Jon Rune Strøm / André Roligheten ‎– “Arv” (Stone Floor Records, 2019)

“Arv” was recorded by a duo – it’s André Roligheten (Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet [Metal Clarinet], Bagpipes [Tsabouna]) and Jon Rune Strøm (Double Bass). The basics of avant-garde jazz mixed up with sonoristic experiments, modern expressions, special effects and the innovations of experimental jazz are the fundaments of their music. Vaious streams of avant-garde jazz are combined together – extravagant, moving and innovative Scandinavian, driving and wild American and expressive European avant-garde jazz are brought together in delicat and organic way. The music is bright, luminous, driving and vital – loud thunders, full blasts of energy, growling and urgling solos, hot thrills and sudden bursts of energy are generally used as the main accents of their music. That makes an effort to surprising, expressive and dynamic sound.

“Arv” is based on abstract, vital and moving free improvisations. It’s filled with driving expressive playing manner, astonishing sonoristic experiments, gorgeous coloristics, unpredictable changes, monumental melodies played in charming, bright and remarkable way, surprising decisions, inventions and inventive playing techniques. Both improvisers are experimentating on timbral and sonoristic section – they use a wide range of playing techniques to extract strange, peculiar, aggressive, extravagant and interesting timbres and tunes. Brand new point of view to the avant-garde jazz and the wiull to create and develope a new conception of it makes a colorful and innovative instrumental section, modern musical language, rich pattern and gorgeous background. Here experimental playing techniques, home-made, specific, rarely used, radical or even crazy ways of playing used along with traditional playing techniques contain the main base of universal and inspiring instrumentation. Abbreviations, strange timbres, special effects, sonoristic experiments, expressions, dazzling glissando, roaring perturbating riffs, transcendental dizzy passages, and ornaments of all kinds are used all the time as the coloristics which beautifully illustrate whole musical pattern. That makes it alive, bright, vital, moving and noisy, filled with colors, unpredictable turns, virageous solos and weird timbres. Vivid, expressive and tremendous saxophone, moving dynamic clarinet mixed with bagpipes contain an exclusive and bright reeds section. André Roligheten is mixing together luminous culminations, lightness, drive, passion with conteplative lyrical pieces, silent pauses, ambient tunes, scary depressed timbres, minimalistic samples, dark shadows and slow abstract improvisations. Full blasts of energy which comes right after silent, fragile, tender and elegant pieces, are the main accents of it – sparkling riffs with hot growls, explosions, perturbations and fantastic flowing passages are created. The improviser manages to find the balance between absolutely different pieces and moods – the music is colorful, bright, expressive and vital, filled with surprising decisions, gorgeous timbres, spontaneous solos and impressive free improvisations. There’s also another side of the album – it’s deeply solemn, lyrical, tender, or heavy, depressed and neglected sometimes. The bass improvisations by Jon Rune Strøm are filled with stable monotonous rhythms to form a tight and heavy bass line. Repetitive rhythmic series, short melodic episodes, minimalistic samples tinged with sonoristic experiments and soft chords are connected to tremendous culminations, breaking sessions, terrific riffs and expressive melodies. The basics of Scandinavian experimental jazz are used here – the music is exclusive, vital, bright and suggestive.


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