Audrey Lauro/ Sylvain Haenen/ Frans Van Isacker/ Quentin Stokart – “cg” (qeerecords, 2020)

“cg” is a fresh new album recorded by Audrey Lauro (saxophone), Sylvain Haenen (guitar), Frans Van Isacker (saxophone) and Quentin Stokart (guitar). All the music of this album is totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Interesting investigations mixed with fresh evocative ideas, radical decisions, modern expressions and gorgeous ornaments contain the main base of musical pattern. The musicians combine together different streams and styles – European and American avant-garde jazz and its main tendencies are gently brought together and mixed up with extended playing techniques, sonoristic experiments and special effects.

“cg” is based on compositions written for two guitars and two saxophones. This interesting compilation is the source of colors, evocative ideas, huge range of expressions and moods fused together in one place. The music is like a huge mosaic formed by thousands different pieces collected together in subtle and inventive way. Experience in improvising, searching to new links and extended playing technique, usage of rare or exotic ways of playing, splendid virtuosity and creativity – all these elements make an effort to original, touching and inspiring sound. The music goes through different moods and combos – from active and intense pieces filled with tremendous riffs, turbulent culminations, impressive passages and striking persecuting series, the music calms down to silent pauses, relaxing mediation, subtle pieces filled with solemn, fragile and tiny sound. An innovative instrumentation is created by fusing together extended playing techniques, modern tendencies of contemporary academical music, rare exotic combos, strange timbres, special effects and sonoristic experiments, ornaments and abbreviations of all ranges. As a result, an animated, colorful and especially expressive instrumentation with ornamental texture and independent melodic and rhythmic sections is created. The musicians are masterfully and sensibly reacting to each other’s playing and don’t hesitate to make extravagant decisions, pleasant surprises or unpredictable spontaneous solos – an impression, instant improvising and dynamic mood accompagnie all the compositions and certainly are the main compounds of this album. Both saxophonists – Audrey Lauro and Frans Van Isacker – are getting on together just fine. The reeds section is expressive, moving and bright, it’s also the main part of the melody line. When one player is staying on silent, solemn, haunted or deep mood, he another one is suddenly bursting on furious passages, luminous culminations, perturbating explosions and vibrant roaring riffs. The contrasts between the moods are very strongly highlighted – both saxophonists have an especially expressive, emotional, dynamic and driving playing manner. That makes a driving, effective and exclusive sound of the melody line. Even more colors, characters and moods are brought in by Sylvain Haenen and Quentin Stokart – both guitarists also are demonstrating their invention, wide knownledge, masterful virtuosity and flexible dynamic playing technique. Heavy riffs with rough timbres, strange tunes, striking, lightning, straining or roaring solos are connected tiny gentle pieces with gorgeous ornaments, flowing passages and remarkable melodies. When the musicians go deep down to solemn, peaceful and meditative mood – stable bass line, repetitive rhythmic figures and monotonous tunes. The moods are changed silmunateously – that makes an impression of especially emotional, driving and dynamic sound.


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