Julie Sassoon, Willi Kellers – “Waves” ( Jazzwerkstatt, 2019)

Pianist Julie Sassoon and drummer Willi Kellers are great improvisers and active members of international avant-garde jazz scene. “Waves” is their new album released in spring of 2019 by “Jazzwerkstatt” label. Both musicians like to experiment on various cases of musical language. Rich universal pattern, expressive musical language, bright melodies with turbulences, perturbations, breaking sessions and hot thrills – that’s the basic of their music. All the elements which are used, are gently integrated to abstract form and free improvisation – it’s the leading form in whole album. Spontaneous solos, gorgeous surprises, colorful virages, elegant tiny ornaments, dizzy passages and evocative ideas colorfully illustrate whole musical background.

“Waves” is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Both musicians have an expressive, vital and passionate playing technique – they bring life, brightness and evocative ideas. A pianist Julie Sassoon is mixing together all kinds of colors, tunes, timbres and expressions – her music is the fundament of the melody line. Lyrical peaceful episodes with strange timbres, soft chords and meditative series suddenly go to wild hysteric culminations accompagnied by breaking sessions, luminous riffs, expressive charming melodies, exaltating, moving, frantic, furious or terrific pieces. The music is especially emotional and expressive. Here loud thunders go along with silent pauses, frantic sessions meet lyrical contemplations with subtle solos, special effects and monotonous tunes. Vividness go with stability and meditation, dreamy romantic pieces are melted with charming melodies, angry rigorous riffs, tremendous blasts of energy, roaring explosions or flowing ornaments. Julie Sassoon keeps the music in change – spontaneous solos, gorgeous surprises and evocative modern ideas mixed with splendid virtuosity and the best sound quality makes an expressive, bright and dynamic melody line. Drummer Willi Kellers brings more energy and drive. His rhythmic section is energetic, bright, dynamic, driving and perturbating. Expressive moving bebop and its complicated rhythms, booming and sharp hard bop with aggressive beats and typical perturbations, relaxing and dreamy cool and its steady tunes so well known – all these elements are gently brought together and integrated to the main musical pattern. The typical rhythmic figures of modern and contemporary jazz styles are dynamic, virageous, expressive and vital – these elements are gently combined together with free improvisation, frantic riffs, wild culminations with unpredictable turns, full blasts, breaking sessions, frottings, clappings, strange timbres and gorgeous tunes. Free improvisation and experimental jazz still are the basics of whole album – it’s very interesting to listen how the music is changing all the time. Contrasting pieces are gently brought together in subtle and original way. A wide range of experimental and traditional playing techniques contain the main instrumental base – ornaments, patterns, rare or exotic tunes, original instrumental compilations, rhythms and timbres of all kinds make an exclusive and modern instrumentation. The music has rich and evocative musical language, is filled with radical decisions, bright ideas and inspiring sound.


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