Duot – “Fe” (Repetidor, 2019)

“Fe” is an original and interesting collaboration of two Spanish jazz masters – it’s Albert Cireira (saxophone) and Ramon Prats (drums). Both musicians have their own sound and brand new playing style. They’re open to new ideas, evocative decisions, radical changes, sudden turns, stylistic virages or eclectic combos. The main priority is to sound, its quality, color and an expansion of usual technical abilities to bright, new, exciting and inspiring sound’s zone. Extended playing techniques, sonoristic experiments, strange timbres, special effects, colorful turns, impressive passages, spontaneous solos and the musical material always in change – the music is inspiring and vital, filled with surprises, drive, brightness and passion.

The music of “Fe” is based on multi-layed and universal musical pattern. Expressive and rich musical language is created by both musicians – each of them is demonstrating his invention, wild imagination, creativity all mixed up with splendid virtuosity and extended playing techniques. Still, there’s some functions which are basically dedicated to one of the musicians – in generally, an independent and driving melody line is created by saxophonist Albert Cireira, and Ramon Prats masters a breaking perturbating rhythmic section. A gorgeous and enchanting rhythmic section is created by both improvisers – they make a wide range of colors, timbres, tunes, sounds and expressions to demonstrate special capacities of improvising and create an exclusive sound. Expressive saxophone with flashing bright solos, dizzy transcendental passages, charming glissando and luminous culminations is the key of the melody line. Albert Cireira has an especially expressive, vital and driving playing manner – an improviser is using huge range of playing techniques, sounds and colors and expressions. His music is dynamic, twisting and always in change – here silent pauses meet screaming hysteric shrieks, roaring breaking sessions tinged with sharp aggressive sequences. After perturbating storms, hot thrills and sparkling riffs there comes silence and tender mood – deep solemn pieces filled with soft and light playing manner or meditative mood turn out to aggressive and sharp, or get dark, haunted, abandonned and heavy. It’s very interesting to listen the changes of moods – repetitive series, moods and contrasting pieces are combined together, repeated silmunateously or twisted in subtle and organic way. Despite of huge variety of moods and characters, charming, driving, expressive and vital mood is the leading element on most part of the compositions. Free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, experimental jazz, bebop, post bop, other modern or contemporary jazz styles, are brought together and mixed up with rhythms of traditional Spanish music rhythms and intonations which gently ornament the melody line and musical pattern. Sonoristic experiments and research of new ways of playing also is very important to the improviser – that’s why his music is filled with ambient, strained, dark, weird, shrieky, waining, growling or simply unusual timbres and sounds. Rhythmic section by Ramon Prats is as much interesting and unpredictable as melody line. Both lines are completely independent and driving, but they’re joined together in evocative and conceptual way. Roaring bursts of energy, driving improvisations, spontaneous solos, impressive virtuosity, hysteric or frantic sessions, breaking riffs colored by frottings, tappings, floppings, strange timbres and special effects – all these elements are contrasting to steady beats, slow rhythms, lyrical contemplations or abstract soft improvisations played in meditative mood. Ramon Prats succesfully creates a bright, driving and moving rhythmic section.

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