Meier-Hanes-Amberg – “Staggered Twisted Angled” (Wide Ear Records, 2020)

“Staggered Twisted Angled” is a new release completely based on free improvisation and experimental jazz. An album was recorded by three featured jazz masters – it’s David Meier (drums), Simon Hanes (electric bass) and Elio Amberg (tenor saxophone). The musicians are developping original and innovative ways of playing, experimentating on various fields of musical pattern. They’re open to new evocative ideas, extravagant or radical decisions, and interesting investigations, as well. That makes their music exciting, expressive and bright.

“Staggered Twisted Angled” is contrasting and bright. It has exclusive sound which is created by using wide range of expressions and moods, universal instrumental kit and modern, innovative and traditional ways of improvising gently brought to one place. Different pieces which are strongly contrasting to each other – stormy rigorous culminations, full blasts, expressive vital melodies, remarkable dizzy passages vs. relaxing peaceful solos, murmuring tunes, solemn and subtle solos, silent pauses and minimalistic samples. Drive, energy, expression and passion are brought in by Elio Amberg. This saxophonist is the master of his art – his music is exciting, thrilling and evocative. Remarkable melodies filled with hot thrills, growls, wains, shrieky exclamations, noisy, weird or exotic tunes, virageous passages and gorgeous ornaments. Driving riffs, tremendous culminations, breaking sessions and persecuting sequences also are the main parts of his improvisations. Elio Amberg manages to create a moving and touching improvisation by using all kinds of playing techniques, sounds, expressions and moods. His music is expressive, bright and exclusive. It makes an independent, bright and driving melody line, but also has some pieces played in solemn, lyrical, relaxing or deep mood. Various kinds of electronics and special effects are brought in by electric bass player Simon Hanes. An improviser masterfully mixes up together extravagant decisions, rarely used and innovative playing techniques, authentic traditions, roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz – as a result, an eclectic, vital and modern sound is created. Here heavy riffs, hot spills of energy, full blasts, driving riffs and remarkable melodies are combined together with relaxing pieces, minimalistic samples, deep contemplations tinged with rich variety of colors, sonoristic experiments, integration of radical and exotic decisions, pleasant surprises and dynamic turns. The music sometimes is similar to abstract impressive free improvisation with instant solos and spontaneous changes, heavy hard rock core, complicated and aggressive modern jazz, or evocative, interesting and original experimental music. The changes between these styles are made in flexible and delicate way, without any force or pressure. Drummer David Meier proposes us to listen to an universal rhythmic section based on wide range of playing techniques and expressions – expressive bebop, aggressive hard bop, complicated and extravagant post bop, steady cool, modern and dynamic contemporary jazz blended with impressive free improvisations, spontaneous solos and rigorous bursts of energy. The music of this album has an inspiring, dynamic and bright sound.

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