Kyoko Kitamura/Taylor Ho Bynum/Joe Morris/Tomeka Reid – “Geometry of Distance” (Relative Pitch Records, 2019)

“Geometry of Distance” is a great album recorded by four great jazz masters – it’s Joe Morris (guitar), Tomeka Reid (cello), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet) and Kyoko Kitamura (voice). All music of this quartet is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The musicians build the bridges between traditions and innovations, European and Japan music, various cultures and connect together wide range of styles and expressions. They are experienced and talented jazz masters of international avant-garde jazz scene. Masterful virtuosity, expression, vividness, versatility, drive, turbulence, cordial, bright and touching playing make an effort to inspiring and original sound.

The music of “Geometry of Distance” is driving filled with crazy turns, sudden attacks and bright contrasts. Each musician is making his own and original sound by using wide range of innovative and original ways of playing. Joe Morris is a great guitarist who’s collaborating with large number of other impressive jazz masters. His improvisations here, in this album, are filled with modern expressions, innovations, traditional and experimental ways of playing, passionate thrills and ornaments of all kinds. An improviser gets through wide range of moods – from silent pauses to striking riffs, soft light pieces to sparkling solos, impressive culminations or back to minimalistic samples, meditative abstract improvisations filled with astonishing sonoristic experiments and surprises. The music is always in change – after light and simple musical language there comes difficult, evocative and multi-layed episodes, roaring riffs, wild culminations with radiant perturbations, transcendental passages and expressive melodies. Joe Morris brings energy and drive to the melody line. Tomeka Reid is improvising just marvelous – her music is filled with ornaments, passages, abbreviations, trills, riffs and melodies of all kinds. An improviser is the central figure of American avant-garde jazz scene. She has a vital, bright and innovative playing manner, inspiring and driving sound made with passion and love. Sometimes her music is tough, depressed, abandonned, neglected, dark and haunted – when it gets light, passionate, vital, versatile, dynamic and moving. Brightness, drive and passion are brought in by Taylor Ho Bynum. His exclaiming, tremendous, turbulent and perturbating cornet is the source of energy and lightness. Expressive melodies, passionate riffs, booming culminations, enlightning and sparkling solos, exciting thrills, sudden attacks and tremendous breaking sessions tinged with growls, hot thrills, full blasts and special effects. All these elements gently brought together make an effort to dynamic, sparkling and original sound. More colorful and bright melody line and independent rhythmic section is created by all three musicians. Voice improvisations by Kyoko Kitamura brings evocative ideas, strange tunes and original investigations. Extended playing techniques, interesting and modern vocalisation, innovations and traditions of free improvising and experimental jazz are joined together to make an effective and innovative sound.

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