Big Bad Brötzmann Quintet ‎– “Karacho!” (Euphorium Records, 2019)

Peter Brotzmann (Tárogató [Tarogato], Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet), Oliver Shwerdt (Grand Piano, Percussion, Instruments [Little Instruments]), Christian Lillinger (Drums, Cymbal [Cymbals], Percussion), John Eckhardt (double bass) and John Edwards (double bass) are the members of “Big Bad Brötzmann Quintet”. The music of quintet is always evocative and bright, based on synthesis of European and American avant-garde jazz streams and their main basics. The improvisers are the stars of avant-garde jazz scene – they had already developped their own and original sound, brand new conception and innovative way of improvising many years ago. Together they always demonstrate the best capacities of improvising, original playing techniques and driving style.

“Karacho!” is the newest release of “Big Bad Brötzmann Quintet”. Astonishing, driving and passionate sound is created in all compositions. The music is recorded by the masters of improvising – telephatic collaboration and masterful corresponding to each other’s playing makes an effort to bright, free and impressive collective improvisations. Splendid virtuosity, dynamic changes, driving riffs, rigorous blow outs and bright contrasts are the main compounds of the compositions. An open form and free improvisation, as well as the basics of avant-garde jazz, contain the fundaments of stylistic variety and structure of the compositions. Exotic and expressive tarogato, tenor saxophone and clarinet by Peter Brotzmann become the keys of independent and exciting melody line. Peter Brotzmann is demonstrating his own and original style – filled with drive, radiant bursts of energy, extremely loud, rigorous and perturbating blow outs and expressive melodies. Bright sparkling riffs, transcendental passages, luminous driving melodies accompagnied by striking thrills, sharp growls, aggressive noisy shrieks, hysteric wainings and astonishing sonoristic experiments – Peter Brotzmann succesfully blends all these elements together and creates an impressive and tremendous improvisations played in driving style, expressive manner and active bright mood. These melodies bring a tremendous, driving and passionate sound to whole album and dictate the main mood of melody line. Noisy, rigorous, bright and luminous piano tinged with percussion, objects and various types of instruments brings dramatic, passionate and dynamic mood. Oliver Shwerdt is moderating wide range of chords, expressions and moods to create an effective sound – vital, energetic and expressive piano is filled with vital melodies, driving solos, sudden attacks, striking riffs, radiant perturbations, breaking sessions, sharp persecuting sequences and strange timbres joined with colorful percussion, ornaments and passages of all kinds. Elegant, light and vital sound suddenly gets rough, frantic and hysteric, sometimes – angry, furious, wild, perturbating or sophisticated, solemn and calm. Pianist expresses all kinds of moods and expressions – that makes the music expressive, vivid and dynamic. Both double bass players – John Eckhardt and John Edwards – are creating a rich variety of sounds and expressions. A mix of ambient tunes, modest, solemn, sophisticated and lyrical solos played in contemplative and dreamy mood are connected to exciting strikes, wild riffs, stormy perturbations, long persecutions of timbres, rhythms and sounds, bursting energy’s explosions and suggestive free improvisations. Both improvisers are using their virtuosity, drive, passion and creativity to create an expressive, interesting and bright sound. Complicated bebop, expressive nervous post bop, aggressive, sharp and beating hard bop back to repetitive series, steady beats, lonely tunes rising to extremely loud riffs, sensible trills, roaring rolls, perturbations, persecuting furious sessions, driving solos and impressive free improvisations – all these elements are brought together to individual and evocative rhythmic section created by Christian Lillinger. The music of this album has an inspiring, driving and expressive sound.


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