Alison Blunt / Elisabeth Harnik – “Morphic Resonance And Other Habits Of Nature” (Inexhaustible Editions, 2019)

“Morphic Resonance And Other Habits Of Nature” is sreleased on “Inexhaustible Editions”. An album was recorded by Alison Blunt (violin) and Elisabeth Harnik (piano). Both musicians are talented and creative masters of international avant-garde jazz scene – improvisers have their own and original sound, interesting and evocative conception, splendid virtuosity and rich musical language. All music of both improvisers is completely based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and the main tendencies of contemporary academical music. American and European avant-garde jazz are gently combined together – all these elements make an effort to original, bright and inspiring sound.

The fundaments of the album are created by both improvisers. Each of them brings something new, fresh and exciting to the compositions. “Morphic Resonance And Other Habits Of Nature” is written for violin and piano. This interesting compilation is placed in open form and free improvisation – spontaneous solos, shrieky tunes, aggressive riffs, splendid virages and flowing passages are used here. Both improvisers are experimentating on various fields of musical language – research of strange timbres, expansion of technical abilities, creation of peculiar, new, experimental and home-made playing techniques, special effects and integration of modern ways of playing related to contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to innovative and colorful instrumental section based on universal instrumental kit. Both improvisers are using effective, innovative and inspiring ways of improvising to create an exclusive and bright sound. Violin melodies by Alison Blunt is the source of energy, drive and expression. It’s also highly related to contemporary academical and experimental music with its elements beautifully integrated to free improvisation, open form and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Violinist has an effective, evocative and expressive playing manner – she’s going through all kinds of moods. Silent, ambient, deep, solemn, harsh or heavy tunes, strange timbres and abstract improvisations changed by minimalistic samples, are suddenly rising to wild attacks, expressive melodies, tremendous perturbations, vibrant solos, flowing sparkling passages, gentle virages, soft animated pizzicatto, swingy glissando, abbreviations, sonoristic experiments, strange timbres and experiments of all kinds. The music is bright, universal and multi-layed – emotions, moods, dynamic solos or steady tunes, calm pieces, lyrical deep contemplations and silent pauses are gently brought together to one place. Alison Blunt makes a great combo of all these elements – she finds the best and suitable way to connect absolutely uncompairable, crossing and contrasting episodes and styles. Violin becomes the center of the melody line and the source of energy. Piano by Elisabeth Harnik is simply fantastic – it’s vital, dynamic, filled with driving riffs, virageous passages, tiny ornaments, wild perturbations and radiant attacks. Elisabeth Harnik is a famous improviser of avant-garde jazz scene – her music is completely based on free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz. Her improvisations are filled with contrasts – here angry exclamationss tinged with hysteric riffs, full blasts of energy, driving terrific solos, expressive remarkable melodies accompagnied by transcendental passages or frantic persecuting sequences, are connected to lyrical pieces, soft and gentle pieces, sophisticated contemplations, dark, haunted or neglected episodes, silent pauses or relaxing and calm mood. All these elements are brought together and make an impressive, vital and bright sound.

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