J@K@L with Michaël Attias – “Static Adieu” (1980 Records, 2020)

“Static Adieu” was originally released in 2016 as a limited-run cassette tape for 1980 Records and now is out of print, and available digitally for the first time. An ensemble “J@K@L” had recorded this album – it’s Keefe Jackson (tenor/sopranino saxophone), Julian Kirshner (drums), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) and Michaël Attias (alto saxophone in tracks 2, 3, 4). The music is evocative and bright, filled with drive, expression and passion. The musicians are great jazz masters – they’re the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. Their very own and original playing techniques and conceptions had brought interesting and new sound of avant-garde jazz.

All four musicians are getting along just fine in “Static Adieu”. Intense and expressive playing manner, sensible reacting to each other’s playing, the will to create something exciting and new and the developpement of original, passionate and bright conception – these elements make an effort to driving, vital and expressive sound. All music is completely based on avant-garde jazz, the main elements of American and Scandinavian experimental jazz, free improvisation and the compounds highly related to bebop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. The music is contrasting and moving – it’s changing and twisting all the time. Tenor and sopranino saxophones by Keefe Jackson are full of evocative ideas, wild shrieky culminations, scandalous roaring riffs, expressive melodies and flowing passages. It’s beautifully illustrated by alto saxophone of Michaël Attias in some tracks. Both saxophonists bring energy, life and vitality to the compositions. That makes a dynamic, charming and passionate melody line and interesting reeds section. From remarkable expressive melodies, driving tremendous riffs music strikes on wild culminations accompagnied by shrieky persecutions, radiant perturbations, vibrant rigorous, aggressive and sharp solos, tinged with strange timbres, special effects and sonoristic experiments. These episodes are contrasting to subtle light free improvisations there solemn, peaceful and meditative mood is leading everywhere – repettiive series, monotonous tunes, abstract researches of strange timbres and diving deep down into lyrical contemplations contain the main part of these episodes. Contrasts, turns, changes and spontaneous solos make a driving, luminous and passionate sound. Universal and multi-layed musical pattern is created by adding cello to the melody line. Fred Lonberg-Holm is a talented and creative improviser, who always tries to integrate original, evocative, provocative and weird musical decisions and get out of the comfort’s zone. An improviser is expanding the main technical abilities of cello – sometimes it’s bright, sparkling and expressive, sometimes subtle, light, flowing, dreamy, romantic, or peculiar, heavy, haunted and dark. Generally, cello is an universal instrument – it frequently becomes the main source of colors, expressions and moods, keeps the basic of the melody line and forms a gorgeous background. Exactly the same thing happens here – contrasting, moving and dynamic cello adds dozens of new colors, modern expressions, extended, experimental or traditional ways of playing, brings fresh new sounds to the melody line and creates an ornamental, bright and gorgeous background. Drums section is leaded by Julian Kirshner. All kinds of rhythms are fused here – from stable beats to striking sessions, peaceful repetitive series to driving breaking riffs, calm romantic cool and dramatic scandalous culminations. Cool, bebop, mainstream, contemporary jazz, hard bop, post bop, and other jazz styles are integraetd to exciting and bright free improvisation with spontaneous solos and pleasant surprises. All four musicians don’t hesitate to experiment, take on risky and outrageous decisions and integrate experimental and innovative playing techniques to the musical pattern. That makes a driving, inspiring, sensible and expressive sound.

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