Carl Testa – “Ultraviolet: Live at Constellation” (2019)

“Ultraviolet: Live at Constellation” was recorded by a group of great and talented improvisers – it’s James Falzone (Bb clarinet), Jennifer Woodrum (Bb clarinet), Jeff Kimmel (bass clarinet), Aaron Getsug (contra alto clarinet), Keefe Jackson (contrabass clarinet) and Carl Testa (live electronic processing). The music of these musicians is always balancing between experimental music, electronics of all ranges, free improvisation and the basics of avant-garde jazz. The musicians succesfully create an inspiring, free, bright and evocative music, filled with surprises, hot spills, full blasts, stroms of sounds, especially expressive, moody and emotional. All music of the album was composed by Carl Testa – it’s an innovative composer and improviser who manages to fuse together the main basics of experimental music, wide range of electronics and free improvisation to create an evocative, bright and exclusive sound.

The musicians are demonstrating the best capacities of improvising – each improviser has his own sound, inspiring and suggestive playing manner and innovative point of view. “Ultraviolet: Live at Constellation” is a mix of original compositions that have an expressive musical language, rich pattern, wide range of expressions, authentic traditions, modern innovations and eclectic stylistic and instrumental combos. All music is based on electronics, experimental music and free improvisation. The musicians are using the fundaments of avant-garde jazz – spontaneous solos, astonishing sonoristic experiments, rare combos, radical or provocative decisions are brought together with evocative ideas, serialism, meditative minimalistic samples, amplifications, live electronics, synth tunes and other similar elements. An interesting instrumental compilations is chosen – clarinets of various types and live electronics. The musicians make the first priority to sonoristic experiments – they don’t hesitate to take radical, evocative or even shocking decisions, use eclectic, contrasting and uncompairable playing techniques, expand the traditional zone of sound and dive in researches of strange tunes, weird timbres tinged with live electronics, synth tunes, computer sounds, amplifications and other elements. Experimental and traditional playing techniques brought together make the fundaments of innovative and expressive instrumental section. The clarinet players James Falzone, Jennifer Woodrum, Jeff Kimmel, Aaron Getsug and Keefe Jackson create a great and organic mix of sounds. The music is bright, luminous and rich of sounds, timbres, expressions of all ranges. Contra alto, bass, contrabass and Bb clarinets are used to create a wide palette of colors and timbres. The musicians are paying much attention to sonoristic experiments, extraction of strange timbres, creation of new forms and shapes, and make spontaneous solos. Expressive melodies, hollowing riffs, terrific wild culminations with shrieky tunes, noisy timbres and hysteric exclamations which go straight to calm lullabies, meditative ascetic minimalistic samples, astonishing sonoristic experiments, deep, cracking, monotonous tunes, stable bass line with neglected pieces or dark shadows – from lightness, energy and wild riffs the musicians pass through vividness, expression, drive and calm down in peaceful relaxing contemplations. The music is expressive, emotional and bright – the highest priority is to sound and all ranges of it. Rough, shrieky, cold, warm, natural, synthetic, dark, aggressive, sharp and noisy, or light, vital, sweet, lyrical and romantic – all four musicians had gathered together and made a colorful, driving and expressive melody line that has an innovative sound. Live electronics processing, computer and synth tunes, strange timbres, special effects, drone, ambient, glitch, amplifications and all kinds of other electronics are mastered by Carl Testa. A talented and inventive composer manages to create an inspiring and modern sound by using synthetic electronics and combining them with natural, warm, colorful and expressive acoustics – that makes an effort to original and bright sound of this album.

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