The Paul Dunmall Nonet – “Interpretations of Beauty” (FMR, 2019)


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Dunmall, Paul Nonet The: Interpretations of Beauty (FMR)

“The Paul Dunmall Nonet” is a jazz orchestra leaded by Paul Dunmall and consisted from great jazz masters – Paul Dunmall (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet, alto flute, penny whistle), Neil Metcalfe (flute), Trevor Taylor (marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Philip Gibbs (guitar), Hannah Marshall (cello), Sarah Farmer (violin), Theo May (viola, violin), Alison Blunt (violin) and John Edwards (double bass). Free improvisation, the basics of avant-garde jazz, the innovations of experimental jazz and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are the leading elements of “The Paul Dunmall Nonet” compositions.

“Interpretations of Beauty” is the newest release of this orchestra. It’s filled with passionate and expressive sound which joins together innovations and traditions, extended and classical playing techniques, modern musical language, rare, exotic or strange timbres, coloristics and ornaments of all ranges. Free improvisation is developped in open form which his an open space to each musician to express his ideas, experiment and create an exciting and astonishing sound. Each member of ensemble is an individual player who doesn’t hesitate to get on brave or ambitious decisions, extravagant evocative ideas, risky combinations or simply weird, crazy and original combos. Even though there are many relations to contemporary academical or experimental music, academic avant-garde, as well, the music is fundamentally formed on the basics and roots of avant-garde jazz and its innovations. A rich and expressive reeds section is formed by flute, alto flute, saxophone and alto saxophones, clarinet and accompagnied by penny whistle. The music is bright, moving and dynamic. Soft and gentle flute, whistling, low and shrieking solos vs. deep, silent and calm tunes of alto flute bring dynamic and colorful sound. Shrieky persecuting sessions are highly related to contemporary academical music, spontaneous solos, sudden changes, bright contrasts, strange timbres and sonoristic experiments are the fundaments of improvisational music. The flutes accompagnie all the time vivid, driving and emotional saxophones and clarinet. It’s the key elements of the melody line which highly effect whole sound. Trembling vibrato, emotional trills, gorgeous ornaments and flowing passages accompagnie expressive moving melodies that rise to breaking sessions, radiant perturbations, wild furious culminations tinged with full blastss of energy and storms of sounds – all that makes an active, driving, bright and exclusive sound. Reeds section brings suggestive and expressive sound, innovations and astonishing sonoristic experiments to the musical pattern. Violins, viola, cello, double bass and guitar contain a firm and interesting strings section. Here millions of different tunes, styles and sounds are combined together – extravagant and expressive violins filled with exciting solos, furious scandals, hysteric riffs and huge perturbations makes an inspiring, vibrant and passionate mood. Deep, solemn and subtle viola is the source of relaxation, meditation or ascetic minimalism from time to time. Concrete, spectral and sonoristic music, sonoristic experiments are the main compounds of viola compositions. Remarkable and elegant cello has many functions – it brings charming sweet solos which suddenly burst in furiously rapid passages, light pizzicatto, dizzy glissando, trembling trills, thrilling driving sessions or especially expressive melodies. Different kinds of rhythmic sessions related to various jazz styles and genres make an universal and bright rhythmic section. Cello has its another side – it’s calm, relaxing and solemn with diving in deep relaxing contemplations and researches of strange tunes and extravagant ways of playing. These episodes are as much effective and inspiring as full blasts or powerful radiant culminations. Double bass contains a stable bass line, but also is full of extravagant ideas, modern innovations, extended, rare, exotic or specific ways of playing and bright contrasts. After being in subtle, deep and contemplative mood, the music gets luminous and striking with hot splashes, thrilling riffs, vibrant sessions and terrific solos. Elegant and vital guitar has an independent and dynamic melody line colorfully illustrated by ornamental texture, gorgeous tunes, strange timbres and sonoristic experiments. Instant improvising here goes against strictly arranged pieces with shrieky exclamations, hysteric solos, driving riffs and perturbations. All these instruments gently brought together form an independent, exclusive and sparkling melody line. A dynamic, driving and contrasting rhythmic section is combined from the rhythms of all ranges. The rhytjmic base is basically kept by double bass, viola and cello and accompagnied by soft, gentle and subtle marimba and vibraphone’s tunes. A penny whistle is used as a nice coloristic. The music of this album has exclusive and expressive sound.

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