous timbres and bright contrasts. All four musicians are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is based on free improvisational music, the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz which are fused together with modern and contemporary jazz styles. Musicians are improvising spontaneously – all the music is basically created in the moment of playing. They get on adventurous free improvisations, stunning experiments, brave and ambitious innovations, but also give a return to the roots of avant-garde jazz. That finally makes an effort to original, expressive and dynamic sound.

“Apsis” is a real burst of energy, expression and drive. It has driving, thrilling and moving sound for the most of the time. The compositions are based on active mood, which is changed by other motions and characters. Sad, lyrical, sophisticated, moody, gloomy, light, dreamy, minimalistic, depressive or deep and heavy excerpts are strongly contrasting to wild bursts of energy, perturbating and vibrant riffs, dramatic frantic culminations and spontaneous solos. All music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. The music is effected by bebop, post bop, hard bop, mainstream, contemporary jazz and other modern jazz styles. Improvisers are combining together their own and experimental ways of playing and classical playing techniques. The tunes related to contemporary academical, modern classical and experimental music are integrated to musical pattern. That makes an effort to colorful, bright and original sound, which is changing all the time. Musicians are going on brave and stunning sonoristic experiments, search to gorgeous and strange timbres and are trying to expand the technical abilities of instruments. All kinds of musical language’s elements are gently combined together – musicians make a great fusion of wide range of emotions, expressions, timbres, rhythms and sounds. That’s how enchanting, difficult and multi-layed pattern is created. It has several main layers which are highly different from each other – it’s powerful and vibrant melody line, dynamic rhythmic section, gorgeous background and impressive instrumental section. Experimental, specific, home-made and original ways of playing are fused together with extended, classical or very well-known ways of playing ,ornamentsm, textures and special effects. That makes an effort to fantastic and innovative instrumental section. Energy and drive are brought to the melody line by Dave Rempis and Jim Baker. Saxophones by Dave Rempis are based on bright, inspiring and thrilling improvising. Improviser is combining together wild perturbations, breaking driving sessions, hot thrills, growling, urgling, cracking and crazy riffs, passionate roaring blow outs, fantastic remarkable melodies accompagnied by dizzy passages, gorgeous timbres and ornaments. Dave Rempis is using his wide musical knownledge and creavity to make a stunning, driving and expressive sound. Piano tunes by Jim Baker also is the source of energy. Modern, extravagant and dynamic – that’s how we could call the piano melodies which are accompagnied furious roulades, aggressive sparkling riffs, frantic chord’s sequences and breaking sessions. Thrilling, moving, expressive and wild culminations are highly contrasting to silent, dreamy, lyrical and meditative pieces who have hypnotising and effective sound. Synth tunes colorfully illustrate whole section – loops, ambient, drone, glitch, sonic system’s experiments and all kinds of other very well-known electronics are used here to create modern, dynamic and original sound. Deep, heavy and gloomy, or sparkling, dynamic and striking – bass section created by Joshua Abrams is contrasting and original. Improviser gently fuses together huge range of chords, tunes and expressions – from silent pauses, gloomy and solemn excerpts, minimalistic samples, stable bass line the music gets striking, angry, aggressive, perturbating and frantic or light, vivid, glimpsy and expressive. Special effects, ornaments, extended playing techniques are used here and effect original and colorful sound. Rhythmic section is simply amazing – expressive bebop, aggressive hard bop, complicated and extravagant post bop and other modern jazz styles, monotonic and relaxing cool rhythms meet dynamic and active Afroamerican and Western Africa ethnic music rhythms and impressive free improvisations. Avreeayl Ra is fusing all these elements together – it’s bright, perturbating, dynamic and roaring, filled with colorful effective percussion, low stable beats who meet crazy, turbulent and breaking culminations. All music of this album has a remarkable, modern and innovative sound.