Le String Blö – “March for Nature” (Veto Records, 2019)

March for Nature

“March for Nature” was released on “Veto Records” in 2019. An album was recorded by “Le String Blö” – it’s Sebastian Strinning (reeds), Lino Blöchlinger (reeds), Roberto Domeniconi (rhodes), Urban Lienert (e-bass) and Reto Eisenring (drums). All music of this ensemble is based on avant-garde jazz, experimental music and contemporary academical music. All three genres are gently combined together – the music is bright, luminous, dynamic, filled with sparkling sessions, roaring riffs, wild culminations and ambient tunes. The musicians are active members of international avant-garde jazz and improvistional music scene – they have masterful virtuosity, suggestive and vital playing style, expressive and moving playing manner and unique sound.

“March for Nature” is based on synthesis of the main tendencies of contemporary academical music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The fundaments of avant-garde jazz and free improvisations are the leading elements of whole album – it’s the basic of all compositions. Evocative ideas, extended playing techniques, rare or exotic combos, sonoristic experiments and modern innovations related to contemporary academical music are gently integrated to the main musical pattern. The compositions have driving, bright and expressive mood for the most of the time – it’s brought in by reeds, rhodes and e-bass in general. Reeds are filled with dynamic and contrasting pieces gently fused together. Here expressive melodies with luminous riffs and sparkling solos are mixed with transcendental passages, gorgeous ornaments, gentle tiny pieces. It suddenly turns out to roaring frantic sessions, breaking shrieky tunes, persecuting sequences and hysteric blow outs all brought together. The reeds is the source of brightness, drive, passion, expression and contrasts – active, shrieky and passionate solos are connected to silent pauses, ambient tunes, strange timbres, special effects, expansion of traditional sound’s zone, sonoristic experiments or lyrical soft contemplations. That makes the fundaments of driving and independent melody line. Rhodes (electric piano) also is filled with colors, timbres and expressions of all kinds. The music is like a burst of energy mixed with light, flashing and exciting solos, wild terrific culminations, ornamented dizzy passages and accompagnied by frantic aggressive chord’s sequences. Strange timbres, peculiar tunes, experimental playing techniques, and special effects as well, are used as the coloristics – these elements contain the background to driving, sparkling and breaking melodies. Lyrical contemplations, silent pauses, ambient tunes, deep and solemn pieces, minimalistic samples played in meditative mood – all these elements are highly contrasting to perturbating blasts of energy and bring a relaxation, peaceful and soft sound. The musicians are diving between different moods, ambiences and characters – the music is twisting and changing all the time. E-bass keeps stable and bright bass line constructed from repetitive rhythmic series and monotonic tunes. Expressive melodies, vital virages, unusual tunes, calm meditations, risky aggressive provocations, wild culminations, as well as deep researches of strange timbres or extended playing techniques – all these elements make the basic of bright, tender, emotional and expressive sound. Multi-layed, vital, charming and moving rhythmic section is consisted from dozens of rhythms and tunes – stable beats, steady calm pieces which suddenly burst in expressive nervous solos, blasts of energy, tremendous breaking sessions, persecuting perturbations and driving impressive free improvisations. The music of this album is dynamic, modern and interesting – it combines together authentic traditions, modern innovations, evocative and bright contemporary academical music, some tunes related to rock or avant-rock, the fundaments of avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. That makes an universal, gorgeous and passionate sound.

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