Raoul Björkenheim – “Solar Winds” (Long Song Records, 2020)

“Solar Winds” is a new album recorded by Raoul Björkenheim (electric guitar), Silvia Bolognesi (contrabass), Tiziano Tononi (drums, percussion, gong) and Emanuele Parrini (violin). The musicians are active members of avant-garde jazz scene. They’re developping an original and suggestive way of improvising – an expressive, vital and driving playing manner also is created. Generally, the music is based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, sonoristic experiments and the main tendencies of contemporary academical music. The musicians don’t stick up to the rules and ordinary conventions – they make surprising, inventive or even radical musical decisions.

Raoul Björkenheim is an excellent improviser who manages to create an independent, bright and expressive melody line. His electric guitar is dynamic and contrasting. A wide stylistic variety is created – here experimental jazz, free improvisation, contemporary and modern jazz, some elements of rock and avant-rock and the main elements of contemporary academical music. Deep, relaxing and solemn, haunted and dark, minimalistic samples, meditative and ascetic pieces suddenly getting anxious or angry, furious, aggressive and turbulent. The culminations are the most effective parts of his compositions – here sparkling riffs, remarkable melodies and tremendous culminations are accompagnied by special effects, synth tunes, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, virageous ornaments, radiant perturbations, bursting spills of energy and full blasts. The synthesis of ornaments, playing techniques and expressions of all ranges effects an organic, vital and remarkable sound. Violinist Emanuele Parrini brings more drama and action to the compositions – expressive melodies, dynamic turns, waining, shrieky exclamations, remarkable solos played in active, anxious, furious or aggressive mood are contrasting to deep, silent and solemn pieces. If Raoul Björkenheim forms his music on the basics of avant-garde jazz, Emanuele Parrini is using extended playing techniques and innovations related to contemporary academical music mixed together with special effects, home-made and original ways of improvising and her very own playing techniques. Both musicians find the best way to collaborate and react to each other’s playing – they make the melody line to sound inspiring, driving and evocative. A stable bass line is created by contrabass player Silvia Bolognesi. Deep vibrant tunes, repetitive series, heavy dark solos accompagnied by terrific riffs, breaking sessions and effective sonoristic experiments – all these elements brought together make a bright and solemn sound. Gorgeous percussion, light ornaments of various ranges, dynamic and tough beat, multi-layed drums section and exotic gong – Tiziano Tononi is doing his best to create an astonishing, original and bright rhythmic section. All four musicians are using wide range of playing techniques, ways of improvising and expressions – they succesfully create an innovative, expressive and dynamic sound of “Solar Winds”.

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