Blaise Siwula, André Calvário & João Sousa – “To See Chance Again” (Nofrillsmusic, 2019)

Blaise Siwula, André Calvário & João Sousa | To See Chance Again

“To See Chance Again” was released in 2019 by “Nofrillsmusic”. An album is totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Two different streams are combined together – European and American avant-garde jazz. Dozens of authentic and original elements related to Portugal avant-garde jazz also are integrated to the musical pattern. An album was recorded by featured jazz masters – Blaise Siwula (alto sax and clarinet), André Calvário (electric bass) and João Sousa (drums). It’s a nice collaboration of two stars of Portugal avant-garde jazz scene – André Calvário and João Sousa – and famous saxophonist Blaise Siwula. The music is twisting, surprising and driving.

The compositions of “To See Chance Again” are based on the fundaments of avant-garde and experimental jazz. There are many elements related to bebop, post bop, hard bop, contemporary and modern jazz styles, mainstream, experimental music, and academic avant-garde. Although there’s a huge stylistic variety, free improvisation and the innovations of contemporary avant-garde jazz contain the basic of it. The musicians are improvisng spontaneously – instant improvising gives the possibility to experiment, research and create an evocative sound with shocking, driving, crazy, weird or simply interesting musical decisions. The musicians don’t stick up on rules or strict conventions – they are free to research new and extended playing techniques, construct different shapes and synthesized forms, blend together absolutely uncompairable styles or moods and by this way create an astonishing and exclusive sound. Masterful virtuosity, charming inspiring playing manner, usage of extended, creative, specific, home-made or experimental ways of playing by fusing them together with modern innovations or authentic traditions – that’s the base of an innovative and interesting instrumentation which is succesfully created. The musicians are demonstrating their invention, creativity, the will to create something astonishing, surprising and new – that’s why they’re open to radical, provocative or even crazy decisions and their integration to the musical pattern. As a result, a multi-layed, colorful and universal musical pattern with expressive melody line, rich musical language, innovative instrumentation, dynamic rhythmic section and gorgeous background is created. Alto saxophone and clarinet by Blaise Siwula contain the main basic of the melody line. An improviser is going through different kinds of characters and motions – that makes an effort to driving, thrilling and inspiring sound. From deep silence, modest, light and solemn pieces played in repetitive, meditative and relaxing mood the music strikes on roaring thunders, full blasts, burning growls, explosing terrific culminations, wild and extremely fast passages, flowing ornaments accompagnied by trills, glissando, perturbating blow outs and remarkable melodies. An authentic and bright mix of moods and characters finally makes an independent, driving and luminous melody line. Some electronics, special effects and strange tunes which accompagnie all the time stable bass line, are brought in by André Calvário. His bass improvisations filled with deep tunes, repetitive series and minimalistic samples are connected with ambient, glitch, drone mixed up with remarkable melodies, bright culminations, radiant riffs, full blasts, inventive or radical decisions, risky provocations, eclectic stylistic fusions and astonishing sonoristic experiments. His music mostly is played in dynamic mood – subtle lyrical episodes are gently combined together with active, rising, flashing and driving improvisations. Drums is the rhythmic base mastered by João Sousa. The music is luminous, bright and dynamic – expressive, nervous and complicated bebop, aggressive booming hard bop, stable and steady cool, unpredictable contemporary jazz and the elements related to different styles are connected to luminous riffs, blooming culminations, sparkling solos, radiant perturbations, risky turns, exotic sounds, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments and driving breaking sessions. The music of all three jazz masters is connected to one pattern – it gets sparkling, driving and expressive sound.

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