Joe McPhee & Fred Lonberg Holm – “No Time Left For Sadness” (Corbett vs.Dempsey, 2019)

“No Time Left For Sadness” is the first release there two great jazz masters – Joe McPhee (tenor saxophone) and Fred Lonberg Holm (cello, electronics) – are improvising as a duo. Both improvisers are the central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene – they had been improvising together with other famous jazz masters and developped their own and unique playing style and way of improvising. Though the musicians had been improvising together many times in various compilations, it’s the very first time, when they recorded an album as a duo. The music is played in active, vital and expressive mood, filled with virages, passages, emotions, moods and expressions of all kinds.

Acoustics and electronics make a great combo in “No Time Left For Sadness”. It’s the base of innovative instrumental section, which is rich of colors, expressions, ornaments and timbres. Here natural, warm, bright and inspiring tunes of saxophone, expressive and moving cello are mixed together with synthetic, modern and unusual electronics – drone, glitch, ambient, sonoristic experiments, special effects, strange timbres, computer sounds, synth tunes, amplifications and etc. gently illustrate the musical pattern. Experimental, extended, rare or home-made playing techniques contain the base of instrumental section and mixed together with traditional and very well-known ways of playing. Both musicians are demonstrating their wide knownledge, modern point of view to the musical language and original conception to avant-garde jazz. Saxophonist Joe McPhee is balancing between different styles, expressions and ways of playing. His music is a burst of energy – radiant riffs, vibrant roaring blow outs, impressive free improvisations tinged with expressive remarkable melodies, vivid bright solos, transcendental passages, flowing virages and ornaments of all kinds. Passionate, bright and luminous episodes played in active and vital mood, are connected to silent, ambient, monotonous and contemplative episodes played in meditative mood and slow tempo. These episodes are highly contrasting to each other – hysteric, furious, angry, noisy and turbulent ones meet lyrical contemplations filled with ambience, silence and abstraction. The bright contrasts mixed with masterful virtuosity, splendid playing technique and suggestive inspiring way of improvising make an effort to impressive, colorful and dynamic sound of Joe McPhee’s improvisations. Turbulent free improvisations, suggestive and bright riffs, breaking sessions, hot thrills, angry growls, furious solos and luminous culminations are the leading elements which bring moving and exclusive sound to whole album. Cordial, inspiring, bright and expressive, sometimes – spft, elegant and relaxing – Fred Lonberg Holm’s cello is the source of strange timbres, original expressions and passionate spills. Here a cello is mixed up with electronics – thrilling, bright, terrific and luminous riffs, impressive culminations, moving trills, animated glissando, full blasts of energy are tinged with strange timbres, radiant riffs, rough tunes, special effects, synth or computer sounds, glitch, drone, ambient and other kinds of electronics. That makes an effort to original, moving, unpredictable and interesting sound of Fred Lonberg Holm’s music. The music of this album is based on impressive free improvisation made with drive, passion and creativity by two experienced great jazz masters.

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