Lina Allemano’s OHRENSCHMAUS – “Rats and Mice” (Lumo Records 2020)”

“Rats and Mice” is the newest album of “Lumo Records” which will be released on March. An album was recorded by “Lina Allemano’s OHRENSCHMAUS” – it’s a Berlin-based trio where together play Lina Allemano (trumpet / compositions), Dan Peter Sundland (electric bass) and Michael Griener (drums). Avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisation, the newest tendencies, innovations, traditions and extended playing techniques – all these elements contain the basic of the compositions played by three great jazz masters.

The musicians are open to new ideas, evocative radical decisions, modern innovations and its fusion with authentic traditions and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. “Rats and Mice” is an album which has a huge stylistic variety, moving inspiring sound and is a place where different avant-garde jazz’s streams are joined together. Lina Allemano has san expressive, driving and dynamic playing manner. Her improvising style is based on American avant-garde jazz – the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are fused with the newest innovations, extended playing techniques, astonishing sonoristic experiments, evocative ideas and some tunes of European avant-garde jazz. Lina Allemano also is an author of the compositions – her compositions have a multi-layed and modern musical pattern, polyphonic structure, independent and bright melody line and gorgeous background. A trumpet is the soul of the melody line. Swirling, waining, growling, hysteric or rigorous solos blended with tremendous culminations, sparkling riffs and impressive passages contain the main basic of the compositions. Even though an improviser stays on active and dynamic mood for the most of the time, the music also gets silent, frustrated, solemn, modest or relaxing. In this way an improviser demonstrates her very own playing style, wide musical knownledge, expressive and vital playing manner and innovative instrumentation. A trumpet is the source of driving, bright, tremendous and passionate culminations, extremely loud breaking sessions, full blasts and powerful radiant riffs. Electric bass by Dan Peter Sundland brings synth tunes, strict hysteric riffs and remarkable melodies accompagnied by synth tunes, special effects, extended playing techniques and electronics. Terrific riffs and silent pauses, remarkable charming pieces and haunted dark episodes, vital dynamic solos, breaking sessions or radiant striking perturbations vs. minimalistic samples or abstract improvisations in solemn meditative mood – the contrasts and sudden jumps from the one mood to another are the main compounds of the compositions. A bassist is using his original and modern style, blends together European avant-garde jazz, modern and contemporary jazz styles and brings them in one place. That’s how an effective, bright, dynamic and driving sound is created. Drummer Michael Griener manages to create a dynamic, bright and expressive rhythmic section. It’s based on universal kit of instrumentation, wide variety of rhythms and styles – extravagant bebop, aggressive hard bop, modern complicated post bop, relaxing cool and the basics of free improvisation and avant-garde are joined together. These elements form the impressive, bright and spontaneous free improvisations. The music of this album is driving and sparkling, filled with contrasts and throusands of emotions, playing techniques and sonoristic experiments. An innovative instrumentation joins together traditional, extended and experimental ways of playing, special effects, sonoristic experiments and strange timbres, as well. The musicians create an independent melody line, dynamic rhythmic section and gorgeous background.

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