Philip Zoubek, Ivann Cruz & Marcin Witkowski – “Radium” (Circum Disk, 2019)

Philip Zoubek, Ivann Cruz & Marcin Witkowski | Radium

“Radium” is a nice mix of experimental jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academical music there traditions and innovations go along together. All music of this album is filled with fresh ideas, spontaneous solos, surprising decisions, radical changes and the compilation of various experimental jazz streams – basically American and European. All the music was recorded by great jazz masters who are the central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene – it’s Philip Zoubek (prepared piano, analog synth), Ivann Cruz (electric guitar, electronics) and Marcin Witkowski (prepared drums, electronics).

The music of “Radium” is filled with evocative ideas, modern innovations, synthesis of electronics and acoustics and fascinating sonoristic experiments. An abstract form and free improvisation is the main element of compositions which gives an opportunity to improvise in driving, expressive and original way. The musicians are getting on adventurous riffs, tremendous free improvisations, vital melodies, radical changes, perturbating culminations, rare combos, exotic tunes and strange timbres. That makes an effort to evocative and modern instrumental section. Each musician is bringing something new to the compositions. Here an exclusive and modern compilation of remarkable melodies, minimalistic samples, virtuosic ornaments, flowing passages and stranghe timbres is made. Experimental jazz is the basics of the compositions – it’s combined together with electronic, electro-acoustic music and academic avant-garde. Prepared piano and analog synth by Philip Zoubek is a mix of bright melodies and fantastic free improvisations. Expressive melodies with driving riffs, hot sparkles, frantic sessions, noisy aggressive sequences, persecuting timbres and chords, repetitive series, moving glissando, trills and ornaments contain the basic of it. The minimalistic samples, lyrical contemplations, soft and gentle episodes which grow directly to luminous culminations or terrific riffs – all these elements are always accompagnied by drone, ambient, glitch, amplifications, in-puts, sonic system’s experiments and other electronics. Virtuosity, invention and sparkling playing technique makes an evocative and fresh sound. Electric guitar and electronics by Ivann Cruz makes the base of the melody line. Strict riffs, monumental terrific melodies, tremendous culminations with full blasts of energy or sudden downs to heavy, dark, solemn or lyrical episodes accompagnied by astonishing sonoristic experiments, elements of concrete or sonoristic music, abstract pieces and deep stable bass line. Electric guitar is the source of expressive, bright and independent melody line with stunning riffs, hot sparkles and radical decisions. Nervous bop, aggressive hard bop, steady cool, extravagant post bop, moving neo bop, or any other modern jazz styles mixed with the main tendencies of contemporary academical music and electronics and beautifully integrated to impressive and bright free improvisation – that’s the base of drums section. Prepared drums + electronics make an amazing rhythmic section filled with the rhythms of all ranges, colors, strange timbres, universal kit of instrumentation, sonoristic experiments and special effects. All these elements make a bright, expressive and original rhythmic section.

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