Reinier van Houdt / Bruno Duplant – “Lettres et Replis” (elsewhere music, 2019)

“Lettres et Replis” is a release of “elsewhere music”. All compositions of the album were composed by French composer Bruno Duplant. A talented and inventive composer of contemporary academical music is a bright figure of academic avant-garde scene. His music is innovative and bright, filled with sparkles, new forms, shapes, extractions of strange timbres, integration of evocative and original ideas, research of extended playing techniques, experimental ways of playing, serialism, puantilism, minimalism, simple chords and difficult harmonic structures – all these contrasting elements are brought together. The music has an inspiring and interesting sound – it’s a mix where you can hear out solemn lyrical pieces, meditative minimalistic samples, abstract free improvisations, evocative, sparkling, expressive and shrieky riffs accompagnied by luminous thrills, sharp chords and noisy exclamations.

All music of “Lettres and Replis” was recorded and masterfully interpreted by pianist Reinier van Houdt. The music of this album is completely based on contemporary academical music. By using his virtuosity, invention, creativity and sparkling playing technique, pianist makes the inspiring and modern interpretations of Bruno Duplant music. The compositions have a simple structure and colorful musical pattern – the sound and its colors and timbres is the basic of the compositions. Minimalistic, abstract, lyrical, meditative and suggestive sound is created by using various ways of playing. The music consists of short samples, melodic and rhythmic sessions, all kinds of chords and dynamic turns. It’s played in solemn, relaxing and calm mood for the most of the time – these episodes are combined together with hot spills, dynamic turns, luminous culminations or surprising expressions. The simplicity, expression, sensible and suggestive playing manner makes an effort to evocative and original sound. The pianist is moderating between different moods and playing techniques. He’s balancing between soft consonances monotonously repeated and changed by silent pauses, ambient, neglected and depressed mood or calm relaxation. The nature sounds, soft romantic chords, lyrical mood makes a meditative and abstract sound. When the music gets annoyed, cracking, noisy and loud. Here pianist shows the other side of his playing technique – though the music doesn’t have a radical change, its structures, rhythms and chords are strongly modified. Sharp tunes, aggressive chords, strange timbres, abstract improvisations, tension – the music gets more expressive, moving, thrilling and active. A pianist concentrates on sound and its quality – he’s searching to new colors, timbres and sounds. Sharp, aggressive, bright, explosing, annoyed pieces played in abstract form are frequently accompagnied by dark shadows, neglected tunes, solemn pieces, soft consonances, other chords of strange or original compilations, or tiny light and elegant low tunes and ornaments. The contrasts between sound, its timbres and qualities, subtle electronics, artificial nature sounds, modern playing techniques, serialism, monotonous series repeated silmunateously, the main elements of minimalism make an exclusive, vital and interesting sound of this album.

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