Gianni Lenoci & Gianni Mimmo – “The Whole Thing” (Amirani Records, 2020)

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „gianni mimmo the whole thing“

“The Whole Thing” is a great result of collaboration of two great jazz masters – pianist Gianni Lenoci and saxophonist Gianni Mimmo. Free improvisation played in driving and inspiring way, filled with strange timbres, special effects and modern expressions, is the fundament of their music. Both musicians are open to new ideas, have the will to create something astonishing, new and exciting. They also don’t hesitate to get on risky combinations, extract exotic or strange tunes, extended playing techniques or dive in original, modern and innovative sonoristic experiments.

The fundaments of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, sonoristic experiments, radical decisions, experimental jazz’s innovations and the relations to other jazz styles are the basics of “The Whole Thing”. An album has an independent melody line based on polyphonic texture, dynamic bright rhythmic section and accompagnied by gorgeous background. The musicians pay much attention to sonoristic experiments, extraction of strange timbres and innovative playing techniques. They don’t hesitate to integrate innovative, experimental, extended, weird, bright or exotic ways of playing and improvising, strange timbres, ornaments and expressions of all ranges – as a result, an innovative and bright instrumental section is created. Moving, bright and expressive piano is filled with tremendous culminations, impressive riffs, persecuting sessions and relaxing pauses. Gianni Lenoci is using a wide range of playing techniques, rhythms and expressions to create a contrasting, suggestive and original sound. Meditative pieces played in lyrical mood and tinged with monotonous tunes, repetitive series, minimalistic samples, solemn and peaceful solos, murmuring subtle excerpts or extremely dark and haunted downs are the fundaments of lyrical and relaxing side of the album. These episodes gently fit together with saxophone’s tunes played in slow or mid-slow tempo, illustrated by trembling trills, peaceful subtle tunes, strange timbres, weird sounds and sonoristic experiments. A saxophonist Gianni Mimmo is showing his wide capacities of improvising and flexible playing manner. After lyrical, peaceful and relaxing pieces there comes real storms of sounds with persecuting sessions, sharp hysteric exclamations, remarkable melodies, exclusive riffs and flowing passages. Here both musicians are playing and collaborating together in original and dynamic way. When the piano keeps a persecuting, sharp and aggressive sequences, a saxophone suddenly bursts in furious passages, hysteric waining solos, full blasts of energy and explosing growls. Affter growling, trembling, moving and exciting saxophone, there comes piano with rising attacks, aggressive breaking sessions, radiant perturbations, furious scandals, exciting bright solos, transcendental passages, sudden turns and passionate melodies. A great collaboration of both musicians is the main reason why the music is so dynamic, exciting, surprising, filled with evocative ideas, fresh radical decisions and luminous culminations. Together they manage to create a colorful, passionate, emotional and driving music with independent suggestive melody line, dynamic rhythmic section, evocative instrumentation and expressive background.

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