Dave Sewelson – “More Music for a Free World” (2020)

“More Music for a Free World” is a bright, luminous and passionate album recorded by Dave Sewelson (baritone saxophone), Steve Swell (trombone), William Parker (bass) and Marvin Bugalu Smith (drums). The innovators of avant-garde jazz scene integrate original and inventive musical decisions, surprising virages and impressive riffs to the musical pattern. All music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz – it’s an organic fusion of traditional and innovative ways of improvising, extended playing techniques and typical artifacts of avant-garde jazz.

All four musicians do their best and improvise with passion and creativity. Each of them has a splendid and virtuosic playing manner illustrated with eclectic combos, gorgeous timbres and sonoristic experiments. Saxophonist Dave Sewelson and trombone player Steve Swell keep the basics of the melody line. It’s bright and inspiring filled with contrasting pieces and huge diversity of styles. Dave Sewelson is moderating a wide range of styles and universal instrumental kit – his music is changing and twisting all the time. Expressive vital melodies vs. rigorous dark pieces, virageous light solos, transcendental passages and stable monotonous sessions, breaking riffs, tremendous culminations or relaxing silent pauses – absolutely different moods are changing each other in no time. Sonoristic experiments, strange timbres, extended playing techniques and innovations are brought together with typical compounds related to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. Contrasting, bright and dynamic saxophone and its impressive riffs, breaking sessions and driving solos gently fits together with sparkling, cracking and sometimes solemn and relaxing trombone. Steve Swell is a masterful improviser who has his very own style and unique sound. All his music is completely based on free improvisation – here he makes surprising musical decisions, switches between different moods and gets on brave adventurous musical experiments. Silent, trembling or cracking solos with heavy deep pieces or minimalistic samples are rushing to vibrant strikes, hot thrills, full blasts and sparkling riffs. Here flowing passages, glissando, roaring aggressive perturbations and radiant culminations make an effective and original sound. Both musicians are masterfully reacting to each other’s playing – when the ona is rushing on striking culminations or suddenly bursts in frantic hysteric riffs, another keeps calm and relaxing mood. The improvisers are using their vitality, creativity and spontaneous solos to create a driving, bright and independent melody line. A double bass mastered by William Parker is a source of colors and expressions of all ranges. From stable bass line to deep sonoristic experiments striking on vital passionate solos, remarkable melodies, extravagant decisions and breaking culminations – modern, contemporary and avant-garde jazz styles are brought together in evocative and organic way. Drums section created by Marvin Bugalu Smith is bright and dynamic – nervous splashes, complicated expressive rhythms, aggressive beats, splendid virtuosity, sparkling riffs and tremendous culminations are the parts of free improvisation. The music of this album has an innovative and bright sound.

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