Don Malfon – “On Resonance” (Sirulita Records, 2020)

“On Resonance” is a new release of “Sirulita Records”. The compositions for solo saxophone were recorded by great saxophone player and improviser Don Malfon. New colors, tentation to create astonishing and exclusive sound, the usage of rare, exotic or extended playing techniques, eclectic stylistic fusions, experimental ways of playing – Don Malfon really knows the best way how to integrate and join together dozens of different styles, shapes, manners, playing techniques and expressions. He’s searching to exciting and original expressions, creating his very own improvising style and finally succesfully manages to create brand new conception with enlightning, expressive, vital and driving sound.

The music of “On Resonance” is filled with life, brightness, drive and passion. The music is filled with luminous solos, driving riffs, terrific wild culminations with hysteric shrieky exclamations, persecuting series, breaking sessions and astonishing sonoristic experiments. The sound is the main and the most important element of whole album – its quality, forms, huge variety of strange timbres and special effects rest the main priority of whole album. Don Malfon doesn’t hesitate to experiment, research and go on adventurous culminations or take on risky, radical and provocative decisions. He chooses an abstract form as the fundament – that gives an opportunity to create bright, interesting and virageous free improvisation. An improviser is fusing together many styles and streams of avant-garde jazz. The roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and the music of great jazz masters such as Albert Ayler, Evan Parker, Roland Kirk, Peter Brotzmann and and many others are fused together with experimental ways of playing, exotic tunes, rare strange timbres, specific, home-made or inventive playing techniques, new conception of avant-garde jazz and the fundaments of contemporary experimental jazz. By fusing all these elements together, Don Malfon creates his very own, brand new and especially effective sound. His playing technique is expressive, bright and emotional. All kinds of motions are expressed here – from light virageous solos filled with brightness, passion and expression it goes directly to flowing fantastic passages, vital ornaments, fascinating roaring riffs, full blasts of energy winged with cracking, scratching, urgling, bursting and growling solos. When suddenly there comes silence and abstract improvisations played in solemn, peaceful, sometimes – tender, fragile and relaxing mood. These episodes are like two different sides absolutely different from each other – Dom Malfon mixes them all together and changes silmunateously. A masterful ability to dive between different moods is everywhere – sudden changes, the jumps from dark shadows, haunted depression to light, flashing, expressive, vital and driving melodies, remarkable passages or aggressive sharp culminations are made frequently in his compositions. Special effects, strange timbres, ambient tunes, abbreviations, ornaments and expressions of all kinds also are very important elements of these improvisations – it makes gorgeous and bright background and add more colors to universal and multi-layed musical pattern. The music of this album has inspiring, bright and exclusive sound.

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