“LESCENCE/GMATIQUE” is the newest release on “Circum Disk” label. An album was recorded by saxophonist Sakina Abdou, pianist Barbara Dang and drummer Peter Orins. Sakina Abdou fuses together the basics of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. Her compositions are based on inventive and colorful instrumentation there gently fit together ancient, classical, modern, extended and experimental ways of playing. Barbara Dang is an excellent pianist who developped her own style and unique sound in contemporary academical music and experimental jazz background. Peter Orins is a drummer based on experimental and avant-garde jazz. His music is filled with extravagant decisions, evocative ideas, innovations and surprises.

“LESCENCE/GMATIQUE” joins together free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, experimental and contemporary academical music. All three musicians feel free to express their own ideas, integrate shocking, inventive or crazy decisions, extract strange timbres or get on astonishing sonoristic experiments. An open form is chosen in most part of the compositions – that makes an effort to creation of multi-layed polyphonic musical pattern, innovative instrumental section and impressive free improvisation generally used everywhere. The music is especially emotional and touching – the musicians have expressive and driving playing manner. Their inspiring, moving and passionate playing manner mixed up with drive, fantasy, wild imagination, creativity and original point of view makes a driving, vital and dynamic sound of whole album. Each musician brings something original and inspiring to the compositions. Pianist Barbara Dang is bouncing from strictly arranged academical pieces to abstract and moving free improvisation. Her music is virageous and dynamic – from minimalistic pieces accompagnied by stable repetitive series and monotonous tunes, the music gets striking and passionate filled with dazzling transcendental passages, flowing ornaments, expressive vital melodies, driving riffs, terrific perturbations or radiant solos. After staying in calm, lyrical and relaxing mood, the music becomes vital, light and playful, sometimes – furious, aggressive, scratching, angry and rigorous. Saxophone tunes by Sakina Abdou are mostly based on the fundaments of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. There’s a huge stylistic variety which is used – an improviser manages to fuse together spontaneous solos, astonishing instant improvising, extravagant bebop, aggressive hard bop, steady cool and dynamic contemporary jazz. All these modern jazz’s styles are brought together with free improvisation, radical decisions, strongly expressed contrasts and astonishing sonoristic experiments extracted by saxophone. The music is luminous, bright and exciting filled with deep contemplations, solemn lyrical pieces growing out to striking, sparkling and driving riffs, breaking sessions and passionate culminations. Drums section by Peter Orins is completely based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. Breaking sessions and stable tunes, monotonous beat and furious blasts, lyrical slow pieces and furiously fast sessions, exciting, inspiring, driving and terrific riffs – all these elements and rhythms of various jazz styles are brought together in delicat and sensible way. A drummer is using his invention and wide musical knownledge to an exciting, bright and driving rhythmic section.


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