Lina Allemano solo trumpet – “Glimmer Glammer” (Lumo Records 2020)

“Glimmer Glammer” is the newest release of “Lumo Records”. It’s the first solo album recorded by featured saxophonist Lina Allemano. An improviser developpes her very own style and original ways of playing. The music is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Lina Allemano had been improvising with numerous of other famous jazz stars, she composes the music for “OHRENSCHMAUS” and “LINA ALLEMANO FOUR”, also is the leader of “TITANIUM RIOT” and “BLOOP”, and an active member of “CLUTTERTONES”.

In “Glimmer Glammer” an improviser demonstrates her very own and original playing style and expressive playing manner. Traditional, experimental, inventive and exotic ways of playing brought together – some of them are frequently used by other jazz masters, the others were invented by improviser. The music is bright and expressive – has a multi-layed, multiphonic and vital musical pattern, twisting turns, dynamic changes and strong contrasts between the episodes. An improviser isn’t using any electronics or dubs – all the sounds and strange timbres are extracted naturally. From clair, bright and evocative beginning with expressive vital melodies and passionate solos the music gets annoyed and anxious, sometimes – furious, aggressive and frantic. Vibrant perturbations, radiant breaking sessions, wild culminations filled with wainings, urglings, shrieky exclamations and transcendental passages are very frequently used. From the active and dynamic mood the music gets silent and relaxing – murmuring lullabies, tiny gentle ornaments, strange timbres, ascetic or depressed samples, minimalistic tunes, repetitive series and sonoristic experiments contain the main part of it. The musical pattern is rich and bright – bright melody line, driving riffs, dynamic rhythmic section, gorgeous background and innovative instrumentation are the main compounds. As it was mentionned before, Lina Allemano makes a nice fusion of wide range of playing techniques. “Shimmer” was created by using a cookie tin as a home-made resonator. “Clamour” filled with multiphonics is completely based on extended playing techniques and circular breathing. “Glimmer Glammer” also has an effective and bright sound – large variety of extended playing techniques in the right hand multiply used and mixed together with various materials in the left hand playing. Resonators, extended and innovative playing techniques, sonoristic experiments and some old and very well-known ways of playing make a great result – the music of this album is inspiring, emotional, sensible, thrilling and driving. The music is based on free improvisation and open form – expressive complicated bebop, frustrating and rigorous hard bop, extravagant post bop, other modern jazz styles, the basics of experimental music and academic avant-garde are integrated to the fundaments of avant-garde jazz and luminous breaking free improvisations.

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