Snekkestad / Guy / Fernandez – “The Swiftest Traveler” (trost records, 2020)

“The Swiftest Traveler” is a new release of “trost records”. An album was recorded by three featured jazz masters who are the figures of avant-garde jazz scene – it’s Torben Snekkestad (tenor & soprano sax, trumpet and clarinet), Agusti Fernández (piano) and Barry Guy (double bass). The modern innovations and authentic traditions are gently brought together – spontaneous solos, luminous culminations, roaring driving riffs, expressive melodies, charming enchanting passages and ornaments, moods and timbres of all kinds. The sonoristic experiments, expression, vitality, dynamic turns, special effects and research of strange timbres – all these elements also are the main compounds of their music.

Three independent jazz masters who have original, passionate and suggestive way of playing, had gathered together to improvise. “The Swiftest Traveler” is consisted of impressive free improvisations with sparkling riffs, astonishing sonoristic experiments and eclectic stylistic fusions. From abstract, solemn and relaxing pieces, the music moves to nervous, bright, exciting, expressive and driving riffs filled with shrieky wainings, roaring blow outs, rapid turbulenct perturbations, vibrant culminations and, of course, eclectic stylistic combos, strange timbres, special effects and ornaments of all ranges. An open form and collective improvisation are the leading elements of all compositions. The musicians are masterfully reacting to each other’s music, sudden changes and contrasts, and don’t hesitate to get on risky combinations or radical decisions. Torben Snekkestad masterfully combines together vivid, dynamic and expressive saxophones, moving and sensible clarinet and explosing, roaring and aggressive trumpet. These three instruments gently fit together with Agusti Fernández’s piano which is especially emotional, bright, expressive and vital, filled with gorgeous virages, flowing passages and charming melodies. Deep, heavy, solemn or active and moving bass tunes by Barry Guy bring modest, subtle and relaxing mood to the compositions. The fundaments of the melody line are created by all three musicians – it’s bright, moving, driving and passionate. Here thrilling expressive saxophone meets as much exciting and vital clarinet. Flowing transcendental passages, vital ornaments, luminous culminations, impressive riffs and driving sessions remain the most important elements of saxophone and clarinet improvisations. A trumpet is the source of energy mixed with aggression and vitality. Aggressive growls, strange timbres, hot growls, wainings, thrills rising on shrieky exclamations, persecuting breaking sessions, frantic wild culminations illustrated by sparkling riffs, passionate melodies and fantastic passages. A trumpet certainly becomes the source of drive and energy – it makes the melody line moving, breaking and enchanting. Just like Torben Snekkestad, pianist Agusti Fernández is balancing between different moods and playing techniques – driving riffs, wild culminations, terrific breaking sessions, charming passages, abbreviations, tiny ornaments and sonoristic experiments bring a dynamic, twisting, emotional and passionate mood to the melody line. Deep stable bass line contrasting to rising culminations or vibrant sessions, contain the main base of the bass improvisations. Barry Guy is mixing up together modern and extended playing techniques, original ways of improvising, eclectic stylistic combos, innovations and traditions, heavy haunted pieces, depressed tunes turning to light, sophisticated or subtle episodes illustrated by tiny pizzicatto, huge range of ornaments and moods, and astonishing sonoristic experiments. All three musicians manage to create an independent and expressive melody line, bright dynamic rhythmic line, gorgeous background and innovative instrumentation. Their music is surprising and driving, a mix of modern and experimental jazz styles gently brought together.

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