John Chantler / Steve Noble / Seymour Wright – “ATLANTIS” (1703 Skivbolaget, 2020)

“ATLANTIS” is a new release of 2020 recorded by three great jazz masters – John Chantler (synthesizer), Seymour Wright (alto saxophone) and Steve Noble (drums). Three innovative jazz masters are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is a mix of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz and its innovations brought up together with American avant-garde jazz, music of its pionners, the roots of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz and modern expressions. Electronics and experimental music contain another side of the album and are very important elements to whole sound. An organic and modern synthesis of experimental music, electronics, free improvisation, the streams of Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz is the basement of stylistic variety in this album. That makes an innovative, bright and interesting sound.

The compositions of “ATLANTIS” are based on free improvisation and the synthesis of electronics, synthesized tunes, natural expressive acoustics and the basics of avant-garde jazz. The compositions have a multi-layed, organic and universal musical pattern with rich musical language, gorgeous ornaments and bright rhythmic section. The melody line is based on alto saxophone improvisations. Seymour Wright is the master of his art – an improviser has much experience in fusing together all kinds of expressions and playing techniques, switching from the one mood to another without any force and make unpredictable sudden changes. His music is variable, dynamic and expressive – an active mood is leading everywhere and mixed up with relaxing pieces, dreamy contemplations, minimalistic samples, the basics of concret or sonoristic music. The contrasts of moods, expressions and ways of playing are made suddenly and in organic and innovative way. Hot thrills, radiant bursts, full blasts of energy, virageous ornaments and flashing passages accompagnie all the time expressive melodies, tremendous riffs, shrieky aggressive storms, wild culminations, vibrant perturbations and luminous splashing solos. That makes a driving, charming and moving sound. After stormy culminations and shrieky perturbations there suddenly comes peaceful and relaxing mood – abstract silent pieces played in solemn mood, slow tempo and accompagnied by repetitive series or monotonous tunes make a meditative, dreamy, deep, sometimes – haunted, dark and depressed sound. A saxophone is the source of colors and expressions of all ranges – it’s the leading instrument of the melody line which makes the basic of sparkling, driving, luminous and dynamic sound. Seymour Wright is searching to new ways of playing, just like the other two musicians, he doesn’t hesitate to get on crazy, rare, exotic or specific ways of playing, use innovative, radical or provocative musical decisions and create his very own conception of avant-garde jazz. A rhythmic section is as much interesting, charming and surprising as the melody line. It’s independent, based on active and strong beat tinged with nervous expressive rhythms, aggressive beats, thrilling rolls, strange timbres, special effects, breaking sessions, roaring perturbations, radiant wild culminations – all these elements are gently brought together into impressive free improvisations by Steve Noble. An improviser bases his music on the basics of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz and hhis brand new way of improvising. It’s – intriguing, surprising and bright, filled with innovative decisions, authentic traditions, modern expressions, experimental ways of playing, abbreviations, ornaments, special effects and sonoristic experiments of all ranges. A rhythmic section gently fits together with bright and charming melody line. Synth tunes, concrete, sonoristic and spectral music and its basics, drone, glitch, ambient, in-puts, amplifications, sound machine’s experiments, modified tunes, alterations and loops – that’s just a little part of electronics mastered by John Chantler. Sonoristic experiments, research of strange timbres and new ways of playing, fusion of rare, exotic or weird combos and tentation to get out of the comfort’s zone – all these elements are the main priorities to John Chantler whom he succesfully manages to do with passion, invention and original decisions. The music of this album is a nice mix of electronics and acoustics, filled with evocative ideas, interesting sonoristic experiments and inspiring sound.

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