Liz Durette – “Delight” (Feeding Tube Records, 2020)

“Delight” was released by “Feeding Tube Records”. Liz Durette – keyboard player, improviser and composer – has her very own and original point of view, unique sound and innovative way of playing. She’s balancing between different styles and genres – her earlier albums were highly related to avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. A masterful and organic synthesis between moving bebop, aggressive hard bop, dynamic and unpredictable contemporary jazz, relaxing cool and, of course, the basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisations, were gently brought together. The newest album highly differs from the early ones – it’s based on the basics and innovations of experimental and contemporary academical music, electronics, academic avant-garde and other elements related to various modern classical music genres.

“Delight” compositions are written for keyboards. By using polyphonic expressive keyboards, a composer manages to create bright, interesting, luminous and colorful sound. Wide range of styles, expressions, moods, tunes and sonoristic experiments organically brought together, effects all the sections of musical pattern. An innovative instrumental section is created by using experimental, extended and extravagant ways of playing combined together with synth tunes, strange tunes, weird timbres, special effects, sonoristic system’s experiments, computer devices sounds, and other elements and tunes extracted by keyboards. Rare expressions, exotic tunes, original eclectic combos, radical, provocative and inspiring musical decisions make an inspiring, luminous and modern sound. A wide stylistic variety is used on various sections – it touches especially the melody line and rhythmic section. The melody line is based on several independent melodies which are crossing and contrasting to each other. A polyphonic texture is mixed together with repetitive melodic excerpts, minimalistic samples, rhythmic series, the elements of serialism and puantilism, concrete, sonoristic and spectral music’s elements, special effects and synth tunes. Generally, the music is a combo of various styles, tendencies, innovations and traditions of contemporary academical music, electronics and academic avant-garde. Liz Durette is exploring the main field of technical abilities and expanding a traditional sone of sound – she twists together absolutely different styles, expresses numerous of different moods and remarkable characters. Her music is animated, vital and especially expressive. Sometimes it’s deep, haunted and dark, when it gets sweet, childish and playful, or is rising on striking attacks, breaking sessions, passionate thrills, tremendous culminations, spontaneous solos, sudden twists and dynamic turns. The music is switching between abstract improvisational music and strictly arranged pieces – sometimes it’s related to ascetic minimalistic samples, silent lyrical contemplations, abstract free improvisations with strange timbres and sonoristic experiments, or calliope music for wicked children played in traditional waltz beat. Shrieky exclamations, hysteric riffs, scandalous attacks, rigorous blasts and dynamic turns relate the music to modern, extravagant and interesting contemporary academical music. The music of this album is vital, innovative and expressive.

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