LAST DREAM OF THE MORNING – Butcher / Edwards / Sanders – “Crucial Anatomy” (trost records, 2020)

“Crucial Anatomy” is the newest release of “trost records”. All music totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz was recorded by “Last Dream Of The Morning” trio. The music of this trio is exciting and bright, filled with evocative ideas, modern expressions, pleasant surprises and spontaneous solos. Three great jazz masters who are the central figures of contemporary experimental and avant-garde jazz scene are improvising together – it’s John Butcher (tenor & soprano saxophones), John Edwards (double bass) and Mark Sanders (percussion).

An multi-colorful, universal and bright musical pattern is the basic of the compositions of “Crucial Anatomy”. Each musician is creating and developping his very own and independent melody line based on different playing techniques, expressions and combos. That makes the music eclectic, vital and unpredictable – virageous turns, flowing passages, impressive riffs going straight to silent pauses or meditative pieces are gently brought together in sensible and organic way. Expressive melodies tinged with hot thrills, passionate transcendental passages, sensible tremolos, moving trills and transforming to bursting explosions, full blasts of energy, rigorous scandals, furious riffs and wild culminations – that’s the base of saxophone improvisations. John Butcher is developping his very own and especially expressive playing manner mixed with drive, passion and vitality. His angry vibrant perturbations accompagnied by persecuting sessions, sharp timbres and astonishing sonoristic experiments are contrasting to relaxing pieces, subtle solemn solos, repetitive monotonous tunes and deep contemplations. A saxophone is the source of colors, drive, passions and dozens of moods – it’s the base of moving, thrilling and driving melody line. Stable bass line, repetitive series, minimalistic samples, subtle researches of strange timbres and special effetcs, synthesis of experimental and traditional ways of playing, exoansion of technical abilities are connected to luminous tremendous culminations, vibrant riffs, wild shrieky perturbations and remarkable melodies – John Edwards is masterfully fusing together masterful virtuosity, expressive and innovative way of improvising, main tendencies of experimental and contemporary academical music and the wide musical knownledge, complicated and expressive modern jazz styles. All these elements are mixed together and make an effective, dynamic and expressive sound. All kinds of colors, ornaments, exotic, strange or rare timbres, tappings, frottings and rhythmic figures related to modern, contemporary and experimental jazz styles – Mark Sanders manages to create exclusive and independent rhythmic section. Hot thrills, breaking sessions, bursting perturbations, vibrant culminations contradicting to stable monotonous series, lonely beats, repetitive series, minimalistic samples and lyrical contemplations – contrasts are strongly highlighted and combined together in one bright and exclusive free improvisation. The musicians give the first priority to the sound and its quality – that’s why the compositions are based on colorful and innovative instrumental section formed by experimental, extended, rare, exotic, eclectic and traditional ways of playing, and ornaments, abbreviations, expressions and sonoristic experiments, as well. An independent and driving melody line is meeting dynamic, vital and exclusive rhythmic section, innovative instrumentation and bright background. That makes an inspiring, driving and expressive sound.

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